What I have been wearing lately

Pink sundress and scarf on beach

What I have been wearing lately. Since we arrived in Grimaud it has been very hot and humid. Most days have been over 30 degrees. I don’t mind the heat so much as the humidity. Even just writing this blog with the fan on seems to take quite an effort. So I am finding that it is really important to wear natural fabrics in simple styles. I bought this long cotton pink maxidress that I am wearing above from MarksandSpencer just before I left the UK. I am very glad that I did as I have worn it nearly every day this week. It is a lovely fine floaty cotton. My scarf was originally from the St.Tropez market.

Similar maxi dresses:

Linen trousers and scarf. Grimaud village

An evening stroll around the village. I am wearing a pair of navy linen trousers. Some years old originally from MarksandSpencer. On top I am wearing a cropped tee from Uniqlo. I bought three of these cropped styles. I have one in pink, white and black. I find them very useful to wear with wide trousers. Panama hat is very old and a bit battered from the St.Tropez market.

Linen trousers:

White linen trousers and top Grimaud village

Dressed all in white. When it is really hot I like to dress in off-white. Here I am wearing a very old pair of off-white wide linen trousers. I know some people do not particularly like linen as it creases however I find that I don’t mind this at all when the temperatures are really high. Fabrics need to be able to breathe in the heat so I avoid anything synthetic or clingy.

Photos in Grimaud village by Mr.P

I did manage to visit the St.Tropez market last Tuesday. It was exceptionally crowded for this time of year. I did manage to get some photos and will be publishing them shortly.


  1. Julia
    2nd July 2023 / 16:08

    You look great Josephine as usual! Are you wearing sneakers because you have to walk on the cobblestones? I think sandals would look good with those trousers.

    • Wendy
      2nd July 2023 / 18:44

      Good question. I can’t wear trainers in hot weather, it has to be flipflops or sandals so that my feet can breathe and stay cool!

      • 3rd July 2023 / 09:13

        Hello Wendy
        I don’t find my trainers too hot. I will wear sandals or have bare feet if I am on the beach.

    • 3rd July 2023 / 09:12

      Hello Julia
      If we go for a stroll in the early evening I wear sneakers as some of the paths at the back of the chateau are quite rough. If I am going out in the evening I will wear sandals but they need to be quite chunky ones in order to support my feet.

  2. Karen L Grohs
    2nd July 2023 / 16:36

    I’m with you on natural fabrics in the heat. We’re having a heat wave here in southern Nevada (110F), and today, I am wearing a loose sleeveless cotton seersucker sundress.

  3. Jane Belfield
    2nd July 2023 / 18:28

    last week we were in France in 30 degrees plus and i was very grateful for my sleevelss linen dress however creased it was,

  4. 2nd July 2023 / 19:11

    Great styling on the Coastal Grandma trend. You look stunning and the outfit doesn’t scream grandma, but fully active retiree! Well done.

  5. Pamela Kaylor
    2nd July 2023 / 21:42

    You look wonderful Josephine! I especially love the pink dress with scarf, and the white outfit. I love cotton and linen in hot weather.

  6. Linda B.
    3rd July 2023 / 01:41

    I love your beautiful scarves!

  7. anthea dore
    3rd July 2023 / 09:45

    Very jealous! I left at the end of June, and not back until end of August. Enjoy! (Love the heat, but the humidity makes it very difficult to get the washing to dry)

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