How to style a print midi skirt

Dot print midi skirt

How to style a print midi skirt

More ideas on how tall and petite women can wear the same items. The skirt Dee and I are wearing is one that I bought at least three years ago from WinserLondon. You can see me wearing it here. This skirt can be adapted in the same way as the black and white dress I featured recently. Again, with an elasticated waistband which is comfortable and can be raised or lowered as appropriate. Dee has paired it with a similar shade top to streamline the silhouette and add height and I’ve teamed it with a white tee shirt and jewellery. You can easily adapt this look with a denim jacket and comfy shoes for running around town or for a cooler and casual evening look.

Dot print midi skirt with white tee

I am wearing my skirt with a plain white tee, simple summer sandals and a turquoise and blue necklace.

Winser London doesn’t seem to offer anything similar so I have shown similar maxi skirts below.

How to style a print midi skirt if you are petite. Dee wearing my skirt with a simple satin top and adding a denim jacket.

How to style a midi skirt if you are petite

print midi skirt and simple satin top

Dee is wearing the same skirt with a similar coloured satin top. Keeping the colours similar helps to create a streamlined vertical line. The statement necklace helps to draw the eye upwards.

Print midi skirt with white tee and denim jacket

We have both added denim jackets for a more casual look. I have not tried this combination before and think it really works.

A few of you commented that you can no longer wear heels. I must say that I now find it too difficult to walk in heels probably due to my dodgy left hip. Dee recommends wearing espadrille-style trainers. They can add height without the wobble factor. I have shown a few examples below.

Denim jackets:-


  1. PatB
    7th August 2023 / 16:14

    Thank you for another very helpful post. I am 5ft 2 and struggle with skirt and top proportion. Often default to dresses. I am now on a hunt for tops that continue skirt main colour as Dee demonstrated so well.

    • Susan H
      7th August 2023 / 20:55

      Me too!

  2. Mary Ann Fitch
    7th August 2023 / 16:29

    Wow, you both look great. Thanks for another wonderful post.

  3. Julia
    7th August 2023 / 16:55

    You look fabulous Josephine and so does Dee! Love that long skirt with denim jacket look!

  4. Kathleen McDermott
    7th August 2023 / 17:07

    Beautiful, flattering outfits on both of you. You tee, which I think is cropped, is the perfect length to wear with a skirt when you don’t want to tuck it in. A regular length tee left out can look sloppy and give you the wrong proportions. I must see if I can find some cropped (but not too cropped) tees or manage to hem some of my own to that perfect length. Another lovely, helpful post.

  5. Karin’s Kottage
    7th August 2023 / 17:21

    Really cute outfits! Great post!

  6. Helen
    7th August 2023 / 17:31

    The outfits are lovely and very well styled. I bought a similar skirt over 2 years ago and have never worn it . At 5′ 3″ I thought the length would make me taller, not so. The skirt was put away. Now I see how it can look, the length, the pairing with a white cropped Tee, etc. The skirt will be going to the seamstress this week. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos.

  7. Sylvia Cassie
    7th August 2023 / 17:49

    Luv it! Have picked up some great tips re denim jackets, really using white currently. Have to find those trainers here in Canada which would boost me up in midi lengths.

    • Gillian Iszard
      8th August 2023 / 11:42

      Sylvia Cassie. Try Reiker and Remonte for those trainers. They are great.

  8. Wendy
    7th August 2023 / 18:32

    Gorgeous skirt! Looks great with the denim jacket.

  9. Maria
    7th August 2023 / 18:35

    Hi Josephine, sometimes you wear something that I think looks really fantastic on you. This week it is the denim jacket with the tee shirt and long skirt. Totally youthful, just the right style, colour and fit!

  10. Rebecca
    7th August 2023 / 19:12

    It is great to see comparisons and options like these. You both look terrific!

  11. margiemi
    7th August 2023 / 21:57

    Great post; I love the skirt and jacket combo…the skirt is gorgeous especially I’m a “blue” person!

  12. Lynne Savage
    7th August 2023 / 23:22

    I couldnt take my eyes off the beautiful backgrounds in the photos.

  13. Susan suter
    8th August 2023 / 09:25

    I have gone for demin jackets this year teamed with white trainers, at 76 my grandchildren tell me how young and trendy I look, thank you Josephine for all your tips

  14. Di Graham
    8th August 2023 / 10:25

    Those outfits look wonderful. I’m 5′ 3″ ,have foot problems, so heels are painful. I usually use coordinated gilets to appear taller but like the denim jacket idea

  15. Jillian Aziz
    8th August 2023 / 14:08

    It is really lovely seeing how your styling options can be adapted and how good they look on Dee. I’m only 5′ 0″ so it really helps.

  16. Gail Sims
    9th August 2023 / 04:21

    These suggestions are just ok, lacked any pizzazz! : (

  17. Sharon
    13th August 2023 / 14:47

    You look so cute in the tee, Jean jacket and skirt!

  18. Nicola McHale
    2nd October 2023 / 16:27

    You both still look stunning! I love & want & need that pink & red scarf ….stunning and some great advice. I need a revamp now I think.

    • 3rd October 2023 / 14:20

      Hello Nicola

      Thank you for your comment and the compliment.

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