Chambre d’hôte – Journey down to Grimaud

Chambre d'hôte - Journey down to Grimaud

Chambre d’hôte – Journey down to Grimaud. We stayed in This lovely Chambre d’hôte on our way down to Grimaud. We have stayed there before in March 2022. You can see the previous post here, however this time the miniature ponies seemed to be missing. The hosts are both very charming. The accommodation was delightful and the food was delicious.  Le Domaine is situated South of Mâcon in the heart of the Burgundian wine district.

My travel outfit

My travel outfit consisted of a pair of comfy print trousers. Several years old originally from People Tree. They are a sustainable brand and use very good fabrics. My trousers have been washed dozens of times and have worn very well. Worth a look at their site. I find print trousers very useful on holiday as if you accidentally spill something the marks often don’t show.

Photo by Mr P

Chambre d'hôte - Journey down to Grimaud

The view from our balcony across their well-tended lawn and garden.

Bedroom at Le Domaine

Their bedrooms are always very tastefully decorated.

French breakfast. Chambre d'hôte - Journey down to Grimaud

The most delicious breakfast the following morning before we continued our journey down to the South of France.

Chambre d’hôte – Journey down to Grimaud


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  1. Julia
    27th June 2023 / 16:12

    Looks gorgeous! Lucky you!
    The French have such good taste!

  2. Nicola McHale
    27th June 2023 / 16:17

    Looks fantastic & very chic! It’s on my list now. Printed trousers are brilliant on you but perhaps not so good for the heavier hip as it draws the eye there? I love the Cos black & white as well.

    • 3rd July 2023 / 09:17

      Hi Nicola
      Thank you for your comment. I agree with the print trousers if you have heavy hips however somehow as I get older I don’t take so much notice of the rules! I just wear what I love.

  3. Sue
    3rd July 2023 / 12:25

    Love your outfit! Yes, I agree with the comfy trousers and ‘stuff the rules’ attitude. I found a pair of loose, silk ones in my closet which I bought for a trip to Singapore years ago but was too afraid to wear. I took them along on my most recent trip and wore them every day! They were heavenly light and cool and will certainly be in my bag if I ever make it back to the sun in France and Italy!

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