St.Tropez market in September

St.Tropez market in September

St.Tropez market in September. Well, I am back visiting the market. There was the usual selection of stalls which I have covered in the past here and here. During my visit, I was interested to note the prominent colours and colour combinations that the stall holders were using to demonstrate their merchandise. I particularly noticed green in its many shades both dark and light and warm and cool toned. I loved this velour coat/jacket. Styled here with a pair of jeans and a blue casual top. The rolled-up sleeves and jean hems are interesting details.

Hats in St.Tropez market

I can never miss a hat stall. Here I am trying on a lovely wide-brimmed hat. I wear a hat nearly every day. It shades my face from the sun and is very useful if I have a bad hair day. My off-white frill collar top and black cotton dress are from the MeandEm sale. The dress is only available in a small size (it does come up big) other maxi dresses are available here.

The market would not be the market without the gorgeous fresh vegetable stall.

Red cardigan and black dress St.Tropez market

A classic combination of red and black.

green cardigan coat over cream trousers and top

Green again this time worn over a pair of cream trousers and top.

Faux suede jacket

I love this pistachio green faux suede jacket worn over a black and beige print dress.

Chic French outfit

St.Tropez market in September

Trying on a long cotton maxi dress from one of my favourite stalls. It was a gorgeous colour but I did resist it as I feel I have enough dresses to last out this summer. One never knows; next time I visit the market I might not be so strong-minded if the dress is still there.


  1. 23rd September 2022 / 15:33

    Gorgeous! Always love the pictures/clothes you feature from St. Tropez…If I could only….

  2. katherine1956
    23rd September 2022 / 16:09

    How can I purchase the leopard travel bag behind the green sweater coat?

    • 23rd September 2022 / 16:48

      Hello Katherine
      Tricky in less you are going to St.Tropez market. I will see if I can find something similar when I am researching.

  3. Judy Fisher
    23rd September 2022 / 16:19

    I love the short sleeve white tee you have on with the lacy collar top. Where is it from??

    • 23rd September 2022 / 16:47

      Hello Judy
      The tee is from MeandEm in their sale. They might have a few left. I have put a click-through link in the post.

  4. Paris
    23rd September 2022 / 16:29

    Love the green coat with blue trousers. Tres chic.

  5. Susan D
    23rd September 2022 / 16:31

    So envious. We’ve been back from the south of France for two weeks and missed my trip to the market as I had an accident and couldn’t travel there. Enjoy the rest of your stay and more pics please.
    Susan D

  6. Kathleen McDermott
    23rd September 2022 / 16:58

    So much fun! Thank you.

  7. Francie
    23rd September 2022 / 18:07

    Thank you so much! This really is so much fun. And thank you for lending us your excellent “eye” and for researching the possibly similar pieces online.

  8. Julia
    23rd September 2022 / 18:13

    You always have great posts Josephine, though I’m not too keen on green…..also, the collar and lapels on the green velour jacket (first photo) look a bit cheap.
    Strange to see also a fur-collared coat with leggings and bare feet.
    The turquoise dress is nice for you Josephine but would obviously look better without the frilly blouse, I presume you had to try it on over what you were wearing that day.
    Sorry I seem to be sounding critical . Your posts are lovely and you have great taste!

    • 24th September 2022 / 10:52

      Hello Julia
      St.Tropez market is quite rough and ready. Many of the merchants travel round to a lot of the local markets so they don’t have much time to set up not like the shops. You do have to check the quality carefully before you buy. These are more fun than investment pieces.

  9. Sue
    23rd September 2022 / 18:46

    I am really enjoying your posts. It’s great to see the colour combinations, particularly the lovely dresses. I’d go back and buy the turquoise dress if I were you!

  10. Elizabeth Mahmoud
    23rd September 2022 / 19:48

    I have to agree.
    Please go back and buy the Turquoise dress,JosephIne.
    I do love your suggestions and taste.
    Would you consider researching looks for us more ample girls? 20+ I’vé noticed that most of the shops you give us links to only go up to 16 or maybe 18.
    I would like to be chic as well!

    • 24th September 2022 / 10:47

      Hello Elizabeth
      Thank you for your comment. I will do some research. I think Marks might go up to 20 in some of their styles.

  11. Shelley Walker
    29th September 2022 / 13:37

    I always love seeing your pictures of St Tropez. Thank you for sharing and please post more!

  12. Sue
    12th October 2022 / 09:52

    Lovely post. I have been trying to read the brand name on the green, ivory, camel, satin shirt dress laid out in the shop window. It is beautiful. Can you read the brand Josephine?

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