My tour of the shops in St.Tropez

My tour of the shops in St.Tropez

I got up early last Tuesday morning to catch the minibus into St.Tropez. I got there very early as there was very little traffic unlike the height of the summer season when it can take over an hour to get to the port because of the volume of cars queuing on the narrow windy road leading into the town. It has been very cold here the last few days due to the cold easterly wind. I was well wrapped up in my puffer coat plus hat and scarf. Sadly there was no market in the main square but only a small version relocated to the port car park. So I decided to wander the deserted streets for my tour of the shops in St. Tropez.

Many of the shops were closed and empty which is normal at this time of year. The season does not start till 1st April. Marinette my favourite home decor shop was open. They sell exquisite objects d’art for the home plus bed linen, towels and placemats etc. A french village would not be complete without a shop selling macarons.

My tour of the shops in St.Tropez

Clothes shops in St.Tropez

This is my favourite shop situated in a small street leading from the port to the main square. I always love their windows. Their clothes are chic and sophisticated (not cheap) but classic and made of superb materials. So french and so chic!

Handbags and khaki jacket

Classic parkas are never out of fashion. You will find one in most french women’s wardrobes. You will also find that french women invest in good quality leather bags. Don’t think any of us could afford a genuine Chanel handbag even if we could get one. Etsy has some similar.

There are also shops in St.Tropez that sell some excellent Chanel style handbags.

Stripe kaftans in St. Tropez market

A typical St.Tropez look. Very colourful and flamboyant.

White and cobalt blue outfits in St.Tropez shop

I love this fresh combination of white and blue. So fresh! So Spring! I will try and put together a similar look. I have the jeans (if I can still fit into them! and I am sure that I can find a blue top.

Leather jacket and maxi skirt

The classic leather jacket. Women of all ages still wear them teamed with either jeans or maxi dresses in the Summer. I do believe that women of all ages can wear a leather jacket. It is worth investing in a good quality one as it will last many years. I bought mine from Me&Em a few years ago and still love it. Nordstrom has some excellent ones including faux leather.

St.Tropez spring outfit

I hope you enjoyed my tour of the shops in St.Tropez. This is my first post showing some classic St.Tropez looks. I will be back soon.


  1. Lynn Stokes
    24th March 2022 / 14:07

    With malls being the handiest shopping spots, window displays are few and far between. Love seeing the bright colours and the fashion ideas. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of trends in France.

  2. 24th March 2022 / 15:59

    Such wonderful eye candy. The outfits are so colorful and cheerful. They make my heart sing with anticipation. I can create facsimiles with my own wardrobe. Thank you very much for sharing your trip and these delightful photos in St. Tropez. Hope you are nicely settled in at your temporary abode.

  3. 24th March 2022 / 17:07

    So beautiful! Love the classic quality of the clothes. I like to put together outfits with a jacket as the focus. My leather jacket is a cranberry colour and I always feel smart when I wear it.

  4. Trudy+Jackson
    25th March 2022 / 11:13

    so good to hear from you again, thankyou for inspiration

  5. Shelley
    25th March 2022 / 11:45

    I am so glad to see that you are back in Grimaud again. I love to follow your travels. Please post lots of pictures!

  6. 27th March 2022 / 08:31

    Great pictures, I love seeing the area through your eyes. I expect you’re bored with hearing how warm it’s been here!

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