A visit to the V&A museum – Chanel style never dates

A visit to the V&A museum – Chanel style never dates. I was privileged to be invited to a private viewing of the Chanel exhibition at the V&A. My friend Dee and I had a wonderful evening viewing the Chanel styles from the early 30s through to the present day. With her trademark suits and little black dresses, fashion designer Coco Chanel created timeless designs that are still popular today.

Chanel was born in 1883, in Saumur, France. Her early years were anything but glamorous. She spent them in an orphanage where she was taught to sew by the nuns.

Chanel opened her first shop on Paris’s Rue Cambon in 1910, where she started out selling hats. She later added stores in Deauville and Biarritz and began making clothes.

Chanel style never dates:

In 1925, Chanel introduced the now legendary Chanel suit with collarless jacket and well-fitted skirt. Her designs were revolutionary for the time. She also introduced her “Little black dress” during this period. The international economic depression of the 1930s had a negative impact on Chanel’s company, but it was the outbreak of World War II that led her to close her business.

A visit to the V&A museum – Chanel style never dates

I think this was my favourite outfit. I could definitely imagine me wearing this trouser suit.

At the age of 70, in the early 1950s, Chanel returned to the fashion world. Her feminine and comfortable styes continued to be popular.

The classic Chanel style handbag. You can find similar reasonable priced imitations at Etsy.

Chanel died on January 10, 1971, at her apartment in the Hotel Ritz.

Copy the Chanel style:


  1. Carol in Denver
    28th February 2024 / 20:59

    Oh, that suit (your favorite) is just lovely. The sleeve treatment would be easy enough for a home sewist to incorporate into a garment.

  2. Lynne Savage
    28th February 2024 / 21:09

    Oh how i love Chanel. It is the only thing I would indulge in if I ever won a lottery.

  3. Jasmine
    29th February 2024 / 15:25

    Truly timeless!

    29th February 2024 / 15:39

    Adore Chanel!!! I’ve read every book I can find on her!!

  5. Linda L
    29th February 2024 / 16:11

    Have you watched The New Look on Apple TV? Don’t know if it’s worldwide but if it is, it is definitely an enjoyable watch. The portrayals of Coco and Dior are wonderful. Oh! To be able to afford couture!

  6. Treva
    29th February 2024 / 17:29

    I wrote a paper about Coco Chanel for an assignment in French I.
    I was a fashionista in my teens! I am now watching The New Look on Apple TV. What a joy to see the fashions and the history behind the designers.

  7. Eileen Burton
    29th February 2024 / 18:23

    As a member, I visited the exhibition 3 times, taking friends and relatives. Jasmine’s comment beat me to it – what struck me about Chanel’s beautiful clothes was how absolutely timeless they are. You could wear them now and they wouldn’t look dated, which just shows what a genius she was. And the brocade trouser suit was definitely on my short list too!

  8. Helen
    29th February 2024 / 21:37

    A whole evening surrounded by Chanel!! Oh my how I envy you. My daughter gifted me with a Chanel bag many, many years ago, picked up in a thrift store in the States. I treasure that purse. Thank you Josephine for sharing.

  9. Francie
    1st March 2024 / 00:26

    These designs are so timeless! She was fabulous! And so groundbreaking. My grandmother said to get all dressed and then remove one thing and I think she got this idea from Chanel. I would LOVE to see this exhibit at the Victoria & Albert! Thank you so much for reporting on it.

  10. Linda Baillie
    1st March 2024 / 04:13

    I have always loved Chanel, such a talented women. So much love in her garments from a none privileged girl xx

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