A tour of the new season’s colours at Bentalls

A tour of the new season’s colours at Bentalls. Last week I took the day off to go to Kingston to check out the Spring/Summer collections that had arrived in the shops. So make a cup of coffee or tea, sit back relax and enjoy this preview. Ideally, it will give you some ideas about how you would like to refresh your wardrobe in anticipation of warmer weather.

Week-end at MaxMara. What a lovely fresh summer look. It would be perfect for the South of France. I also love the fun necklaces. I will be looking for similar ones in St.Tropez market when I go there in March.

Max & Co. A very interesting combination of pink and bronze.

Eileen Fisher

Wistles spring 2023 collection

The Spring/Summer Whistles range was also good. Some nice bright reds and animal prints in the mix.

Whistles trousers from JohnLewis&partners

Their Tessa casual trousers fitted me perfectly so I added them to my purchases.

Mint Velvet blue print dress

Mint Velvet also had some very pretty maxi dresses such as this blue/green print one above.

Mint velvet Spring 2023 collection

Mint Velvet had some lovely print tops and dresses. I loved the pink top in the photo and have just ordered it from JohnLewis&Partners but hurry as it is selling quickly. They also have some excellent casual khaki trousers.

Jigsaw Spring/Summer collection 2023

I particularly loved the Jigsaw collection, especially the purples and pinks. I have ordered their purple cashmere/merino wool cardigan (nearly all are sold out). Also available in green. I also absolutely adore the lilac coat. My friend bought their classic camel coat. More sizes are available at JohnLewis&Partners. They also have an excellent selection of floral dresses


A tour of the new season’s colours at Bentals:


  1. Mary
    8th March 2023 / 15:44

    I always enjoy your posts both here and in France. Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of Spring/Summer outfits. Just makes you feel good.

  2. PatB
    8th March 2023 / 16:46

    Thank you for sharing the new collection and colours. Always a hopeful sign of Spring. Also, congrats on your new home and fabulous view.

  3. Paris05
    8th March 2023 / 19:11

    The spring colours are so cheery. I’ve tried to order the purple cardigan but it is indeed sold out. I’ll enjoy seeing what you find in France. Take care x

  4. Julia
    8th March 2023 / 20:56

    A camel hair coat with roll neck sweater for spring? It must be cold in the UK!

    • 9th March 2023 / 17:14

      Hello Julia it is freezing here in the UK. We had snow yesterday!

  5. Francie
    8th March 2023 / 21:08

    Such pretty colors! yes it does make us feel good. Thank you, Josephine, very uplifting!

  6. Joyce Surenne Penny
    9th March 2023 / 02:35

    Thanks for the share. Love most of the colours, but I can see I’m getting old. Why do models show an uneven bottle green hem teamed with a turquoise jumper and black welly-like boots under a very smart looking structured camel coat? Also the Bentals’ clothes are not ironed and the collection looks like an op-shop offering. I think the French have still
    cornered the market in chic!

    • 9th March 2023 / 17:13

      Hello Joyce my guess is that the display team are possibly in their twenties and would wear the coat like that. With regard to the French France is a large country and the sartorial elegance can vary with region. In st Tropez it can be quite ethnic you might well see an outfit like the above. In Paris it is more uniform and in the French countryside the look is often quite classic. I would say usually put together with thought. Although I have seen joggers worn at the large supermarkets but not in the local shops.

  7. 10th March 2023 / 15:33

    Really gorgeous colors; very wearable for most of us, I would assume. I find the long-sleeved tees/sweaters under the short-sleeved dresses an interesting combo; is it due to the cold weather or a new trend?? lol Also noticed that the clothes needed some ironing, maybe this is just an “older person’s” thoughts. And, what about the dark wooden movable arms on the mannequins in the first photo, those caught my attention right away. Thanks for doing our shopping Josephine! Great blog.

  8. 14th March 2023 / 06:12

    Really glad now that I slightly overindulged in buying summer dresses last year when there were lots of vibrant yellows and cool toned jewel colours about. However everyone who likes a more muted or warmer palette can have their turn this year!
    Most shop floor staff seem use a hand steamer on clothing displays, I think the creased clothes are just sloppy work rather than an age thing.

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