Our stay in a charming Chambre d’hôte.

French mirror

Our stay in a charming Chambre d’hôte.

A selfie in the lovely ornate french mirror.

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your comments on my last post on St.Tropez market. I really do appreciate hearing from you all. Blogging can be a lonely occupation.

Chambre d'hôte

More on our adventures in France. Above is the lovely Chambre d’hote in Chalon-sur-Saône where we spent the night on the way back to the UK. Our hostess was charming and cooked us a delicious dinner.

Garden at Challon sur Soane

The pretty front garden shows a very old medieval well.

French sideboard

The beautiful french dresser in the dining room with lots of objects d’art. Almost certainly all purchased in the local Brocante.

French bedroom

The bedroom. I do so love french bedlinen. Anthropologie has a good selection with a french vibe.

Our stay in a charming Chambre d’hôte..

Casual summer outfit

My casual travel outfit comprising of my comfy wide-leg jeans

Brocante in Grimaud

The photo above shows me selling my old clothes at the local Brocante in France. It was great fun. I suppose the equivalent in the UK would be a car boot sale. Do you have anything similar in the USA?

Another way that I have been decluttering my wardrobe. As you know I have been on a mission to declutter my wardrobe. In the UK I have managed to recycle, give to charity or sell in second-hand shops most of the items that for whatever reason I no longer needed or wanted in my wardrobe. It has been a very cathartic experience and I now feel that my wardrobe in the UK is organised and manageable. I am also finding that I am more creative with putting outfits together.

I have identified some gaps in my wardrobe so will be adding a few new pieces for the summer over the next few weeks. With the increasing cost of living, I think that we are going to need to be selective in what we purchase. I have always favoured buying less and better quality. I would love to know how you will be restocking your wardrobes going forward. Do leave comments in the box below about how the current climate might be influencing future purchases.

If you missed my last two posts on St.Tropez you can check them out here and here.


  1. Sharon
    25th April 2022 / 14:21

    I love your lifestyle! I always enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Linda
    25th April 2022 / 15:47

    In the US we call it a garage or yard sale. We often have a neighborhood weekend and whoever wants to can sell unwanted items in front of their house.. I typically sell clothes I no longer wear a local consignment shops or donate to charity. I really enjoy your France posts as I’m looking forward to spending three weeks in Aix en Provence this summer. I always enjoy going to the daily markets. Good luck house hunting back home.

  3. margiemi
    25th April 2022 / 17:18

    I would bet that I could find something from your “boot shop.” I’ve attempted to sell at a consignment store (USA) but oftentimes find what I like, they don’t want….or they consider some things too old….and I’ve seen the same already on their racks. I think, “oh really?” Your fashion sense always “makes so much sense.” We are so lucky to have your blog to read and “travel with” on your vacations to France. I won’t make it there but I can dream through your blog. Thanks soooo much for an always enjoyable read.

  4. Jo Johnston
    25th April 2022 / 18:04

    Yes, we do garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets. Most flea markets have both enclosed areas and open spaces. The enclosed areas are usually filled with long term merchants but the open area spaces may be rented for a nominal fee to sell from ones’ car or pickup truck for the day. Now, I just donate clothes to a local charity shop. Loved the photos from your trip! I’m planning on buying a few things to freshen my wardrobe, but only a few.

  5. Jayne
    25th April 2022 / 18:14

    The lovely bedroom epitomises french chic, as does your green cardigan draped over the shoulders! Personally I don’t like to travel in jeans, finding them uncomfortable on long journeys. I prefer my Rohan Hometown trousers (sadly no longer available) which are light, soft, comfortable, quick drying and look as good at the end of a journey as they did at the start. Whereas jeans crease and, if they get wet, they feel cold and clammy. Hope you are safely home.

    • 26th April 2022 / 16:26

      Hello Jayne
      The jeans I was wearing are in soft fabric and wide so I find them comfortable. I often also wear joggers or leggings to travel in.

  6. kim watt
    25th April 2022 / 18:52

    I love the bedroom linen….and your green jumper. I’m on the lookout for something green. I would really like to limit my wardrobe down. A capsule wardrobe…but can’t decide how many pieces are needed and what essential ones I would need to include.

    • 26th April 2022 / 16:24

      Hello Kim
      I don’t think that there is a specific capsule wardrobe it so depends on one’s lifestyle and preferences. My capsules are quite heavy on trousers and classic jackets which are classic and last for years with a few dresses and skirts Plus of course knitwear, tops etc.

  7. Paula
    25th April 2022 / 19:06

    Hello Josephine, I’ve been enjoying your recent posts from the south of France. I’ll be going to Paris in July and staying until the end of October to help my son and his wife out with my 13 month granddaughter, while they work. I’ve been going back and forth to visit for seven years now, but this will be my longest stay. I do like your jeans and paired with your lovely emerald green sweater looks especially lovely. I’m looking forward to your house hunting posts as well when you return to the U.K.
    Like your other U.S. followers we do have garage sales, flea markets, etc., but I’m partial to the French brocantes ☺️ Paula

    • 26th April 2022 / 16:21

      Hello Paula
      Good luck with your trip to Paris. It can be quite tiring looking after a 13-month-old. I have a granddaughter who is nearly two.

  8. Bren
    25th April 2022 / 20:00

    I’m glad that the ‘tied around the shoulders’ sweater look is back – I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers doing it and now youn looking lovely as ever. I find it helps add some color to an outfit and of course it’s handy when it gets chilly. (shhh . . . I’ve also been known to do it with a sweater that doesn’t fit so well but I can’t bear to get rid of because I love the color). I enjoy browsing second hand stores to restock my wardrobe, and it’s finally becoming more common here in Belgium. When I first moved here almost thirty years ago they were few and far between, and I was told by my mother-in-law not to tell anyone that I shopped second hand! Luckily attitudes have changed as people become more aware of the environmental damage caused by fast fashion. Of course it’s impossible to find everything ‘gently used’, but I try to limit my purchases of new clothing whenever possible. Thanks for the fashion inspiration, and it’s great to see you travelling again!

  9. Angela
    25th April 2022 / 21:22

    Totally agree that a wardrobe purge is carthatic and also uplifting. Very much easier to put together outfits especially with some unexpected colour combos. In New Zealand most people either donate or take higher end pieces to resellers for a 50% share. With extended lockdowns here over the past 2 years, shopping in person has been very restricting and, frustratingly, our courier/postal service has failed miserably especially since we live on the rural fringe of the largest city. Upside…….budget hasn’t been busted and brain cells have to work harder to be creative and imaginative.

  10. 28th April 2022 / 21:05

    I’m always here reading, but I don’t often comment. I love your blog.

  11. Alice
    16th June 2022 / 23:14

    Loved reading it! One day I will visit France and Paris. I am waiting for that day agh.

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