What I wore for a trip to the Schloss Hotel

What I wore for a trip to the Schloss Hotel. My husband loves fishing, especially for salmon so he booked a rod for three days on the river Tweed. We stayed at the luxurious SchlossHotelRoxburghe (a magnificent castle formerly owned by the Duke of Roxburghe). I thought that I would write a post about what I packed and what I wore during our trip. Many of the photographs were taken in the magnificent gardens and grounds of the hotel.

Marksandspencer waistcoat and Me&Em jeans

In both the two photos above I am wearing my new navy waistcoat from Marks and Spencer. It is a great transition piece as you can wear it now over a white cotton blouse (similar) or in early Autumn over a lightweight sweater. I have teamed it with my new MeandEm jeans (they are available in short and regular lengths). I recently bought them in their sale. It is well worth checking their sale out. I like their aesthetic. Their fabrics are good and wear well. Even when I have a wardrobe clearcut my MeandEm pieces stay. They manage to create styles that are classic and modern at the same time.

Lilac dress and cashmere cardigan

Above I am wearing my lilac maxi dress initially from Arket. You can see me wearing it at Hampton Court Palace here. It got a bit chilly in the evenings so I have added my new cropped cashmere cardigan from MeandEm. It is sadly now sold out (similar available in electric blue). Metallic shoes from MarksandSpencer this year’s version.

Blue print Boden skirt and blue cardigan

Above I am wearing a blue floral maxi skirt by Boden from last year (similar) off-white top from MeanEm and a blue cashmere cardigan from Marks and Spencer two years ago.


  1. Pamela
    21st August 2023 / 18:32

    You look beautiful in the lilac dress outfit! I also like the vest over the white blouse, thank you for showing that. I have trouble thinking of new ideas for “better” casual outfits, that is a useful picture. I hope you enjoyed your stay!

  2. Susan
    21st August 2023 / 19:12

    I love the lilac dress with the cardigan! That is a great idea that looks classic and appropriate for a variety of occasions!

  3. Jayne
    21st August 2023 / 19:47

    That’s a lovely casual evening outfit, the cropped cardigan adds a modern twist to a classic dress. I have the previous version of the silver flats, they are super soft and comfortable. I tried on the new version and the stitching round the rim digs into my skin. Maybe it stretches with wearing.

  4. Sally
    21st August 2023 / 20:41

    Love the outfits. My husband and I are going to be staying there in a couple of weeks time. I see I will need to smarten up for the occasion.

  5. Amanda Sebestyen
    28th August 2023 / 12:55

    Dear Josephine

    This summer I’ve had more leisure and less money than usual, so I decided to enjoy myself reading style blogs and ’shopping my wardrobe’. This has been really pleasurable. I love clothes and colours, and this is a way of learning from women my age outside of my usual circle of friends.

    Your own blog is particularly good — I too like the purple shades. You’ve also reminded me of the Alexander Technique and perhaps I will have the chance to improve my desk-bound posture in the future.

    Your list of other blogs is a very helpful service, so I thought you might like to have a user’s report-back.

    Accidental Icon : wonderful clothes, fascinating insights. But elusive and enigmatic… where does one buy those fabulous clothes, or find anything like them in real life? Still, great for inspiration and my favourite site so far. I have recommended it to women of my age.

    The Vivienne Files: useful regular blog, with art-based colour schemes that I enjoy as I spend a lot of time in galleries. But it is firmly based in mid-market America and never shows a new shape. UK fashions change faster and luckily at present it is possible to get more structural shapes here. This blog reminds me of information I had from a fellow student who briefly worked for a mass-market fashion firm in the 70s, which never altered the basic structures but only tried to update trimmings and colours. I have asked about newer shapes in the comments box (wider trousers, shorter jackets) and haven’t had a response yet. I do find some of the new-to-me US brands interesting, and might find new clothes on some of their own sites one day when I am buying again.

    That’s Not My Age/ Alyson Walsh: Nice clothes from the UK. Some are from brands I know to be too short for me; there’s an ongoing discussion about this and I think she responds quite well. Also has a wellbeing dimension. I will continue, despite a slight flinch at the title.

    Not dressed as Lamb/ Catherine Summers: UK-based, affordable clothes. So far, not quite my thing. She is younger anyway, less urban, writes more about her own inner life.

    Inside Out Style /Imogen Lamport: This is a purely commercial site aimed at signing women up to her style classes. (I have been colour-consulted with friends in my 30s and then re-done 20 years later with grey hair, so it’s not something I personally need to do again, and anyway fashions are different in Australia ). I emailed a couple of times explaining this and asking to skip the sales talk, but without result. Perhaps the mailings may be managed by bots? Yesterday I made the reluctant decision to unsubscribe from this one!

    Une Femme d’Une Certaine Age: nice woman writing about life and sometimes clothes. These are still rather American-classic but more definitely modern than the Vivienne Files. Links with definitely stylish outfits on Pinterest, though one might need to be more social-media oriented to find where to buy the clothes shown there. Her Pinterest choices show the wide trouser/linen shirt combo done really well…

    No Fear of Fashion / Greetje Kamminga: this is the first blog I’ve really written to properly. It’s a friendship group in Amsterdam having fun with clothes and also telling quite a lot about their lives. I’m midway in age between these women and their nonagenarian mothers (my beloved mother lived into her hundreds so this makes another bond). To date this isn’t the exact site I’m looking for as far as fashion is concerned, but on lots of other levels I really relate. Such great shots of the city too!

    Summer is coming to an end and I may be busy with my more usual pursuits before long, but please keep me on your mailing list as I very much enjoy Chicatanyage.

    Many thanks !


    PS A few of the other blogs on your list couldn’t be contacted using the links provided, so they might have stopped over time and it might be worth weeding them out.

    • 29th August 2023 / 14:55

      Hello Amanda
      I am really glad that you like my blog and thank you for writing such an in-depth comment. You are correct I need to do some housekeeping and update my blogs I read section. I seem to be so busy at the moment what with moving house and entertaining four grandchildren that I have not had much time to work on the extra pages of my blog.

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