How to mix pink and green successfully

How to mix pink and green successfully

It seems strange writing this post as the photographs were taken just before Christmas with my wonderful photographer Laura Hines. They were shot just outside where I live in our gated community in London. It was cold but sunny and we had such a great fun morning. Now as I type this we are in complete lockdown again in London and the skies are grey and cloudy. It is difficult to keep cheerful and positive. Still wearing my favourite colour pink does help. today I thought that I would talk about how to mix pink and green successfully. If you are not a fan of either pink or green you can easily use this formula to combine your favourite light neutral with one of your classic colours. For example a soft orange or light teal with a tan or brown jacket.

How to mix pink and green successfully

How to mix pink and green successfully

The pink polo neck was a last-minute purchase just before the holidays. I could not resist the colour. The sweater is by NRBY at JohnLewis&Partners. Only small sizes left but it is still available in cobalt blue. My green velvet jacket is a couple of years old see how I wore it here and here. It was originally from Hush. Similar available at Boden reduced from $198 to $118 (UK link only size 10 left) I bought my pink shoes in the Fitflop sale. Some sizes still available reduced from £80 to £39. I think that I will get a lot of wear out of them in the Spring and Summer.

These stunning photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

Ideas for combining colours:

I have also been checking out some of the sales. Most of the sites I checked are very low in stock. If you are looking to update some of your classics I would recommend MeandEm. They are normally quite pricey so if you are want to restock on longlasting, hard-wearing items especially their jackets I have put a selection below.

Boden also have a few bargains left:

John Lewis – Some items low on sizes


  1. Carol Dolisi
    8th January 2021 / 16:27

    Good topic today. I am in Florida,USA & its cold, gray & dreary + Covid #s are rising. I will wear my pink sweater today that I rarely get to wear. You are an inspiration. I miss people. This pandemic is hard on all of us. Stay well & healthy.

  2. 8th January 2021 / 17:25

    Hello Carol

    Thank you for your comment all my readers comments help to keep me as cheerful as possible. It is bad here in London. I agree I am missing my grandchildren.

    best wishes


  3. Francesca B.
    8th January 2021 / 20:27

    Love the bright colors Josephine you look wonderful in that sweater! I have my eye on those pink shoes do you find them true to size? I might order them on the US link.Keep safe out there. We just have to keep it together until April and then things will be better I hear. I have family in London who are finding it very difficult but honestly things in the States are not much better. I have taken up tapestry and my daughter is learning the ukulele while she bunks with us.
    Take care, be safe, and thank you for the sunshine!

    • 10th January 2021 / 15:00

      Hello Francesca
      I did go half a size up on the shoes to a 4.5. They are fairly true to size but I felt that I will be wearing them in the Summer when my feet tend to swell a bit.

  4. Francie
    8th January 2021 / 21:23

    Hang in there, Josephine, it is sad you are in a total lockdown but many Americans are also living as if we were in a total lockdown as well, in order to stay safe. We have all come this far, so here’s hoping we can keep safe and dream of future travel and other activities! You look beautiful in your pink sweater! I just ordered a “blush” V-neck cardigan from Eric Bompard and hope it will work for my spring coloring– maybe by pairing it with camel.

  5. 10th January 2021 / 14:58

    Hello Francie

    I am definitely dreaming of future travel especially to France when we can get there.

    Your V neck blush cardigan sound lovely a perfect Spring colour and will go well with camel.

  6. M
    11th January 2021 / 12:53

    I too liked the look of those lovely pink shoes. I was thinking of buying them as shoes to wear indoors seeing as we are all spending so much more time indoors, I think feet are suffering, due to the lack of wearing normal shoes, especially as we age.

    I wear fitflops all summer, but it’s too chilly to go sockless currently.

    Pink really suits you Josephine.

  7. 11th January 2021 / 22:35

    I have always liked pink with green. Think about a rose bush. It’s a natural combination.

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