What to pack for British summer holidays.

What to pack for British summer holidays.


What to pack for British summer holidays. Very difficult as the weather is capricious to say the least.

I am off for a week in sunny wales with the family and grandchildren.

Let us start with the basics:

A pair of well fitting jeans always a good fall back option.
A short navy trench coat (It may well rain). The navy trench in the image above by Winserlondon.
A pair of neutral cotton or linen trousers (I am taking a black cotton pair and a white linen pair).
White T shirt and 2 coloured T shirt (I have chosen a turquoise & blue).
Long line navy cardigan.
Poncho to pop over trousers or dress on chilly evenings.
Hat (my favourite style is a panama)
A long black jersey dress (can be worn on the beach or dressed up for the evening with jewellery)
A blue navy shirtdress or alternatively a print dress that can be worn as a tunic over the white linen trousers.
Shoes:- My black nike trainers for walks in the countryside. My comfortable sketchers Gowalk and a pair of sandals for everyday.

Most of the items that I am putting into my suitcase are made with natural fibres. I am having a real rant against polyester at the moment. I don’t know about you but I find when the weather gets hot and humid wearing polyester is just horrid. It is not easy to find good quality natural fabrics at reasonable prices. So many brands are using the cheaper option of synthetics.




Capsule holiday wardrobe


Capsule holiday wardrobe blue tunic







  1. Pauline Girling
    24th July 2015 / 16:48

    Thanks for these packing tips – I am heading to England in September for about 10 days and never know what I should pack for a UK trip – I can never get the balance quite right with the appropriate gear in my suitcase! sPauline

  2. Margo
    24th July 2015 / 17:52

    This is a really helpful piece. I hope you will be doing lots more of these in the future. Have a relaxing break with the family. Margo

  3. Joy Hammond
    24th July 2015 / 20:15

    I am going to Anglesey with my family including 4 grandsons next week so many thanks for this advice which is extremely useful. Let’s hope we get some good weather.

  4. Barbara Harris
    24th July 2015 / 22:23

    Oh that is pretty ! You will look lovely.
    I totally agree about polyester.

  5. Jane
    25th July 2015 / 16:07

    This is so helpful, love it and your style. I also agree with you on natural fabrics for summer. I’m in Canada so my favourites for linen and cotton tees and sweaters are Banana Republic and JCrew. They are reasonable priced and good quality I find. We just visited France and London in May and I took neutral linen tees and they were perfect.

  6. Ceri
    26th July 2015 / 11:45

    But you haven’t included a jumper! You can’t go to Wales at any time of the year and expect to be warm — no matter how bright the sun there is always the wind! Have fun.

    • 26th July 2015 / 15:18


      I think you have a point. I looked at the weather forecast just before I left and luckily I grabbed a jumper on the way out + my very old leather jacket. Was glad of it today.

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