The humble cardigan has many uses

The humble cardigan has many uses

The humble cardigan has many uses. Well I am back in the South of France and still mostly wearing my lightweight cotton clothes. I think that cotton has become one of those fabrics that you can wear all year round depending on what you team it with. The weather here is still hot and often humid. However on some days there are strong winds around so I tend to have a cardigan about my person, either in my carrier bag or slung around my shoulders.

A simple Summer outfit

The humble cardigan has many uses:

I think cardigans are one of the underrated garments in our wardrobes. They are one of the most useful items if you are travelling as they roll up into a ball without creasing. They are also good for adding a touch of colour near your face. The bright pink cotton cardigan I am wearing above was originally from Cos. It is still available in small sizes. Cos is a good place to find interesting cardigans. They offer some nice bright colours and interesting shapes. Boden has a similar cardigan to the one I am wearing above in cashmere.

A selection of similar cardigans below:

White trousers and print silk top

The silk top I am wearing is lovely and floaty. I normally wear it in the evenings or for a special occasion however I have decided to wear my favourite pieces more often. This means that I get much more wear out of my existing wardrobe. My motto is “if you love it wear it”. My print top is a couple of years old by NRBY (available at JohnLewis&Partners). You can see me wearing it here in 2019. NRBY is one of my favourite brands as their styles are simple and timeless and they use good quality fabrics. They have a similar one here and here

The humble cardigan has many uses

Sitting on a bench in the hills above Grimaud. One of my favourite peaceful spots to relax in the early evening.


  1. Sharon
    16th September 2022 / 14:53

    I love your lifestyle!

  2. 16th September 2022 / 17:01

    I agree that ‘if you love it, wear it.’ I’ve tried to put that in practice. I love cardigans. I wore a lovely beaded cashmere cardigan a couple of times with jeans last winter, as well as for more dressy occasions. I wear cardigans year round.

  3. 16th September 2022 / 19:22

    I also love cardigans and think of them as part of the UK’s “National Costume”! I have lots of cardigans : short ones, long ones, but all in wool or cashmere as I think cardies look better in richer, natural fibres. My Christmas cardigans are jolly ; my party ones are sparkly ; my daily ones are classic. Long live the cardigan!

  4. Kathleen McDermott
    16th September 2022 / 20:56

    Cardigans, floaty blouses and jeans are my uniform. Your cardigan and blouse are very pretty and flattering to your coloring. You always look so lovely.

  5. Lynne Savage
    16th September 2022 / 23:12

    Cardies are perfect for Australian conditions. My favourite is a marinomink from NZ. A combination of marino wool and possum fur – a protected species in Oz but an introduced pest in NZ. Softest ever.

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