Add a practical cardigan to your wardrobe

Add a practical cardigan to your wardrobe

Add a practical cardigan to your wardrobe. With our weather continuing to be so volatile. Sunny one minute, cold and windy the next it is becoming more and more difficult to put together an outfit in the morning that will take you comfortably throughout the day. Now might be an ideal time to add a practical cardigan to your wardrobe. Above I am wearing my latest purchase a bright pink cardigan from the Autograph range at MarksandSpencer. It is merino wool with 10% cashmere. I think cardigans are one of the underrated garments in our wardrobes. They are one of the most useful items if you travel as they roll up into a ball without creasing. They are also good for adding a touch of colour to your face. 

Pink V neck cashmere sweater

According to last week’s Sunday Times magazine, the cardigan has become the latest accessory and can be worn around the shoulders or waist. I often tie mine around my neck. It acts as a scarf and can be slipped on if the temperatures drop.

Cos is a good place to find interesting cardigans. They offer some nice bright colours and interesting shapes. Boden also has a good selection of cardigans in unusual patterns and colour combinations.

The cardigan is a practical garment; so easy to pop with dresses, skirts or trousers. 

Add a practical cardigan to your wardrobe

Below are a selection of cardigans:

My aim has always been to buy better and buy less. I still own this cardigan. The French also seem to favour the humble cardigan as the image was taken from a French magazine.

Finally, I need to sincerely apologise for the Gravatar post that was published in error. Gravatar is a bonafide website I use to change my profile image. I have deleted the post and am investigating the issue.


  1. Rose-Marie
    25th October 2023 / 16:10

    That’s a pretty one! A nice change from the long cardigans while still not ‘cropped’.

  2. Diane Jarosy
    25th October 2023 / 16:15

    I love the pink colour.Really suits you.

  3. Mary
    25th October 2023 / 17:08

    I also love cardigans but tend to only buy cashmere now as they are so “light” and yet so warm. I used to buy Acrylic for their bright colour but these days cashmere cardigans are produced in so many different colours that I’ve stopped. Acrylic isn’t warm and at my advanced age I need warmth ! I think the cardigan is part of the UK National costume!!
    Really like your (Barbie) pink colour,Josephine.

    • Paris
      25th October 2023 / 18:10

      Absolutely agree!

  4. 25th October 2023 / 17:36

    I agree with your comment Mary I don’t like Acrylic cardigans or sweaters

  5. Paris
    25th October 2023 / 18:12

    I love a cardi and I’ve found them to be investment pieces, I’ve some that I’ve had for years. If you look after your cashmere and wool, you are rewarded for your care.

  6. Joan
    25th October 2023 / 18:38

    I find colorful cardigans very useful to add a bit of warmth to my outfits, and they are so easy to slip on or off to accommodate changes in temperature. They have become a wardrobe staple for me.

  7. Kathleen McDermott
    25th October 2023 / 21:17

    Oh, cardigans. I could write a sonnet. Could not do without them in any season. They add so much interest to any outfit while also keeping you warm, comfy and nicely covered (i.e. with sleeveless items). I love all types but am especially fond of the classic cardi. You look lovely in yours and the pearl jewelry is perfect. The pink cashmere is dreamy.

  8. Maisie
    26th October 2023 / 13:43

    Love cardigans too, I’ve lost count of how many I have! Preferably cashmere .

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