Adding some classic pieces for early Autumn

Jeans waistcoat and red hat

Adding some classic pieces for early Autumn. Just before I came out to France I purchased three more pieces to add to my Autumn wardrobe. All three were from MarksandSpencer. I do think that they are offering some simple classic pieces with an up-to-date twist. In the photograph above I am wearing my Not Your Daughter’s jeans. They are at least five years old and I now keep them here in Grimaud. My red Fedora hat which I bought in St.Tropez market adds a pop of colour.

You can find a good selection of Fedora hats at Amazon.

I have teamed my jeans with a plain white shirt and my MarksandSpencers navy waistcoat. Sadly it is nearly sold out so I will try to find some similar ones. Plus my Veja trainers.


White shirts:

Adding some classic pieces for early Autumn:

Navy knit waistcoat wide trousers and pink cashmere sweater

A change of outfit. I am now wearing my new crepe tab detail navy trousers from MarksandSpencer. They are also available in khaki and bitter chocolate. Here I have teamed it with my knitted vest and pink cashmere polo neck sweater. I travelled in this outfit on the plane flying to Nice and found it very comfortable. I also had a lightweight jacket unless the flight was chilly.

Above I am wearing the waistcoat tucked into the trousers and have added a narrow belt. Below I am wearing it over the trousers which will elongate the top half of the body. It will depend on whether you have longer or shorter legs in relation to the top half of your body as to which way will suit you best.

Autumn 2023 outfit. St.Tropez motor bike.

We could not resist taking these two photos. We found the motorcycle in one of the narrow streets of Grimaud.

St.Tropez motorbike

I’m not sure I could manage to ride it, even if it was mine!!

Pink short sleeve polo neck sweater

Showing the pink sweater and navy trousers worn on their own.

Pink short sleeve cashmere sweater and wide navy trousers

These lovely photos were taken in Grimaud village by my friend Dee.


  1. Julia
    10th October 2023 / 16:20

    Joséphine, you look great in all those outfits! But I don’t know why you called it a v-neck vest. It looks like a round neck to me.
    You look nice in hats but don’t they ruin your hairstyle (especially the fringe) when it’s hot?

    • Maria
      10th October 2023 / 18:23

      Julia, it looks to me that Josephine is referring to the vee neck button down waistcoat she is wearing in the first picture. Some people call that a vest,

    • 10th October 2023 / 19:12

      Hi Julia
      It was an error the knitted waistcoat should have read “round neck” I have now corrected it.

  2. Pam
    11th October 2023 / 02:39

    What fun photos! You look great in the pink, and I especially like the knit vest!

  3. Jasmine
    11th October 2023 / 19:26

    Just tried to order a pair of the M&S Crepe tab trousers. Sadly, only the bright pink ones are left in the smaller sizes – lovely colour but not (for me) for trousers. I really like your jeans and waistcoat with the white shirt too. Pink always suits you.

  4. Sylvia
    11th October 2023 / 23:50

    Love your column and always look forward to it; so much so that when I was in the mall looking for a cosmetic today I spied a perfect autumn outfit. Brown slacks, tan or light caramel mock long sleeve turtleneck, a gorgeous multi autumn poncho which goes wonderfully with jeans. A gold-type necklace tops it all off – ouldn’t believe it. Where would I be without you.
    Many thanks Josephine. Wearing it to Symphony tomorrow! Ciao!

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