How to keep warm and cosy this winter

How to keep warm and cosy this winter

How to keep warm and cosy this winter. The temperatures have plummeted this week. It was freezing when I went Nordic Walking in Richmond Park last Thursday. It looked like a winter wonderland with a layer of frost on the ground. My fingers were icy even with my thick gloves on. It is definitely time to layer up with our thermal underwear. I find that both Uniqlo (US link) and MarksandSpencer are good sources of functional and stylish pieces.

Details of the above:

Grey thermal vest JohnLewis&Partners || Red cashmere hat Etsy || Red cashmere scarf JohnLewis&Partners || Thermal leggings Uniqlo || Floral hot water bottle MarksandSpencer || Sheepskin slipper boots JohnLewis& Partners || Thermal socks MarksandSpencer.

How to keep warm and cosy this winter:

Many of the items above would make excellent Christmas presents. I especially like the floral hot water bottle. Also, the red hat and scarf would cheer up a cold winter’s day.

If anybody has any other ideas on how to keep warm and cosy this winter when the temperatures drop do share them in the comments box below.

Below is how I dress for my Thursday morning Nordic Walking.

How to keep warm and cosy this winter


  1. Helen Astle
    10th December 2023 / 15:18

    Hi Josephine
    Your hair suits you a bit longer and I love the way you’ve twisted your scarf, I will have to try it.
    Happy Christmas

    • 11th December 2023 / 14:18

      Thank you Helen for the compliments

  2. Sylvia
    10th December 2023 / 15:50

    Lovely pic, just add snow and ice and that is what is going on here. Just wondering if I can handle driving the roads to visit family. Wishing you and your lovely family a most joyous festive season.

  3. Lesley
    10th December 2023 / 17:40

    Thanks for all the helpful posts this year. Happy Christmas

  4. Mary
    10th December 2023 / 18:05

    Did you know you can buy electric “hot water bottles”? Very safe for the elderly : me!!
    Enjoy your articles though I don’t buy as many clothes these days as I used to. Have a lovely Christmas in your new home in T.D. (My son lives there!!)

    • 11th December 2023 / 14:16

      Thank you Mary. They sound great. I am old enough to remember electric blankets however they never used to be that safe. Your son is lucky Thames Ditton is a lovely place to live. We have a view of the river.

  5. Mary Jane Hedstrom
    11th December 2023 / 02:28

    I live in a cold winter climate (Minnesota, USA). Silk long underwear for a base layer is comfortable, lightweight not bulky, and ideal for chilly weather, both oudoors and in. Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season!

    • 11th December 2023 / 14:11

      I agree with you Mary Jane
      I do have some silk underwear and it is excellent. Can be a bit pricey but if you wash it carefully it will last.

  6. Meredith
    12th December 2023 / 20:12

    When the time comes to no longer wear a cashmere sweater I take shears to it and cut two circles and tuck them down my bra. This is soft, not bulky and adds a lot of warmth.
    I also do Nordic walking in my mall before stores open, a lovely service for seniors to use.

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