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A tour of St.Tropez market

We are now back in the UK however I thought you would enjoy a post with the latest news from St.Tropez market. Just before we left I made another visit. This time the market had returned to its original home in the Places des Lices (the main square in St.Tropez). It was full of vibrant colours and the usual assortment of fun accessories.

If you want to learn about the early history of the village and why it is called St.Tropez I found an interesting site here. Saint-Tropez was a military stronghold and fishing village until the beginning of the 20th century. It was the first town on its coast to be liberated during World War II.  After the war it became an internationally known seaside resort, renowned principally because of the influx of artists of the French New Wave in cinema and the Yé-yé movement in music. It later became a resort for the European and American jet set and tourists.

Back to the present day market in St.Tropez

The hat I am wearing originally came from St.Tropez market. Below are similar ones that you can find online.

Beige and white clothes in St.Tropez market

A row of neutrals. A chic combination of white and beige

Vibrant colours and patterns in St.Tropez market

There is certainly a lot of colour around this season in line with the season’s fashion trends. Bright orange, green, red and cobalt blue as well as the softer pastel pinks.

Leopard print clothes in St.Tropez market

Leopard print is always very popular with the inhabitants of St.tropez. You will often see women of all ages wearing leopard prints, especially favoured are leopard print trousers.

French cheeses in St.Tropez market

There are always some fantastic stalls selling local cheeses which are quite delicious. The French do like their cheeses.

St.Tropez outfits

Some interesting colour combinations. Rust and orange seem to be popular colours this season. Interesting use of accessories.

Accessories in St.Tropez market

There are always plenty of bags and hats to choose from.


Interior house accessories St. Tropez Market

There are also a variety of stalls selling homeware.

Green maxi dress with bright orange scarf

One of my favourite outfits. l like the combination of the bright scarf with the green dress.

Anthropologie has some good accessories, scarves, kaftans, bags etc. with very St.Tropez vibes.

Well till next time. Thank you for joining me on this mini-tour of the St.Tropez market. If you missed my last post on the shops in St.Tropez you can read it here.


  1. Brenda Chell
    19th April 2022 / 16:23

    Thank you Josephine for taking the trouble of treating us to your trip around the market. I felt as if I was there gazing at all these lovely things. Your work is much appreciated, fashion and travel blogs. Thanks again.

  2. Francie
    19th April 2022 / 17:48

    Thank you, Josephine, I like the green dress with the orange scarf, too. Are you planning to have new items in the scarf shop this season?

    • 20th April 2022 / 09:27

      Hello Francie

      I did not find any nice scarves on my recent trip to the market. The stall I usually like was not there. It is now getting much more expensive. The cost of postage to the USA has gone up to about £11. Also if I buy from my supplier in Paris because of Brexit I will have to pay tariffs. I will be going back to Grimaud in June so maybe I will be able to find some scarves then.

  3. Kim
    19th April 2022 / 18:27

    I love the green dress and the scarf too! Such colourful clothing. So looking forward to summer now. Thank you!

  4. Pru
    19th April 2022 / 20:37

    The green and tangerine combination gets my vote also Josephine!
    Recently you mentioned that Benetton was difficult to find so whilst in Tuscany I made a point of shopping for summer clothes and bought lovely linen trousers and high quality cotton T shirts, very striking in jewel colours!

    • 20th April 2022 / 09:24

      Hello Pru

      Yes I agree and wish we still had Benetton shops in the UK. I really like their styles.

  5. 19th April 2022 / 20:54

    Enjoyed my virtual tour. Thank you, Josephine. Love cobalt blue and the orangey shades. Have some shirts from Kettlewell Colours in these colours.

  6. Francesca B
    19th April 2022 / 21:11

    Beautiful things and a lovely visual vacation for your readers. My family lived in Cahors for a time and we would go to the local markets and chill. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. 19th April 2022 / 21:46

    Such a treat. Thank you. Hope you had fun and brought home a few goodies for yourself.

  8. Mary Ann
    19th April 2022 / 22:04

    Love reading your blog, from England to France. We all enjoy your great style.

  9. Lauren
    20th April 2022 / 00:32

    Lots of wonderful things….wish I was there to shop 🙂
    I had to giggle as I started to read….should be World War II not World War 11….(hope we never have WW11) could be Spellmesser because as I tried to type this it tried to change World to Work which of course leaves us all saying things we did not intend

    • 20th April 2022 / 09:19

      Hi Lauren
      Thanks for letting me know I will change it. It was probably Grammarly it is always changing things.

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