Visit to St.Tropez market June 23

Colourful dresses in St.Tropez market June 23

Visit to St.Tropez market June 23. It was very hot and crowded last Tuesday when I visited the market. This is unusual for early June as it is not that crowded and busy until July and August. I did manage to get through the narrow lanes between the stalls and take some photographs of what I consider to be classic St.Tropez fashion. The styles tend to be very casual and colourful with a 1960s vibe. Above are a selection of maxi dresses and tunics in bright vibrant colours and prints.

This was definitely my favourite dress. I was very tempted however I do have a similar one already and I am trying to keep my wardrobe in check after so much decluttering and recycling.

fKaftans in the market June 23

Classic kaftans. They are perfect for the beach and can also be dressed up for the evening. Anthropologie has some excellent ones as do MarksandSpencer (both long and short).

Selection of Kaftans:

Short print dresses in St.Tropez market June 23

I loved these colourful mini dresses/tunics. Personally, I would wear one for a walk on the beach or teamed with a pair of cotton or linen trousers.

Dresses in St. Tropez market June 23

Another stall caught my eye. Greens, oranges and blues seemed to be popular colours

Visit to St.Tropez market June 23:

Garlic in St. Tropez market June 23

A French market would not be complete without a garlic seller. I use garlic every day in my recipes. It is delicious and is apparently very healthy,

Bags in St.Tropez June 23

I just loved this bag shop that I found down one of the side streets.

Art Gallery St.Tropez market

Both St.Tropez and Grimaud have an eclectic selection of art galleries. This one caught my eye as I walked from the Port into the centre of the village.

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  1. Heather Tomlins
    8th July 2023 / 16:10

    I love you sharing about your travels to the markets! So many lovely things… Thank you!

  2. Mary
    8th July 2023 / 16:32

    The stalls are so colourful it’s no wonder you are tempted, Josephine. Don’t forget the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Just remember “Some garlic every day keeps everyone away”!! :O) Actually I love it!

    • 10th July 2023 / 08:47

      Hello Mary
      I think that eating garlic keeps the Doctor away as it is extremely good for your health.

  3. Pru
    8th July 2023 / 16:40

    The pink linen dress is very tempting Josephine but my favourite is the white kaftan with blue applique/embroidery, the main fabric looks unusual! I would snap that up if I were there…..

  4. Francie
    8th July 2023 / 19:43

    Thank you so much, Josephine, I loved this post! Today I am wearing one of the beautiful summer scarves you sent me from the St. Tropez Market, and loving it. Our house is air conditioned and the scarf is comfortable with the temperature (we have to keep it cool for our two greyhounds). I loved your photo last week in the beautiful deep pink maxi-dress too! XOXO

  5. Jane Latto
    9th July 2023 / 07:49

    Thank you for this post the colours are beautiful, love the pink linen dress too and love the white maxi with pale pink applique and also the colourful midi, such fun to wear. Nice bags too. Try and use garlic as much as possible and hope not to offend anyone I do like a good market. Have a great summer.

  6. Julia
    9th July 2023 / 16:39

    Super post Joséphine! Love those clothes in the market, plus the garlic and the art gallery. You can’t beat the French for chic in the fashion, art and food world!

  7. Dana
    9th July 2023 / 21:35

    Thanks a lot Josephine

    • 14th July 2023 / 09:13

      Hello Julia
      Thank you yes a friend sent it to me. Very interesting. I used to take photos of women in the street in both Paris and St.Tropez about ten years ago. However, now you would have to get permission to publish them due to the current regulations.

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