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How to style a pink jacket.

The pink jacket above is the result of my recent visit to Bicester Village, A selection of outlet shops near Oxford.

It was definitely a splurge and not a planned purchase. I know I keep urging you to plan your wardrobes carefully and invest in the basics. Yet every once in a while it is good to break a few rules. Sometimes these can turn out to be some of your favourite pieces in a well curated wardrobe. The wonderfully bright colour certainly enhances my mainly black and navy basics and has the power to lift my spirits even on the cloudiest and dullest of days.

When you are working with a very bright colour it is important to keep the rest of the outfit simple and the silhouette streamlined. Let the statement piece do the talking.

I particularly like the fact that this jacket can be worn several ways, with the collar up or down and in my opinion looks just as good open as belted.

Personally I find that as I get older brighter colours seem to suit me better than the more muted shades I used to wear that can now sometimes look a bit dull. Not sure whether I am alone in this or if you are finding that the colours that suite you are different to when you were younger.

Have you ever had a spontaneous purchase that has turned out to be one of you favourite items?







  1. Neats
    14th October 2015 / 03:37

    Oh, come on. Wearing a pink jacket, or almost anything else for that matter, with a black top, black pants, black jewelry and black shoes is not styling a pink jacket. The jacket buttoned one day and not the next is not styling the jacket. We expected more. We deserved more.

    • 14th October 2015 / 06:29

      Thank you for your comment Anita. Maybe “One way to style a pink jacket” might have been more appropriate wording. However I will continue to style it my way which is fairly minimalist. I would love to hear how others might style a similar strong piece.

  2. Susan (une femme)
    14th October 2015 / 12:47

    Stunning! Absolutely lovely on you and a great find. I agree that sometimes brighter (or at least more saturated) colors look better on us as we age.

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  4. Margo
    14th October 2015 / 15:07

    Hi Josephine. This jacket looks fantastic on you. I am a warm tone so still suit muted colours but it is great to have your styling ideas. Keep up the good work. Margo

  5. Barbara Harris
    14th October 2015 / 19:56

    I love it ! You look gorgeous !
    And its so windy here at the bottom of the world .
    We almost need a different jacket for every day of the week.
    Barbara Harris
    New Zealand

  6. Lynn
    15th October 2015 / 06:56

    Agree, love a bright colour, don’t want to blend in!

  7. Anna
    15th October 2015 / 15:34

    I still wear a lot of black but now add a coloured scarf sometimes. I often travel to China and have received some lovely silk scarves as gifts.
    Your minimal styling of the pink jacket certainly appeals to me,but we are all different.(thankfully)

  8. Libby Wilkie
    15th October 2015 / 19:45

    I love it! Well, I do tend to like anything in a bright color..I have bright color pashminas and wear them almost every day in winter. I think bright or statement colors are fabulous! I almost (came very, very close) bought a pink/magenta poncho but in the end I didn’t do it. So I bought a really great cashmere poncho from The Pure Collection in a more basic color, but now I can accessorize! I’ll post about it in a few weeks.

  9. Sandra Sallin
    19th October 2015 / 16:29

    You do look stunning and I’m sure you will wear this for many years to come.

  10. Robyn Taylor
    19th October 2015 / 18:34

    I find that as I age my skin tone is less forgiving. Young skin tones can get away with colours that don’t really flatter but as we age we need to stick to those particular colours that suit our individual colouring. Am now at an age where I need all the help I can get so stick to colours that reflect well on my skin.

  11. Beata
    19th October 2015 / 20:27

    Beautiful statement piece Josephine, I love that by changing the collar the whole look gets a different feel – you look fabulous! P.S It was so lovely to meet you this weekend 🙂 Hugs Beata xxx

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