The dilemma of what to wear now

The dilemma of what to wear now

I am sure we are all feeling the same about our clothes. The dilemma of what to wear now. It seems hard to keep going at the moment. To wake up each morning and get inspired by the clothes you have probably been wearing in rotation for the last six months.

So let’s see if we can shake it up a bit. I will share with you some of the outfits I have put together over the last few months. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with leggings and joggers. In fact I am about to purchase another pair of joggers from Me&Em. They are flat fronted and look flattering so let’s see if they are. It just depends how you co-ordinate your joggers/leggings. In the image top right I am wearing a pair under my bright blue dress and bottom left with a classic hoodie.

My blue dress top right is still available from Hopefashionuk. Bottom right I am wearing a cosy cashmere blend knitted dress also from Hopefashionuk. In the sale reduced from £175.00 to £87.50. I predict that knitted dresses will continue to be popular well into the Spring.

The dilemma of what to wear now:

Wear a flattering coloured scarf or necklace
Do the tuck in thing with your sweater
Layer a dress over a pair of trousers as in image top right
Add a bold belt to an old sweater to give it a new lease of life
Re-gig your joggers with a casual hoodie. I have worn both of these pieces on repeat since last September.

If you have any ideas of how to keep your wardrobe fresh do share them in the comments section.

Photographs taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Sharon
    15th January 2021 / 16:06

    My favourite is the pink turtle neck, blue dress over black bottoms. This is my preferred visual shape/style though the colours are a bit bright for my colouring. The light grey looks very nice with your hair, though I think you look happier in the brighter colours.

  2. Eileen
    15th January 2021 / 16:50

    I’m outside a lot more, walking, exercising, etc. I have never worn so many winter clothes ever! ( I live in California, no snow). So I needed more walking shoes, warm socks, sweaters, wool/ corduroy pants, down outerwear ,hats and gloves. I don’t wear lounge type clothes, my sweater / pant/ boot combo works fine inside as well. I did buy sweater dresses, and prefer wool blends and a a line silhouette, which were harder to find. I’m also noticing synthetic fabrics don’t keep me as warm/ dry. So any information on warm clothes in natural fibers , and waterproof boots would be helpful. Thanks

    • 17th January 2021 / 12:24

      Hello Eileen
      I have just bought a pair of alpaca socks they were highly recommended by a friend so can’t wait to try them. I have done quite a bit of research on walking shoes and have put a few in my images above as I need to replace mine. The problem is that most of the brands are very low on sizes. I try and feature natural fibres as much possible. I will be posting a blog with some suggestions of how to keep warm on Monday.

  3. 16th January 2021 / 15:22

    These are all just beautiful, Josephine. I love bright colors – I even did my hair that way! 😀

    • 17th January 2021 / 12:19

      Hello Christine

      Glad you like bright colours and very flattered you copied the hairstyle.


  4. 16th January 2021 / 17:37

    Your first paragraph definitely describes where I’m at right now! I haven’t shopped for anything new in ages. For quite awhile, I enjoyed digging into my existing wardrobe and wearing old things in new combinations, but even that has gotten old now! I still get dressed every day and add accessories and a touch of make up even though I’m not going anywhere, but it’s getting more difficult to do. Lately, I’ve been wearing pieces that I know I won’t be keeping once it’s time to do my seasonal shift to spring and summer clothes because they’re too worn or because I’m just done with them. Today, however, I pulled out a brighter coloured blouse that I haven’t worn in quite awhile and did the front tuck thing with it. It’s amazing how something that simple can make us feel better!

    • 17th January 2021 / 12:17

      I agree it is getting harder to know what to wear but good for you that you make the effort to put an outfit together each morning. When I do my season shift I too will be donating or recycling many of the items that I have been rearing on repeat especially some of my leggings, joggers and sweaters they are beginning to look decidedly worn!

      Your bright blouse sounds lovely. Wearing nice clothes really can make a difference. I wore a skirt for the first time this morning and my husband took a couple of photos which will be coming out on the blog soon.

      best wishes


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