New seasons Spring colours to lift your spirits

New seasons Spring colours to lift your spirits

New seasons Spring colours to lift your spirits. Spring has not quite sprung yet here in the UK however there is a feeling that it is just around the corner. I am certainly looking forward to wearing some of the new bright colours, especially some of the pinks and purples which are my favourites. Green is also very much in evidence but it is important to find the shade that best suits your complexion. Personally, I like the look of the greyed jade. For my neutrals, I will choose the “Bluing” (light navy) for my basics whereas the Mocha mouse (love the name) will be best if you have warm colouring.

I think that I will start with lightweight sweaters as they can be worn under jackets and coats till the weather warms up.

New seasons Spring colours to lift your spirits:

I went to Bentalls in Kingston yesterday to check out what was actually arriving in the stores. It was a delight to see all the lovely bright colours hanging on the rails. I took some photos which I will be published in my next post.

I have made quite a long wish list of the items I want to buy for the coming season. Amongst them is a gorgeous cashmere and Merino wool cardigan from Jigsaw. Nearly sold out. They have a few still left at JohnLewis&Partners. I also have my eye on pair of Vega trainers. I will be going back there next week to try them on again.


  1. Francie
    3rd March 2023 / 15:38

    Thank you for the happy spring and summer colors post, Josephine.

  2. Jacqueline Taylor
    3rd March 2023 / 15:55

    I enjoy reading your posts but this time I found that many of the items you showed were out of stock – in nearly all sizes. As of looking today, 3rd March. I don’t want to be nit-picky but why show things that are obviously out of stock. Frustrating and a waste of our time.

    • 3rd March 2023 / 16:52

      Hello Jackie

      I do apologise. I am finding it very difficult myself. When I find something I like even if I act quickly I find that there are very few sizes left. This has been going on for some time as most of the stores are cutting back on stock due to the current economic climate. Some stores offer a “let me know when my size is back in stock” service. Even when I visit the stores in person there are not many sizes left. I have a feeling that this will be continuing for some time to come.

      I will do my best to link to items which have stock but still cant guarantee as by the time the blog is published the situation may have changed.

      • Jill Sheehan
        3rd March 2023 / 18:23

        This is happening in the U.S. also.

  3. Francesca Browder
    3rd March 2023 / 15:57

    Lovely spring colors Josephine looking forward to your next post. I hope you are finding your feet with the recent move!

  4. Janet
    3rd March 2023 / 20:03

    Lovely post, Josephine. Thanks for the spring color update. I wandered into Bentalls in Kingston this fall after visiting Hampton Court Palace and bought some excellent linens.

  5. Alison
    3rd March 2023 / 21:44

    Same in Australia. You can have anything you want provided you are a size 8. I think the idea is to take inspiration from Josephine’s posts and find something that you like in these colours that is in stock. Besides it is early days with more new season clothing to come. It’s autumn here and I am looking forward to cooler weather dressing.

  6. Di Graham
    4th March 2023 / 11:47

    Go to the online firm ‘ They have a big selection.

  7. Di Graham
    4th March 2023 / 11:49

    Go to the online firm ‘’. They have a big selection.

  8. Paris
    4th March 2023 / 23:26

    Lovely colours Josephine. I’m with you on buying lightweight sweaters, this week I bought an electric blue one, I only know it’s that colour because of the chart. Anyway, it has really lifted my spirits. Take care x

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