How to style a faux fur coat this season.

How to style a faux fur coat this season. Reversible faux fur coat. Chunky boots

Faux fur is back in fashion. Not that it ever completely disappeared. I thought today I would play with a few ideas of how to style a faux fur coat this season. This year designers have been more creative with their styles. Dressy or casual you can find designs ranging from the lovely faux fur reversible parka I have featured above to the more classic coat in the collage below.

It is many years since I have owned a faux fur coat or jacket. I remember it well, it was a lovely deep pink. I think that I bought it from Benetton in the early 90s. Sadly the moths decided to take chunks out of it.

Details of above:

Cream sweater Hush at JL&P | Reversible faux fur parka Hopefashionuk |Yellow scarf Boden |Cord joggers The White Company |Slouch hobo bag JL&P |Leather ankle boots Gabor at JL&P |Yellow knitted gloves JL&P.

Faux Fur coat and chunky boots

I am very tempted by the coat above from Hush. I seem to have quite a few winter coats so I can’t quite justify another. We shall see. You can see me modelling a faux fur gilet in France back in 2015 here.

How to style a faux fur coat this season. In both the collages I have added a pair of chunky boots. They seem to be the must-have footwear this season. I have just ordered the lace-up boots featured in the first image. I think they will be ideal for walking along the towpath by the river Thames. The chunky rubber soles well work well on the gravel. I will need to spray them with waterproof protection now that it seems to be raining every day in London.

Details of above:

Cashmere roll-neck sweater Marks&Spencer |Faux fur coat Boden |Pink scarf Boden |Black straight leg joggers Marks&Spencer |Black crossbody bag Boden |Wide fit Black ankle boots Marks&Spencer|Turquoise hat JL&P.

I am very glad that faux fur is back in fashion. Would you wear one? I consider them to be cosy, comfortable and practical.


  1. M
    2nd November 2020 / 15:53

    I would love to wear one Josephine, but being short, I don’t feel I have the height to balance out the bulk. That Hush coat, does look very nice though.

  2. 2nd November 2020 / 15:55

    Hello M
    I have a friend who is quite short and she wears one. Probably a jacket might work best.

  3. Dee1dee
    2nd November 2020 / 17:18

    I just got a short swing leopard faux fur coat from Kinross. Works even on a 5’2” frame. It makes me feel so cozy and stylish even when walking the dog!

    • 2nd November 2020 / 17:35

      Hello DeeDee
      Glad to hear you wear you coat to walk the dog. We should all wear the clothes we love every day.

  4. Claire Jefferson
    2nd November 2020 / 17:18

    A friend gave me her Mom’s coat. Surprisingly, it fits well as I am very tall; although I would have worn it no matter the length. Exciting! Thanks for the update. Enjoy your blog

  5. 2nd November 2020 / 17:36

    Hello Claire
    Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog. I use to wear my mums coats many hears ago.

  6. JAYNE
    2nd November 2020 / 18:56

    I’ve got several fake fur jackets and just love them. They seem never to date really as I’ve had them several years.

  7. Natalie
    2nd November 2020 / 19:14

    I would wear one. I just bought a faux chocolate brown and black mink jacket this month! Just love it! Waiting for our hot weather in Arizona to cool down to wear it. Can’t wait!

  8. Nancy Karpen
    3rd November 2020 / 01:19

    The last time I wore one was back in the early 90’s too. Not pink though. I have the chunky boots and I am making an animal print short coat. Does that count?

    • 3rd November 2020 / 09:15

      Hello Nancy

      Yes that definitely counts.

  9. Eleni
    3rd November 2020 / 15:57

    I’ve worn faux jackets since the early 60’s. First one a dark brown “Mouton”, then a black “Astrakhan, a dark brown hooded faux jacket, followed by a leopard skin jacket, finally an off-white hooded jacket from the Hudson’s Bay Co. which was my very favourite one. All were passed on to relatives and my daughter has claimed the HBC one! Since I am only 5’3” I only bought the jacket style. So happy you wrote about the “Faux” Josephine.

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