A simple everyday neutral look

A simple everyday neutral look

My recent blog posts have been all about mixing colours and patterns so today I thought I would show a simple neutral everyday look consisting of a pair of beige ankle-length trousers and a loose white short-sleeve cotton shirt. I think that it shows some resemblance to what has been referred to as the “coastal granny look”. The photos were taken in Troyes, one of our favourite places to spend the night on our way back from Grimaud to the UK.

Beige trousers and white shirt

The trousers are a few years old originally from Arket. They still have a good range of similar beige trousers. The white shirt again a few years old from Cos. Cos, in my opinion, offers some of the best cotton shirts currently on the market.

Simple "coastal granny" outfit

A simple everyday neutral look:

Selection of beige trousers:

My sandals are from FilFlop—this year’s version. My scarf is from St.Tropez market.

We stayed overnight at LaMaisonM and then had a delicious meal at Le Chat Noir restaurant.

Mr P. took the photo above at night in Troyes.


  1. Lynne Savage
    14th August 2023 / 23:16

    You look truly lovely and more importantly, comfortable. I live in Australia and am off to hot humid Darwin and this would be perfect.

  2. Joan
    15th August 2023 / 16:21

    A nice look. The neutral shades suit you too. I love the photograph with the statues jumping into the water to swim!

    • Francesca B
      15th August 2023 / 17:57

      You look wonderful Josephine beautiful relaxed look! And l have everything in my closet already ro copy it yeah ! Safe travels,

  3. Jilly
    15th August 2023 / 16:37

    Ah……I love Troyes too!
    We had a chalet in the French Alps, and we drove out many times, always looking forward to our return Pit Stop at Troyes. (and sometimes a delightful village near Dijon whose name I no longer remember….)

  4. Jilly
    15th August 2023 / 16:41

    Sorry Josephine!
    I was so engrossed in memories that I forgot to mention how COOL you look in Troyes!! x

  5. Jacqueline Taylor
    15th August 2023 / 17:02

    I love receiving these emails and seeing the styling and the buying suggestions. Just sorry I can’t buy those pretty scarves from the French market! How refreshing to acknowledge that although we might be older we still like to look good and clothes are a big part of that. Thank you for giving us these great suggestions. You always look so good.

  6. Jane Belfield
    15th August 2023 / 17:54

    troyes is a beautiful city. the white shirt would be perfect for ot humid weather

  7. PatB
    15th August 2023 / 20:23

    Love your calm, neutral look. You wear it well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Clare Clarke
    15th August 2023 / 23:07

    Love your style Josephine. You look so comfortable and wear scarves beautifully. I wish we could buy those scarves here in Australia .

  9. Pauline
    16th August 2023 / 08:04

    This is a very comfortable and relaxed look, and I love the scarf!
    I love colour, mostly pinks and blues of any shade, but also need neutrals now and again, and beige and white mixes well.

  10. margieusa
    18th August 2023 / 01:18

    OMgosh, Josephine – Your scarf is one that I purchased from you and the one that receives the most compliments. I love it with the “neutral” look and I love the scarf! Great post.

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