Current make-up ideas

Having done my hair now let’s look at some make-up that I have been recently introduced to.

The latest colour eyeshadow trio just added to the Lookfabulous trio eyeshadow collection. At first, the colours looked a little strong however when I applied the eyeshadows to my eyelids they created a very soft interesting neutral wash of colour. It is suitable for warm and cool-toned skins. The product was gifted all opinions are my own.

Lookfabulous forever eyeshadow trio

Current make-up ideas:

Current make-up ideas. The beauty industry moves very fast and new products are being introduced to the market every day. I was recently contacted by Prime Prometics to review a selection of their current range. They arrived just before I went on a five-day trip to the Schloss Roxburghe Hotel Roxburghe. This was ideal timing as I did not want to take a lot of makeup with me. 

Multi-tasking prime wand trinity A glowing makeup in minutes. Start with the moisturising stick (no more messy creams or spillage in suitcases if you are travelling). My skin felt lightly hydrated. I used it several times a day when I was enjoying the hotel spa. Later in the day, I used the PrimeWand pigment as a lipstick and blusher. Finally, I added the PrimeWand Pearl for a touch of glow above my blusher and in my eyesocket. Great if you want light makeup.

Their Primelash bundle was my favourite. As we get older our eyebrows have a nasty habit of getting thinner and sparser and need all the help they can get to continue growing. This light serum is easy to apply and makes a difference over time. The mascara goes on smoothly without clumping.

Finally, the Prime eyes glide eyeliner a really lovely soft kohl pencil. Easy to apply and did not smudge. I am not keen on some of the lead pencils which can drag the delicate skin around the eyes. You can click on the link to read more about the Prime Prometics range of products. These products were gifted all opinions are my own.


  1. Susan H
    6th September 2023 / 16:13

    Yes! My aging eyebrows need help! Thank you.

  2. Mary Seymour
    6th September 2023 / 16:36

    Can you give some lipstick recommendations? The colours I like are often discontinued!

    • 7th September 2023 / 12:30

      Hello Mary I would suggest Look Fabulous forever lipsticks, the long lasting ones really do stay on. Alternatively I like the MAC or Charlotte Tilbury ones.

    6th September 2023 / 17:42

    Love youir new make-up!! We have a brand very similar using the sticks for highdration, blush & lipstick and perleasence call Blloom sticks in the US. Thank you forthe make-up lesson!! Please excuse my typng I have a shaking problem!!

  4. Francie
    6th September 2023 / 19:48

    Your new make-up looks pretty! A dear friend told me when running fast to get out of the house all I need to do is add eyebrow pencil and lipstick! She was right! It’s just enough to make me look as if my face is visible! Certainly it’s nice to add more and take more time but in a pinch this works!

  5. Jayne
    7th September 2023 / 11:24

    The new stick make-ups are wonderful for everyday and travelling, as you have demonstrated. I found Violet Jordan a year or so ago and have used their sticks since then. I do find that my skin needs a dab or two of concealer as well. Their bundle of 3 sticks is currently on offer at £39.00. I have no interest in the company apart from being a satisfied paying customer.

    Your recommendation of the WOW Dream Cocktail last week has solved a problem for me. It leaves my very fine hair feeling silky but still with extra volume. Thanks!

  6. 13th January 2024 / 14:58

    Your eye shadow collection looks lovely Josephine. You look elegant and chic.

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