How to wear the new season’s colours

How to wear the new season's colours

These photos were taken last December during freer and happier times yet I feel that the bright colour I am wearing can help to lift our spirits during this challenging period. I am aware that I am biased towards the colour pink which is predicted to be one of the most popular colours for Spring 2021. If you have warm colouring do not worry there are plenty more bright colours in the warm spectrum. Let us explore how we can wear the new seasons colours.

I have added a colour chart below so that you can begin to dream up some interesting combinations from items you already have in your wardrobe. For example you could combine light or medium turquoise hues with brown or camel. How about orange with a warm navy. I have been known to combine purple and red. With some inspiration and creativity you can begin to be adventurous and create your own individual look.

Spring 2021 fashion colours
Pantone colours for Spring 2021
How to wear the new season's colours

It was cold the day we took this photographs so I have added a pair of cosy wool gloves and a bandana to keep my ears warm. My pink sweater is by NRBY at JohnLewis&Partners. Only small sizes left but it is still available in cobalt blue. Pink headband St.Tropez market similar.

Pink roll neck sweater and black trousers

To ring the changes I often add a belt to give more definition to an outfit. Here I am wearing a thin burgundy one that I have had for many years. My bag is vintage and originally belonged to my grandmother. My pink shoes are from Fitflop now on sale. My burgundy velvet trousers were from HopeFashionuk last year. They currently have a sale with up to 50% off.

Photographs taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

Don’t forget to sign up here  to the Inspirational interview series which will include my free ebook on style. It starts on 15th January (read more about it in my previous post). My interview will be available on about 22nd or 23rd January. I will let you know nearer the time the exact date.


  1. Vivian
    12th January 2021 / 18:37

    Hi Josephine,
    Reading your blog on a very grey, damp day here in Canada. Just had to comment on how beautiful you look in your pink top, gloves and headband. So lovely!

    • 13th January 2021 / 09:40

      Thank you so much Vivian. It is grey and damp here in London.

  2. Wendy
    12th January 2021 / 19:55

    You look great in pink, really suits you. The bandana looks lovely on you too but do you find it messes up your hair? I’ve got short hair and always find that woolen hats (never tried a bandana) leave my hair in a state!

    • 13th January 2021 / 09:38

      Hello Wendy
      I just love hats and they don’t seem to mess my hair, in fact I find them protective in our damp cold weather. I too have shortish hair.

  3. margieusa
    12th January 2021 / 20:53

    Josephine never has a “bad hair” day because she has wonderful hair! If I wore a hat or a bandana, I would show even more thin/flat hair and my “cowlicks” would be visible for everyone to see. I have to use as much “buff/fluff stuff” as I can on my hair. hahahaha I’d love to wear a “cute” hat, I don’t. Thanks, Josephine…your blogs are always timely.

    • 13th January 2021 / 09:36

      Hello Margie
      I do have the odd bad hair day but I am lucky as I have quite thick (although now a bit thinner) and bouncy hair. I find that now I don’t wash it so often it seems to be better. Bandanas are great for bad hair days, I often wear one for a Zoom call, although you do need to fluff up afterwards.

  4. sandra hooker
    12th January 2021 / 21:47

    Oh i love seeing your blog . i can’t wait to be out of all this gloom and wear lovely clothes . Unfortunately we can’t go anywhere so not much point in dressing up. Getting our first Covid jab on Friday so looking forward to glaming up again soon .

    • 13th January 2021 / 09:31

      Hello Sandra
      Really glad you like my blog and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  5. 14th January 2021 / 09:22

    That link really is uplifting on you! Looking forward to hearing your interview

    • 14th January 2021 / 09:23

      That should of course say pink! Hit the trigger too early

  6. Kari
    15th January 2021 / 04:23

    I love you’re comment on wearing bandanas for zoom calls…a great way to add some interest and color! Now I just need to find a few that will work for me!

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