A recent trip to St.Tropez market

White jeans and brown leather jacket

A recent trip to St.Tropez market. It was a sunny but windy day when two friends and I took the bus from Grimaud Village to St.Tropez market. You can see from my hair how windy it was. I am wearing a pair of white jeans that are so old that I can’t remember where I got them from. I have teamed it with my 1995 brown leather jacket from Emporio Armani. Plus simple white sneakers and a scarf from the market.

I was asked recently to describe my style and whether it has changed as I got older. After some reflection, I decided that it hadn’t. I still choose classic investment pieces for my basic garments such as jackets, coats, trousers dresses etc. Then I add accessories especially jewellery scarves and hats to personalise my outfits. That is probably why I love going to the local markets and brocantes as they are a treasure trove for exciting and quirky accessories.

Shoulder bags in St.Tropez market

The bags are so similar to the ones currently available at Etsy and JohnLewis&Partners

Purple popular in St.Tropez market

The colour purple seemed to be very popular this season in the market.

Colourful acrylic necklaces
Large silk scarf

I really fell in love with this scarf. I was very tempted however I do have a large collection of scarves already. Similar large silk scarves below:

Maxi dress teamed with a denim jacket

I observed quite a few women wearing the maxi dress and denim jacket combination. You can see how my friend and I styled our denim jackets with our maxi skirts here.

A recent trip to St.Tropez market:

Leopard print blouse and black skirt

Leopard print is always well-represented in the market.

If have seen quite a few thick fluffy sweaters in the shops. Not being worn as it is still very hot here. I will investigate when I get back to the UK.

Pearl and crystal mini handbags

I just fell in love with all these bags. So cute and very “Barbie!”

Dog print mini bag

I bought one of these bags for my 3-year-old granddaughter.

Flowers in St.Tropez market

Flowers in the market.

Outside Sephora in St.Tropez

Me outside Sephora. I love this store and stock up on essentials while I am in France. They have just opened a shop in Westfields and also offer mail order. If you live in the US it is well worth checking out Sephora there.


  1. Kathleen McDermott
    2nd October 2023 / 16:43

    Fun post! Such a charming outfit. You look beautiful and adorable, as always. Love all the pretty things in the photos. Such gorgeous colors and materials.

  2. Susan Harper
    2nd October 2023 / 17:22

    I love your trips to the market! I see Prue Leith style jewelry is fashionable there 🙂 I love the blue print jacket and the cross body bags!

  3. Julia
    2nd October 2023 / 18:31

    Love these photos! I recently bought a similar bag and I love it! So comfortable as a crossbody with the wide strap.
    Great jewellery too.

  4. Lesley
    3rd October 2023 / 07:20

    Sephora is back in the UK at Westfield

    • 3rd October 2023 / 14:17

      Hello Lesley
      Thank you for letting me know. I will check it out when I am back in the UK>

      • Lesley
        3rd October 2023 / 14:23

        Mail order in the UK is also back.

  5. Anne Woodyard
    3rd October 2023 / 15:46

    So many lovely things! As much as I love my Aix en Provence markets, you’ve made me want to make a trip to St. Tropez on market day!

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