Maximising your wardrobe – Maxi dress 3 ways

Floral maxi dress

Maximising your wardrobe – Maxi dress 3 ways. Following on from our recent series on how a petite can wear the same outfit as a taller person, I thought I would show you how to transition your summer wardrobe into the cooler Autumn months. I know that some of you live in a fairly temperate climate all year round, but for those of us who sometimes have to face all four seasons in one day, here are a few examples and suggestions. The outfits are based on a midi/maxi dress and adapted to suit the cooling temperatures and chilly breezes.

The addition of a cashmere sweater or gilet can add that extra layer of warmth to the outfit and the perennial denim jacket and cashmere wool scarf will add further cosy layers.

Similar dresses currently available:

Floral maxi dress with denim jacket

Above I have added my classic denim jacket. This gives a nod towards early autumn when the weather can still be quite mild.

Denim jackets:

Floral maxi dress and denim jacket

As the dress is longer on my friend Dee, she prefers to streamline and heighten with a pair of platform plimsolls, while I prefer wearing flats. Alternatively, a toning boot, either flat or heeled could also elevate the look.

Coral dress worn with denim jacket and cashmere scarf

Finally, we added a fringed cashmere scarf. I always find that adding a scarf not only keeps my neck warm but also somehow psychologically seems to warm up my whole body.

Maximising your wardrobe – Maxi dress 3 ways:

Floral maxi skirt with denim jacket and cashmere scarf

Similar scarf in a wool blend.

A further selection of scarves below:

Maxi floral dress with cashmere sweater

Finally, Dee has added a round-neck cashmere sweater in bright blue.

MarksandSpencer has a good range in a variety of colours at reasonable prices. Boden also has a similar one to the one Dee is wearing.

Floral maxi dress with tailored waistcoat

For my final image, I have added my MarksandSpencer V-neck button waistcoat. I find that it goes just as well with a dress as with my jeans and wide-leg trousers.

Have you come up with any ideas on how to maximise your wardrobe?

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  1. Julia
    17th October 2023 / 16:26

    Great looks on both of you!
    But a wool scarf when it’s not cold? Personally I would find that very very hot and would probably rip it off after 5minutes even though it looks nice.

    • 17th October 2023 / 16:43

      Hello Julia
      The scarves were just to show you could wear the dress when it got colder. We would definitely have not worn it when we were in France. Now I am back in the Uk I am beginning to wear my scarves

  2. Mary Ann Fitch
    17th October 2023 / 16:40

    Love the background in all your pictures. Great looking ladies and good ideas.

  3. Elizabeth
    17th October 2023 / 20:04

    Hi Josephine,
    We have similar weather here, just outside Vancouver. I love your dress and wondering where it was purchased. I have similar skin tone as you. Also, 5’3.5’’ and 95 lbs. , late 60’s. Do you think the style would be suitable or would I be better off with a solid colour? BTW both of you ladies look lovely and very fashionable.

    • 18th October 2023 / 11:04

      Hello Elizabeth
      The dress was from MarksandSpencer. They do have a US website but not sure if it covers Canada. My friend is 5ft4inches and it works for her so I think it is worth a try. Thank you for the compliment

      • Isa
        21st October 2023 / 13:56

        M & S ships to Canada from the UK; I’ve often received things from them (in Nova Scotia) more quickly than packages originating in Canada! However, I have never tried to return something and that’s a consideration when ordering.

  4. Mandie
    18th October 2023 / 13:50

    Leggings, big cardi and chunky boot … If it’s a button through maxi you can put a vest or polo neck and wide leg trousers/jeans and just do up a few buttons to nip in the waist.. ❤️

    • 18th October 2023 / 16:12

      Hello Mandie
      Good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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