Uniqlo Linen collection – Summer 2024

Black linen short sleeved shirt dress from the Uniqlo life wear collection.

I have pleasure in introducing the Uniqlo linen collection – Summer 2024. This article is in collaboration with The Guardian.com (click on link to read full article).

Now is the ideal time of year to start preparing for the warmer months. You may well be planning your Summer holidays. Linen is an ideal place to start. It is relaxed yet refined. I have always been a fan of of this hard wearing fabric. Like the Italians who look so chic and elegant in their linen I have never minded a few wrinkles. I think that it adds to the elegance of the outfit. The Uniqlo linen collection is an ideal place to start to add some stunning pieces to your wardrobe.

Above I am wearing their short sleeved shirt dress. If it is still chilly at the beginning of the season you could always add a pair of leggings to keep your legs warm. A pair of plain white sneakers completes the look.

Uniqlo Linen collection – Summer 2024

Black linen shirt dress form the Uniqlo life wear collection.

A straw hat is always a great way to add pizazz to a summer outfit. Although the day we took these photos in Hampton Court Palace gardens it was so windy that mine nearly blew off.

My fine merino wool crew neck cardigan is also from Uniqlo.

As we spend quite a few weeks of the Summer in the South of France linen is always a welcome staple in my wardrobe. This season Uniqlo have some excellent pieces on offer. Good quality at very reasonable prices. I was therefore thrilled to be invited to participate with the Guardian online in their article featuring pieces from Uniqlo’s linen collection.


  1. Mary D
    3rd May 2024 / 13:17

    I have been buying pieces from Uniqlo, particularly their thermal polo necks, for a few years now and find them very versatile and comfortable. The one thing I do notice is that the colour range available isn’t particularly good for fair complexions so I tend to buy their black, blue, green and white tops and get my pinks, reds, coral etc. ones from Land’s End.

  2. Francie
    3rd May 2024 / 17:11

    This is darling, thanks for introducing me to their linens!

  3. Elizabeth A
    3rd May 2024 / 18:01

    Beautiful photos of you Josephine. I must say I adore linen clothing and especially now that our summers are becoming much warmer and dry here in Vancouver. I always consider them as elegant wrinkles – the clothing that is !
    My husband and I love France and look forward to yet another visit… this time without overpacking.

  4. Debbie Garrod
    3rd May 2024 / 18:54

    Fab look, I love it. What make are your white trainers please? I’ve been looking for a new pair, but this year all the UK white trainers seem to have tick, inflexible soles and they aren’t built for walking comfortably

    • 16th May 2024 / 10:44

      Hello Debbie
      My trainers were from Pavers however they style is widely available in quite a few stores and shoe shops.

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