St Tropez market January 2024

St.Tropez market hats and berets

St Tropez market January 2024. There were lots of good stalls to peruse and not many people there as the holiday season had ended. Many of the visitors had returned home after the festivities. I can never resist a hat or a beret so I headed straight for the stall above. They had some wonderful bright colours ideal to help lift ones spirits at this time of year.

Wooly hats

I find these woollen hats very useful in cold weather. I have several in various colours. They keep my ears warm. The winds here can be very forceful at times.

Sweaters, gilets, bags and quilted jackets in St. Tropez market

I noticed a lot of beige and cream in the market this season—also quilted jackets and gilets. The woolly bags looked fun.

The Neutral look:

St Tropez market January 2024

White blouse outfits St.Tropez market January 2024

The look above seemed popular. I saw the combination in various colours.

French style jacket and trouser outfit

This was one of my favourite looks as seen in a shop window down one of the side streets. Very chic.

cheeses in St.Tropez market

Where would St Tropez market be without its cheese stall?

Capes in St.Tropez market Jan 2024

As usual, there were plenty of bright colours. In this stall some lovely colourful shawls.

Colourful dresses in St Tropez market

More colour for these print dresses. A very St.Tropez look especially in the summer months. Add one of the shawls above and you can wear them all year round.

You might like to peruse last January’s visit to the St.Tropez market here.

As you can see from the image above it was a lovely sunny day when we went to the market in St.Tropez.


  1. PatB
    19th January 2024 / 18:32

    Thank you for another lovely post. An escape from
    Our -10c with a warning it feels like -18c.. Great photo of You at the market, and was surprised to see you shopping for Beanies. Me too, but I was browsing an indoor mall and limited choice now. That blue one would certainly brighten up my puffer coat! The multi coloured dresses really appeal, maybe it would be fun to step out of my usual classic style. Happy New Year to You and Yours.

  2. Mary
    19th January 2024 / 21:05

    I really love the styles you show. I wear that kind of “uniform” all Winter but the cream really adds that little something to an outfit. You look warm and cosy. It’s certainly needed in the UK at the moment with temperatures going down to -4!

  3. Joan
    19th January 2024 / 21:31

    I enjoyed your post on the market in St Tropez, and was interested to see the styles of clothing available there. Thanks for the great pics.

  4. Kay
    20th January 2024 / 20:54

    Love those quilted jackets.

  5. Mary
    21st January 2024 / 17:13

    A great selection of styles for inspiration! I wonder where you found your leather jacket? It looks great!

    • 26th January 2024 / 10:25

      Hello Mary My leather jacket is some years old. Originally from Me&Em in the sale. I will be listing some current styles soon in an upcoming post.

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