How to style a summer kaftan

Summer Kaftans

Continuing our series of how to style an outfit at whatever height you are. In this post, we will be looking at how to style a summer kaftan

The old summer favourite that never dates is the kaftan. You can see here how it can be modified from humble beachwear to a versatile top that can be styled with trousers. It can be adapted to suit all heights. Those with drawstring waists are the easiest to adjust from tall to petite.

The kaftan is of course ideal beachwear over a swimsuit however it can also be adapted for day wear or even dressed up for a casual evening out.

Kaftan & white trousers

If you are planning to wear your kaftan with a pair of trousers, the taller you are, the wider the trousers can be. For the petite, this look is better with slimmer trousers or leggings. My Petite friend is wearing the kaftan with a pair of slim white jeans.

How to style a summer kaftan

Anthropologie always seems to have a good selection of Kaftans.

You can see me wearing one of my favourite kaftans on my 70th birthday for lunch at Club 55 here.


  1. Kathleen McDermott
    1st August 2023 / 16:13

    You just can’t go wrong with a lovely airy caftan and white pants. Many of my favorite summer tops are caftan beach cover-ups. You both look stunning. The colors in that caftan are exquisite.

  2. Francie
    1st August 2023 / 16:29

    Both you and your friend look beautiful in this cute caftan with white pants. Always inspiring! Thank you!

  3. Julia
    1st August 2023 / 18:25

    As a British woman Josephine, do you think it’s funny when your American readers say “pants”?

  4. 1st August 2023 / 18:48

    Hello Julia

    What a fascinating question. “pants” can be what we call in English a “double entendre” (a word or phrase that is open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué). I think most of us know that Pants is the American word for trousers but it can also refer to underwear in the UK. “pants” also has a slang usage as an adjective which is a synonym for “bad” or “rubbish”. eg “I don’t like that song, it’s pants.”

    • Julia
      1st August 2023 / 22:17

      Well although I am British , Josephine, I have never heard that expression, it’s pants. Maybe it’s modern or from London. I have lived in Canada for 40 years but maintain contact with the UK regularly.
      I know most English people use pants to mean underwear however, I just wonder if your American readers know what trousers are.

      • Laurie Moone
        3rd August 2023 / 03:15

        We do, but to Americans, trousers is an old fashioned word for pants! We call underwear underwear, but the lower part of underwear are often called panties. If a woman is said to be “in her underwear,” she would usually be wearing a bra and panties.

  5. La Contessa
    1st August 2023 / 21:56

    Happy Birthday!
    I too am a July gal!
    Caftans are long tunics are what we call what you are wearing.
    I have a closet full plus wearing one now!
    Enjoy France!!

  6. Lynne Savage
    1st August 2023 / 23:13

    Beautiful colours too

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