Is it time to refresh the linen pieces in our wardrobe?

Is it time to refresh the linen pieces in our wardrobe? I love linen and always have. I don’t mind the creases. Chic women and Italy and France love their linens. I find that good linen pieces last a long time and wash well. The emphasis is on good quality. However when I did my recent wardrobe edit I did notice that some of my very old linen pieces did need replacing. The blue top I am wearing above was originally from Hopefashionuk.

The photo above was one of the last that we took in France before returning to the UK. We wanted to benefit from the beautiful light in the South of France which makes taking outfit photos so much easier. It really helps to capture the true colours of the pieces. I feel nostalgic looking at the beautiful view of the bay of St.Tropez in the background. Still we are hoping to get back there in mid-June.

Photos were taken in the streets of Grimaud.

I am missing these pretty village streets.

Is it time to refresh the linen pieces in our wardrobe?

I know that you are going to ask me where I got my pretty blue necklace from. The answer is as usual the local Brocante. I will see if I can find any similar.

Catch up on Our recent stay in a charming Chambre d’hote on our way back from France if you missed it.


  1. 29th April 2022 / 16:16

    I love the colour on you, Josephine, but linen is not a favourite of mine. I sent for some from Ireland many many years ago and the creases were dreadful. (These were the days of immaculate “turn-outs”.) Put me off for life. Have heard modern (!) linen usedi n combination with other fabrics is crease-free but not risking it. (Are you growing your hair longer? I know you like the cut you are able to get in France. )

    • 30th April 2022 / 12:53

      Growing my hair by default. The hairdresser I used to go to in St.Tropez seems to have disappeared (probably due to Covid) the shop was closed. I do have a good hairdresser in London but now I have moved further out I may not be having it cut so often.

  2. kim watt
    29th April 2022 / 17:20

    I love that colour! I have become a fan of hope fashion after seeing you wearing it. .
    Your photos in the the village are lovely..wish I was there.

  3. Francie
    29th April 2022 / 17:29

    Beautiful photos! I love linen when it’s hot outside!

  4. Eleni
    29th April 2022 / 17:29

    Hi Josephine, you look so very relaxed, gorgeous view. Love the blue colour of the top. I did notice the neclace ! Happy you had a lovely holiday.

    • 30th April 2022 / 14:01

      Thank you Eleni
      Yes we had a great holiday

    29th April 2022 / 18:07

    I love your outfit on you!! I LOVE my linen and add more every summer!! I hate when I must let a piece go!! I live in Arizona, USA and it’s normal for us to have 110 to 1155 degree weather in the summer. Infact, this past Tuesday was 100 degrees!! We are still in Spring!! So linen and cotton are y favorite fabrics during our hot to hot hot hot seasons!!! Thank you for teaching all how stylish we can be while comfortable as well!!

    • 30th April 2022 / 12:35

      Hello Natalie
      I am glad you love your linen. I too hate getting rid of my old linen pieces. I still have a kaftan with some tears in it but I ignore them and still wear it on the beach.

  6. margieusa
    29th April 2022 / 18:45

    I love linen but don’t see many ladies in my “neck of the woods” wearing it so I feel “wrinkled” when I’m out. It does crease everywhere so I try to ignore it and remember how much cooler it feels!…and, I, too, am in awe of that necklace. The depth of the blue is fabulous!

  7. Eileen
    29th April 2022 / 18:53

    I love linen! I am in Florence, looking for linen clothes to take home. Any ideas on good brands? Or stores? It seems that the quality is better here than the US, I wonder why.

    • Pru
      29th April 2022 / 23:05

      In Florence it is worth looking for Rosso35 brand, high quality linen from Genoa.
      At a lower price is Benetton, they have good quality in jewel colours.

      • 30th April 2022 / 12:20

        Hi Pru
        Thank you for joining the conversation. I agree Benetton has excellent modestly priced linen. I have finally found a store near where I live and they also have an online presence.

    • 30th April 2022 / 12:24

      Hello Eileen
      I think probably the Italians have been wearing linen for a long time and produce some of the best quality linen pieces. They are comfortable with any creasing.

  8. Sarah Thompson
    9th May 2022 / 19:06

    Notperfectlinen on etsy are my favourite for linen pieces. I wear it year round & layer it in cooler months.

  9. EllenO
    29th July 2022 / 20:00

    Love your clothes. Any US outlets?

    • 31st July 2022 / 12:17

      Hello Ellen
      The US outlets I use are Boden and Anthropologie. I used to feature Nordstrom and JCrew but can’t seem to find much on either these days. I occasionally use Madewell and Everlane. Marks and Spencer have a dedicated US site (which should transfer automatically when you click on an M&S link). All the others will ship to the US but I know this is not easy with duty etc.

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