The joy of wearing a skirt again

The joy of wearing a skirt again

The joy of wearing a skirt again. I can’t believe I am wearing a skirt after all these months of wearing either joggers or leggings. I was determined to add something new to my wardrobe that felt more feminine. This grey pleated skirt in the HopeFashionuk sale reduced from £95.00 to £47.50 was irresistible.

I am not normally a fan of pleated skirts as I have never found them very flattering on my pear shaped figure. However I was agreeably surprised when I tried this on one, it seemed to fall smoothly from the elasticated waistband without causing bulk around the hips.

I could not resist a twirl in the photo above.

I should imagine that it will pack well when we at last get to travel again.

Here I have teamed it with a simple V neck grey cardigan over my off white frill collar and cuff blouse. I think that it would look equally good with a simple roll neck sweater. I have added a narrow belt for some waist definition.

Grey pleated skirt and double breasted jacket

To smarten things up a bit I have added my favourite grey jacket (about three years old) and part of a suit plus my heeled black suede boots (many years old).

Grey pleated maxi skirt and double breasted jacket
The joy of wearing a skirt again

The joy of wearing a skirt again even if it was just for these photos which were taken in our communal gardens by Mr P. It is a classic style so should be a long standing addition to my wardrobe. I plan to wear it with a simple white tee shirt and sandals in the Summer.

My interview with Sheree Clark airs tomorrow at noon. Don’t forget to sign up here if you want to listen to it. I hope that you enjoy it and do give me your feedback in the comments box.

The joy of wearing a skirt again – similar styles


  1. Suzie Davidson
    22nd January 2021 / 15:18

    Loved the skirt – but not sure about the price reduction!!
    Keep up the good work.

    • 22nd January 2021 / 15:35

      Hello Suzie
      Sorry got the figures the wrong way round have now corrected it. My brain is a bit addled these days.Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Vicki
    22nd January 2021 / 15:40

    I think you look gorgeous Josephine. I love to wear a dress or skirt occasionally; it reminds me that I have a feminine side.

  3. Arden
    22nd January 2021 / 15:46

    Love this very flattering look on you.

  4. DeeDee
    22nd January 2021 / 15:53

    So good to have this reminder of what changing things up can do for our attitude. I tend to wear skirts in the warmer weather but I will take a look at how I can wear them now in the depths of winter!

    • 23rd January 2021 / 12:47

      Hello DeeDee
      You could try adding some thermal underwear which is what I did.

    22nd January 2021 / 18:26

    You look so elegant in your new outfit!!

  6. 22nd January 2021 / 23:02

    I’d love to wear a pleated skirt but why are they all SO long? At 5’4 they are liable to be ankle length rather than midi!

    • 23rd January 2021 / 12:41

      Hello Christine
      I like mine long. There are some shorter ones that I have chosen at the bottom. I think the Hush and Boden ones look shorter.

  7. Shirley
    23rd January 2021 / 03:14

    I love this look but alas I could not wear it as I am only 5ft. tall. You look wonderful in it though.

    • 23rd January 2021 / 12:37

      Hello Shirley
      You might be surprised Nayna the founder of Hopefashion wears all her styles and looks great in the skirt. She is 5ft 2ins.

  8. 23rd January 2021 / 05:50

    How do you pack a pleated skirt?

    • 23rd January 2021 / 12:29

      Hello Elaine
      It really depends on the fabric of the skirt. If it was wool or thick it might be quite tricky. I have not had time to test out the one I am wearing as we are not going anywhere anytime soon. When it arrived in its package it was neatly folded in tissue paper in a brown paper bag. When I unpacked it I shook it out and it was fine I did not need to press or steam it.

  9. Ginger
    23rd January 2021 / 14:08

    The grey outfit is very becoming on you! I had a long red plaid pleated skirts years ago that I really enjoyed.

  10. 24th January 2021 / 08:48

    Great skirt. I find I’m changing my clothes about four times a day at the moment! Smart top and elasticated waist trousers for zoom meetings, then off comes the smart top if I’m doing some chores (or eating) then going outside I change into my dog walking/gardening trousers as Devon is a mud bath right now, then finally something comfortable that stops short of pyjamas for lounging on the sofa in the evening. Rarely do I find myself in a skirt at this time of year though I’ve just bought a linen shirtdress in the Plümo sale in the hope of the fine weather over the horizon.

  11. Rebecca Saffer
    25th January 2021 / 06:23

    Great looking outfit on you! I have always loved a longer skirt, blazer and boots. I listened today to your interview with Sheree Clark and you were terrific

  12. Paula
    26th January 2021 / 02:15

    You look lovely!

  13. Nancy
    13th April 2021 / 18:17

    Josephine, you look fabulous! This outfit suits you perfectly, and the belt around the waist is what cinches it—pun intended—lol. Such a small detail but it truly makes the outfit complete, simply brilliant! I love pleated skirts, but like you have shied away from them as I have a pear shaped figure. I’m going to check your links and see if I can get one like this, and maybe a second one in black. Love this outfit so much!!

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