Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11

I am publishing an extra post this week as I would like to take this opportunity to add my message of condolences at the passing of Her Majesty The Queen who died last Thursday at Balmoral at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth II was the UK’s longest-serving monarch. For over 70 years she has dedicated her life to service for her country and the Commonwealth and being a figurehead of national unity and stability at a time of enormous change.​

She has led at all times with a quiet determination and selfless devotion. While being Monarch she also raised a loving family whom she adored. During most of her reign she had HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh by her side as a great support and strength.

I have chosen the two images above as I greatly admired her sense of style. Always classic and appropriate to her status. I loved the bright colours she wore especially the bright pinks, lilacs and greens. They suited her so well.

The queen always loved horses and was an expert rider. Above wearing her trademark headscarf. Every year she looked forward to attending Royal Ascot. One of the most thrilling moments of her life was when her horse “Estimate” won the Gold Cup in 2013.


  1. 11th September 2022 / 16:20

    For me, three days older than Princess Margaret, the passing of Queen Elizabeth signifies the end of an era. We will miss her.

  2. Maria
    11th September 2022 / 17:08

    Josephine, thanks for the beautiful photograph of the Queen on her horse. It just captures her so well.

  3. Helen
    11th September 2022 / 17:13

    Thank you Josephine for this post. I am 80+ and have great memories of the Queen’s reign, and also that of her father. I remember walking with a group from our convent school, beind two nuns, when we heard the news of the King’s death. Queen Elizabeth II will be sorely missed.

  4. 11th September 2022 / 18:30

    I turned 69 today. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the year I was born. I’ve always admired and loved her, and will miss her deeply. The world needs great ladies like her. Where have grace, humor, civility, discretion, dedication, self-sacrifice gone? She my favorite lady and role model, and I adored her lovely outfits and style. I pray for a successful transition for King Charles, all the royal family and all of Great Britain. Will be glued to the tv for the period of mourning.

  5. Julie
    11th September 2022 / 19:10

    Hi Josephine, thank you for this extra post with your comments on Queen Elizabeth 11
    I agree with everything you said, I always saw her as our Beacon, she will be missed by so very many of us. We have been privileged to have lived under her reign.

  6. Mary Ann
    11th September 2022 / 21:07

    Dear Josephine, thank you for the beautiful photos of Queen Elizabeth. My husband worked in London and we had a flat there for years. Each time we drove by the Palace and we saw the flag, I felt that wonderful lady was at home and all was calm. I saw her once and she was a beautiful asset to the country.
    My sorrow is with England.

  7. Kay Kennedy
    12th September 2022 / 03:44

    Thank you Josephine for your tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
    I agree with your lovely comments.
    She was an amazing woman, and an example to all.

  8. M
    12th September 2022 / 13:18

    Thank you Josephine for your heart felt tribute, and the beautiful photographs.

    Our country has lost its matriarch, always there in turbulent times, who truly dedicated her life
    to her duty until a very dying day. Her Majesty will be missed.

    God save our new King Charles 111.

  9. 18th September 2022 / 08:45

    I had the privilege of attending an investiture at the Palace when my husband received his OBE from Her Majesty. She was nearly 80 years old at the time, yet she stood for nearly two hours, smiling and gracious from first to last. My husband said that she focused all her attention on you and made you feel that you were the important one. I was particularly touched by her sensitivity in coming down from the dais to be able to speak more easily to disabled recipients including a man in a wheelchair and a blind lady, a thoughtful, human gesture. She was the epitome of dignity, duty and grace – and how could we forget her mischievous sense of fun in her encounters with James Bond and Paddington Bear?
    Our Queen Elizabeth, steadfast and ‘faithful unto death.’ May she rest in peace.

  10. 19th September 2022 / 09:58

    Hello Anna
    Thank you for joining the conversation. A lovely anecdote. My late parents attended one of the Queens garden parties many years ago and they found her to be very gracious and warm.

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