How to protect and care for our hair

Zuvi Hairdryer

How to protect and care for our hair. I would say that I have been genetically lucky with my hair texture and volume. My hair is fairly thick and strong although it tends to frizziness if there is moisture in the air. I started going grey relatively young and for many years had blonde highlights at three-month intervals. This technique allowed my grey streaks to blend in with my more mousey tones. Recently I have noticed that my hair has become thinner, especially at the top and I need more fullness and volume.

Now when it comes to hairdryers I have a track record of buying ones that I have never found to be very satisfactory. I am always looking to update to the latest version which I usually find as disappointing as the last one. The Zuvi Halo hairdryer was sent (gifted) to me about a month ago and I have been using it ever since. It has made such a difference to my hair. My hair looks healthier, more shiny and less prone to frizziness. I have now discovered that the main reason for this is that conventional hairdryers use hot air which can leave your hair looking dull. The new Zuvi Halo uses “light care technology” which incorporates infrared light. Even though this allows the air temperature to be lower it still dried my hair really quickly, which is great news if you are in a hurry.

I also found the Zuvi really light and easy to handle which is essential for me as I have a shoulder injury from falling off my bike so heavy hairdryers cause my shoulder to ache. As it is lightweight it is also good for travelling (most hotel hairdryers are rubbish).

I started off using the care mode. I then added the styling vent which attaches magnetically (there is a diffuser for curly hair and a gentle air attachment if you have a sensitive scalp).

Grey and dyed hair needs more gentle treatment. Heat damage can cause the hair to look dull and lacklustre. The Zuvi never goes above 40 degrees and uses 60% less energy than most conventional hairdryers.

So to sum up do I think that the Zuvi is worth the money – yes! As you can see from the photo at the top my hair looks shiny, healthy and I find that it no longer goes frizzy so easily. I always find that if my hair looks good I feel good.

Use code Josephine5 for 5% off your order at this link.

Zuvi hairdryer

Now let’s look at some hair products that I consider to work well with my lovely new hairdryer.

L’Oreal silver shampoo – I have been using this shampoo for years and could not be without it. 
Christophe Robin Shade variation mask – Recommended to me by my hairdresser in France. I use it every two to three weeks. It really lifts the back of my hair to a more silver tone. 
Philip Kingsley silver brightening conditioner I use it after my shampoo on a regular basis.


  1. Julia
    29th August 2023 / 16:13

    That sounds like a great hairdryer Josephine but can you use it in France?

  2. Jacqueline Taylor
    29th August 2023 / 16:28

    Yes the hairdryer does sound excellent but surely beyond a lot of people’s budget.

    • 29th August 2023 / 16:36

      yes it is pricey. India Knight wrote about it in the Sunday Times and she did recommend it if you had difficult hair. My daughter has a Dyson which is more expensive and loves it. My hair has definitely benefited.

  3. 29th August 2023 / 16:31

    It has an ordinary Uk plug on it. With my other hairdryers I just add an adaptor plug. Might be safe to check via their website.

  4. Amanda Sebestyen
    29th August 2023 / 17:01

    I have similar hair. Hairdressers comment that I am lucky as it is thick and long for my age (though imo it is thinner than it used to be where I comb the parting), but there is a tendency to frizz so I use Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream which does help. A friend guided me to the White Hot site because my hair has stayed pepper-and-salt after more than 30 years! Sadly I found their shampoo just made my hair go blonder (ie beige instead of silver), but one product of theirs I really love is called Shooshing cream. I just smooth a bit over my hair after drying it, especially if I’ve got to go out into windy or wet weather. Philip Kingsley’s salon gave clients a free try-out of the Dyson hairdryer. I found it incredibly heavy, took much longer than the usual dryer and oh dear, my hair came out very fluffy in the end. I’m glad the Zuvi dryer worked for you but I am sceptical as it looks so similar to the Dyson. I’d certainly like ot try L’Oreal Silver shampoo, though!

  5. Jayne
    29th August 2023 / 17:49

    The Zuvi dryer does sound like it would benefit my fine, thinning hair. The cost is a bit daunting but I see that they offer a good 30 day return policy at not cost to the buyer, which should give enough time to try it out on my hair. I’m quite tempted to give it a go. Is the 5% off link in addition to their 10% off for first time buyers?

  6. Vitamins Revive Blog
    9th January 2024 / 07:59

    Thanks for the lovely tip Josephine. This dryer looks like a good option for use when I can’t give hair dryer the skip. My current dryer leaves my hair high and dry. Will definitely look into this.

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