Keep warm and snug with a puffer coat

Keep warm and snug with a puffer coat

Baby it’s cold outside! Plus it’s wet and soggy underfoot. Keep warm and snug with a puffer coat. I am personally a great fan of the puffer coat. I have had my black one for many years and decided it really did need replacing. So my major purchase this season has been my new green longline puffer coat from Cos. It is sustainably crafted from recycled fabric with recycled-down padding, this teal puffer coat is designed for colder days with a double-ended waterproof zip and snug cuffed sleeves.  It is long so probably better if you are quite tall.

Green maxi puffer coat

I have put some versions below that would work if you are petite. Puffers can seem a bit bulky however for me they are worth it to keep really warm.

A warm puffer coat and cosy scarf

My oversized check scarf is from Cos. It is knitted from responsibly sourced mohair and wool.

Marks and Spencer have some excellent puffer coats, both longline and knee length.

JohnLewis&partners also have an extensive selection. They offer shorter versions which would be suitable if you are petite. I have selected a few below however there are many more.

Uniqlo has some excellent ones (US link).

My four-year-old black puffer was worn on a visit to Paris in December 2018. It is looking a bit old but I will still wear it when I take my grandchildren to the park.

The photos were taken by my friend Dee in the gardens of Pembroke Lodge Richmond park


  1. 4th November 2022 / 16:09

    I’m always cold so I prefer a coat that is at least knee length or even longer. I’m always surprised to see women wearing jackets that are waist-length; it makes me shiver when I see them! I have a Lands’ End that’s long, has a hood, and zips up/down….love it! The puffer you are wearing is a great color, beautiful, esp. with the scarf.

    • Paris
      4th November 2022 / 21:17

      Me too!

  2. Gill
    4th November 2022 / 16:39

    Hello Josephine, I always look forward to receiving your emails and reading all about your clothes and what you have been up to! The photos in the garden are lovely, were they taken in this country? Kind regards, Gill x

    • 4th November 2022 / 19:57

      Hello Gill
      The photos were taken in the gardens of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park.

      • Gill
        5th November 2022 / 01:05

        Thanks Josephine, When I read your article again, I saw that you had already told us where it was! Oops!

  3. Lynne Saint
    4th November 2022 / 21:15

    I thought I would never wear a puffer coat, I’m only 5’2’’ so I thought I would look really dumpy. One day shopping I tried one on in Barbour and fell in love, it sits right on my knees, has pockets, a hood, what’s not to love? Maybe getting a little older I look for comfort these days. Your scarf looks super warm too and a very flattering colour way. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • 7th November 2022 / 09:33

      Hello Lynne
      Glad you like my blog. A friend of mine is also 5″2′ and she looks great in a puffer. The secret is to find the right one for you and to get the proportions to work.

  4. 5th November 2022 / 07:37

    That Cos coat looks great, would you say the colour is more accurate in your photos which is more teal than on the Cos website which is more of a dull green? I’m really thinking about where my clothes are coming from these days. The recycled down is a by product of the meat industry so I think a much more acceptable option than some others. I was horrified to read that the highest grade of down coats are made from feathers plucked while the fowl are still alive.

    • 7th November 2022 / 09:30

      Hello Maureen

      It is quite difficult to get the exact colour of the Cos puffer as there was a lot of winter sun the day that we took the photographs. The picture on the Cos site is definitely a darker green. I have checked mine in the wardrobe. It is nearer to the colour in my photos although I would describe it as matt. Hope this helps. Cos do an efficient returns system.

  5. Lynne Savage
    5th November 2022 / 20:29

    Isn’t it great that the manufacturers are using recycled fabrics? My newish animal print puffer is made from recycled nylon.

  6. Oleksandra
    12th November 2022 / 18:02

    Hey! Cool photos! Have you tested the coat though? What is the coldest temperature does it tolerate? Good for winter?

    • 13th November 2022 / 10:26

      Hello Oleksandra
      It has been quite mild her in the UK so I have not tested the coat in very cold weather. I find that layers and thermal underwear work when the temperatures really drop.

  7. Lauren
    12th November 2022 / 18:22

    Is it waterproof though? Saw this one in the store but doubt it’s gonna withstand the constant rains and if it’s not then the padding will spoil

    • 13th November 2022 / 10:23

      Hello Lauren It does say that the zip is waterproof however as it has stitching I doubt if it will be fully waterproof in heavy rain. The only coat that I find is my rubberised mac which I have had for years. If you want waterproof outerwear I would suggest sports shops or brands such as Cotswolds which offer country wear.

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