How to dress to keep warm

How to dress to keep warm

It is really cold grey and damp here in London. I thought that I would discuss how to dress to keep warm and stay cheerful. We are at least allowed out to take some exercise once a day. So I have put together some ideas of how to stay warm if you live in the northern hemisphere. The first and most important garments in my opinion are thermal underwear. I have been wearing mine every day for the last few weeks and some definitely needed replacing. I treated myself to this lovely bright red vest from JohnLewis&Partners. It looks just as good worn under a navy or black V neck sweater.

Details of above:

Leopard print joggers Hush |Light grey chunky sweater Cos |Red thermal vest JohnLewis&partners |Hiking boots Nordstrom |Thermal silk leggings JohnLewis&Partners |Knitted bobble hat JohnLewis&Partners |Chunky socks Marks&Spencer.

Now that my wrist is getting better I am back to my Nordic walking in Richmond Park. Had a lovely long walk the other morning.

Puffer coat

You might like to check out my recent post on how to style puffer coats. I am wearing mine nearly every day at the moment.

Geese in Richmond Park

Met up with a couple of friends. I think that that is one too many according to the current guidelines!

What are you all doing to stay warm and cosy and what type of exercise are you able to do to stay healthy and vaguely sane!

Ideas on how to dress to keep warm:-

For my US readers MarksandSpencer thermal underwear is available on the US site.

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  1. MIRIAM Johnson
    18th January 2021 / 15:19

    Are you able to get any more of the turban type hats you had in your shop ?

    • 18th January 2021 / 19:04

      Hello Miriam
      If you mean the bandanas I am afraid not as they come from St Tropez market. You can find similar at Etsy

  2. Lesley Day
    18th January 2021 / 15:42

    Interesting andf enjoyable blog as ever.

    I’ve been doing the Leslie Sansome Walk at Home programme. I started with her sessions on You Tube, got fed up of all the ads and subscribed to her Walk at home App. I usually do 3 of her 3 mile plus sessions a week and go out for a walk when its not raining!

    • 18th January 2021 / 19:02

      Hi Lesley
      Your walking regime sounds interesting. It is so important to get out in the fresh air.

      • Julia
        19th January 2021 / 00:08

        Lesley Sansone is great! So many great YouTube workouts to choose from!

    • Sharon
      19th January 2021 / 20:49

      Leslie Sansone is great – I also enjoy her walk at home videos.

  3. Francie
    18th January 2021 / 16:02

    You look fit and inspiring, Josephine. I’m glad your wrist is better. Healing can take a long time. I had a foot sprain that took forever to improve but now can walk one mile and am very thankful.

    • 18th January 2021 / 19:01

      Hello Francie
      My wrist is definitely getting better but still quite stiff. Just one more visit to physio

  4. Eileen
    18th January 2021 / 16:24

    Thank you! Here in California, we are exercising outside ( walking, Zumba, swimming, weightlifting etc..) and it’s cold and damp! All ideas great!

    • 18th January 2021 / 18:59

      Hello Eileen
      You are lucky to be able to go swimming. Our indoor pool here is closed

  5. Mary
    18th January 2021 / 16:58

    Ha! Sitting in my home office in US and just happen to be wearing my lovely warm, silky feeling M&S black thermal turtleneck under a cashmere sweater. I did purchase mine in London a couple of years ago. Missing my annual January trip over the Pond this year, but hoping I can make over in late fall…assuming I get the vaccine before then and depending on conditions on both sides of the Pond. A lot of unknowns.

    • 18th January 2021 / 18:58

      Hello Mary
      I have two M&S turtle necks and find them both very useful.
      You are right many unknowns. We are hoping to get to France at some stage.

  6. Eleni
    18th January 2021 / 17:23

    Lovely picture in the Park, Josephine, you look so happy, And warmly dressed too. The surroundings look perfect for your outside session. I read and thoroughly enjoyed your ebook. Lots of practical information indeed. I emptied out two closets and started culling !! Out went outfits I have not worn in ages, ones which no longer fit, ready for donation. I had actually never thought of pairing a black or white short sleeve T-shirt with my V neck cardigans, Really.! I had always found the long sleeve ones a tad bulky. Loads of tips – we all need a good nudge every now and then. At the back of a winter closet I found not one but four perfectly good black polo neck sweaters. Very happy with the results, not to mention saving $$$$’s. I did buy a few vests, however. Many thanks.

    • 18th January 2021 / 18:55

      Hello Eleni
      Really glad you liked my ebook and got some practical tips. I have a few bags in our garage ready to go to the recycle place.

  7. rukshanaafia
    18th January 2021 / 17:29

    Up here in York we have had snow , hard frosts and a bit of heavy rain so not too good for walking ! I’ve also had hip and upper leg problems which I am sure would not have happened if the nearby pool &/or gym had kept open ! As to warmth I swear by layers – preferably with Patra Silk as the base .

    • 18th January 2021 / 18:51

      Hello Rukshana
      I find that Pilates helps my hip. You are right silk is a good base layer I have some old ones from John Lewis

  8. Felicity Wallis
    19th January 2021 / 01:01

    Josephine, really disappointed in your blog post. “Met up with a couple of friends”, you are well aware that is breaking current lockdown rules. For those of us following the rules, comments like yours are very depressing – why do you think the rules don’t apply to you?

    • 19th January 2021 / 08:25

      Hello Felicity
      I think that there has been a misunderstanding maybe due to our ironic British humour. The two friends refers to the two geese in the photo who seemed to decide to join my husband and I on our walk.

      • Elizabeth
        21st January 2021 / 22:29

        Ha ha I loved your comment and thought it was very funny about the ducks. Great advice about layering. Thank you.

  9. Elaine
    19th January 2021 / 21:00

    Hi Josephine. I’ve enjoyed reading this latest piece on your favourite winter warmers. I’m also living in my ‘duvet’ coat, which I bought in a sale about 5 years ago. I dress it up with colourful scarves and pashminas. It also has good deep pockets, with zips, which hold all my essential items; gloves, dog treats and poo bags! I couldn’t survive winter without my puffa coat 🙂 hoping that your wrist keeps improving too x x

    • 20th January 2021 / 09:26

      Hi Elaine
      Your douvet coat sounds perfect and so practical

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