An exciting day out to plan my Spring Wardrobe

Cos pink/white top at Bentalls Centre

#AD. I was recently invited to visit The Bentall Centre in Kingston. It was an exciting day out to plan my Spring wardrobe and to choose an outfit that I considered would work well for our upcoming Jubilee parties in June. I had not visited the centre for many years and found it completely transformed. As I have recently mentioned we have moved from London to Thames Ditton so The Bentall Centre is now my local shopping emporium. It contains many of my favourite retail stores. You can find both high-end designer bands plus more budget-friendly options in an easily navigatable environment.

The outfit I am wearing above and below is from Cos. I chose it as I feel it is colourful and fun. It is a 100% cotton relaxed fit dress/top. Cos cut is quite big so I would suggest sizing down. I am wearing a size 8 (normally a size 10/12). I have teamed it with a pair of elasticated waist barrel leg trousers. (Both items were gifted).

Cos top and trousers Bentalls Centre

I feel that this is such a versatile colourful outfit that it will be ideal for a Summer Jubilee party. I will probably be joining my daughter and her family for a street party. Afterwards, I plan to wear the trousers casually with a tee or blouse. The dress I will be taking with me to France when we go back there in June.

An exciting day out to plan my Spring Wardrobe

Spring outfits in Zara Bentalls centre

I have not visited Zara for a long time. When I visited the one on the second floor of the centre I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The bright colours were fantastic. I was spoilt for choice. Should I choose the pinks, blues or greens?

Pink trouser suit Zara Bentall centre

Pink is my favourite colour. Do I need another pink jacket? I was very tempted.

Green jacket and white trousers Zara Bentalls Centre

I love the green jacket above. Very Chanel! I am quite tall but the trousers are definitely too long.

Green linen dress at Bentalls centre

This is the first year that I have experimented with shades of green and I really like the colour. Above I am wearing a linen maxi dress from Massimo Dutti.

Accessories are so important. They really help to finish an outfit. I found some lovely scarves at Oliver Bonas plus a lovely straw hat. When the sun is shining I love to wear a hat. The pink clutch bag is from Zara.

Straw bag at Bentalls

This straw bag is similar to the ones that I love from St.Tropez market. It would be ideal to carry your picnic things in.

Dune sandals at Bentalls centre

The ideal summer sandal. It will look good with a dress or trousers. From Dune

Oliver bonas hat at Bentalls

Such a fun hat from Oliver Bonas. I particularly like the leopard print lining. A quirky touch,

Cos floral print dress.

Cos floral cotton dress and a selection of accessories.

Cos dress and cardigan at Bentalls centre

It was a difficult choice between this pretty floral dress from Cos and the bright pink dress/top that I am wearing below. I finally chose the brighter pink. I did however buy the bright pink cardigan that I am wearing around my shoulders.

Cos pink print top Bentalls Centre

A big thank you to the Bentall Centre for sponsoring this post. I spent a wonderful morning at the centre selecting outfits and being photographed. All opinions are my own.


  1. Lynne
    6th May 2022 / 16:24

    Wow, I love all these clothes and accessories. That green shade is flattering. Your haircut is beautiful.

  2. Mary Ann
    6th May 2022 / 16:34

    Love you in the pink pant suit. I also have grey hair and feel color makes me happy.

  3. Judy
    6th May 2022 / 16:54

    You look fantastic in everything. Especially love the green dress and white fishermen sandals. Have fun.

  4. Bren
    6th May 2022 / 16:56

    You look wonderful in all these outfits! It must have been difficult to choose, which is a nice problem to have. I really like the Cos dress/shirt, and think it will strike just the right festive not for the Jubilee celebrations. Thanks for taking us shopping!

  5. Susan
    6th May 2022 / 17:59

    Oh I hope you bought the green Chanel-like jacket. It looks fantastic!

    6th May 2022 / 18:25

    You look just amazing in many of the outfits you tried on!!!

  7. Eileen
    6th May 2022 / 18:55

    You look beautiful in the pink suit and green dress! I love Zara!

  8. Brenda Chell
    6th May 2022 / 19:00

    Josephine, you show off all the outfits beautifully and look lovely in everything. I enjoyed seeing what you chose to try on and buy, thank you.

  9. 7th May 2022 / 20:09

    Great outfits, especially the pink trouser suit. My son lives in Thames Ditton and next time I visit I shall ask to be taken to The Bentall Centre in Kingston. Last time I visited Kingston had to leave early because of. A-bomb scare!

  10. Shirley Davey
    7th May 2022 / 20:49

    Love the green jacket also the green dress, I hope you bought the jacket for sure.

  11. 7th May 2022 / 23:10

    You look lovely in all the pretty pieces you tried on. I think you should have bought everything, including the sandals in both colors. (I have no self-control.) Thank you for the fun virtual shopping trip.

  12. 8th May 2022 / 08:20

    The Massimo Dutti dress was way out in front for me, elegant but with pockets! The green is a great shade on you.

  13. Ava Miller
    12th May 2022 / 12:02

    Hi Josephine! The first and the foremost thing which really attracted me was that the dress or the top was made up of 100% cotton, which is 100% organic and will not harm the environment. Also, it is good for the skin. It’s good to wear colorful dresses and yes pink is my favorite color too. I also liked the Maxi dress, experiment with short dresses in spring as shown in the blog like Denim skirts and shorts. Though one thing which I would really like to request is to go for more and more organic clothing and avoid blind consumerism to protect the environment. Please keep posting.

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