Wardrobe maintenance and haircare to boost volume

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Wardrobe maintenance and haircare to boost volume. It is that time of year again when I normally do what I call a wardrobe swap over. In other words, I pack away my summer cottons and linens and unpack my thick woollies. My thicker sweaters were all dry-cleaned and packed away in special containers. Amazon does some good ones with handles. Having given my sweaters a light press I then hang them up in my gorgeous new walk-in wardrobe. When we moved house it was the one thing we treated ourselves to. I have always wanted a walk-in wardrobe so we got a specialist company to build one for us. Image below.

My wardrobe plus Clothes Doctor products

Now I have to ensure that all my precious clothes are protected from the dreaded moths. Each year they seem to get more prolific. The wardrobes in our rental house last year were full of moths and it was a constant battle to keep our clothes protected. I had to send several sweaters to be repaired. See this previous post for information on where I had two of my cashmere cardigans repaired.

clothes Doctor clothes protection products

Clothes Doctors provide the ideal products to keep all your clothes in tip-top condition. I was sent a selection of their products to test (gifted). I love the clothes care sprays. I spritzed some on my sweaters and they smelt so fresh. Particularly the knitwear mist in cedarwood and vanilla.

To see all the Clothes Doctor products click here. My favourite moth protection products here.

Wardrobe maintenance and haircare to boost volume

The second subject I want to cover today is thinning hair and how to manage it. Luckily I have had thick hair for most of my life, due to my family’s genetic lottery. There is not much you can do about hereditary factors. However, I have noticed that as the years pass my hair has begun to lose some of its thickness.

I have recently been testing (gifted) hair products by Vheria and have been using all three of their products for the last few weeks.

The Vheria products definitely seem to be making a difference to my hair. My husband recently commented that it was looking more “bouncy”

Hair thickening shampoo

Three volumising hair care products in a handy travel bag from Vheria.


  1. margiemi
    4th November 2023 / 15:41

    I would be so happy to purchase the moth repellent products but shipping to the U.S. makes it cost prohibitive…I looked at my options here in the States and will have to do more searching…even finding small quantities of cashmere “thread” seems difficult since I would do the repair myself! You’ve given us some good choices, Josephine. I think I’ll try to make up my own repellent bags…sounds easy.

    • 4th November 2023 / 16:49

      I agree shipping is expensive. I have the same problem if I want something from the States.

  2. Elizabeth
    4th November 2023 / 16:19

    Hello Josephine. First off, your haircut is lovely and flattering. A quick suggestion regarding the moths: we lined some closets with cedar and have lavender sachets that I sprinkle with pure lavender oil, refreshing from time to time. I also transition the seasonal wardrobe (living on the west coast of BC) and before that, hand wash all of the cashmere, store in special containers (again with lavender sachets). We no longer experience any issues with the dreaded moths etc.

    • Kathy
      4th November 2023 / 18:03

      I live in the Seattle area, and like you, I use lavender sachets and have never had a moth problem.

  3. 4th November 2023 / 16:48

    I also store my cashmere in special containers to be especially safe

  4. Sue Repetti
    5th November 2023 / 21:04

    Just thinking today about the hassle of seasonal clothes changeover! We store out of season clothes in boxes in the attic. In summer, woolens are stored at the dry cleaners to stay away from moths, here in New England. Lately, they haven’t done a great job. It makes me wonder if we should just have fewer clothes and stuff the woolens into our small cedar closet in the summer. Thanks for this informative piece!

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