Puffer coats have become a staple

Green Puffer jacket in Chelsea

Puffer coats have become a staple in my wardrobe and I suspect in many of yours if you live in this decidedly inclement climate of ours. Now that the cold weather has arrived and we are experiencing chilly mornings and dark evenings it is time to think of wrapping up in our cosy coats. The one I am wearing above is from Cos (a few years old) similar.

In my opinion puffer coats and jackets are functional and stylish. I know that if you are petite you may be concerned about the fact that some of the styles can appear overwhelming. I think it is a question of choosing one that is less “puffy” if that makes sense. Some of them have a slimmer look. Alternatively, you could opt for a knee-length or jacket style as opposed to a full maxi. You can see how I styled the same coat last year with a colourful scarf here.

Green maxi puffer coat and pink rain hat

I met up with Susan of UneFemme last Sunday. We had a great day exploring the shops on the King’s Road, Chelsea. Our warm puffers kept us cosy as the weather was decidedly dreary and inclement as you can see from the photos above.

A well-deserved lunch break at The Rabbit Restaurant

Susan and me at The Rabbit Restaurant in the Kings Road.

We ended up having a delicious lunch at The Rabbit. A quirky very English Restaurant halfway down Kings Road. They serve delicious organic food.

They are well known for offering farm-to-fork food focusing on sustainability. Their menu changes seasonally and celebrates local and wild produce with zero-waste cookery. They use wild, foraged, and locally grown ingredients, including sustainable livestock from the family farm in West Sussex. They also serve an award-winning range of English Wines from their vineyard. You do need to book in advance.

On the way to the restaurant, we popped into a couple of shops. I tried on the coat below from Cos. It is a very classic wrap style with a high percentage of wool. Just what I am looking for.

cos wool maxi coat

The second item I fell in love with is this velvet blazer from MeandEm. I have had to sell several of my jackets this year as they were all too large for me since I seem to have shrunk in size.

Me and Em velvet blazer

Puffer coats have become a staple. Selection of current style.

I am not publishing a separate post on Black Friday I believe that we should adopt a policy of slow fashion and buy good quality investment pieces when we need and want them to build up a sustainable wardrobe.

However, my old computer has ceased to function recently so I bought a new one from JohnLewis & Partners. They have some excellent bargains in their electrical department if you need to replace any of your electronics.


  1. 17th November 2023 / 15:16

    So glad you got to meet up with Susan! Do you think velvet blazers will stay fashionable? I’d feel out of place wearing them beyond the holidays.

    • Julia
      17th November 2023 / 15:44

      I think you can wear velvet blazers any time. You can dress them up or down. They look great with jeans and boots and a scarf (tartan for example).

  2. Pat
    17th November 2023 / 15:18

    Congratulations on your Black Friday decision. I wholeheartedly agree, and have recently let go of some blogs that continue to focus on acquiring more and more fast fashion.

  3. Libby Wilkie
    17th November 2023 / 15:48

    I’m up in Manchester now and brought my Uniqlo puffer coat: so perfect to have it rolled in its bag as I left home (was 78F !) and now wear every day here. Hood attached and nice big pockets!

  4. Mary Ann Fitch
    17th November 2023 / 16:14

    I love Kings Road, had a flat on Sloane Gardens and John Lewis was my stop for shopping. The Road has had so many changes over the years, a great place to shop and watch the people.

    • Angela
      17th November 2023 / 19:02

      I swore off puffers to avoid “Michelin Man” look for my then size 14 frame, but was finally swayed by one which had closer stitched channels and slight shaping at the waist. Now I’m utterly sold. Diagonal stitching appears to be another way to slim the look. But now, like you, I too have reached the shrinking age!

  5. Lesley Day
    17th November 2023 / 16:26

    I love my puffer coat, no plans to give in to the fashionistas anytime soon.

  6. Amanda
    17th November 2023 / 20:17

    I agree about your Black Friday decision. Thank you for stating it as a conscious decision.

  7. Alison
    17th November 2023 / 22:16

    Oh to be tracing your footsteps! I would love a bit of cold weather and the opportunity to wear a coat. For the past two winters I have needed nothing more than a cardigan or jacket when walking my dog at 6am. I turned the air con on to heating twice last winter. My lovely puffer coat that I bought in Germany years ago sits lonely in my cupboard as not much call for goose down in the north of Australia.

  8. Julia
    17th November 2023 / 23:48

    Yes puffer coats are practical for bad weather, but beware the michelin effect if you are not tall and thin!

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