Pink print top and white trousers

Pink print top and white trousers

Pink print top and white trousers

A few weeks ago when I took some time away from my desk to research the new season’s collections arriving on the shop floor I discovered a new brand at JohnLewis&Partners called NRBY. Relaxed easy to wear styles in good fabrics. The shop assistant told me that it had been delivered late in the season which would explain why it had a summery vibe. Ideal if you are planning a late holiday in a warm climate or perhaps a cruise. Unfortunately, the gorgeous pink print top I am wearing is sold out. They do still have a very pretty scarf in the same print.

Pink print top and white trousers

The blouse was an impulse purchase but I could not resist it. As you are probably aware pink is my favourite colour. At this time of year I find that a print blouse or top is a good way to transition into the new season. If, like me, you are unwilling to let go of summer just yet a top can be worn with light-coloured trousers, as above, and then under a blazer or coat later in the season.

Prints, both abstract and floral seem to be very on-trend this autumn. They are available in many of the high street stores. Personally, I find that sometimes a print dress can be a bit overwhelming whereas a top can be toned down with the addition of your best neutrals. You can see examples of both print dresses and tops in my recent post on the new autumn colours.

Selection of print tops:

Pink print top and white trousers

Soaking up the last rays of sun in Richmond Park in my pink print top and white trousers. My trousers are from WinserLondon (several years old). My cream pumps you can just see hidden in the long grass are from Marks&Spencer. They are so comfortable I have just bought a pair in black for the winter.

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Susan S Adams
    13th September 2019 / 16:12

    Too funny! Last night I wore an almost identical outfit to a casual dinner, except my top was in blues and greens. The look was fresh and relaxed on a very warm evening.

  2. 13th September 2019 / 16:17

    Oh, that top is just lovely, and so YOU. Excellent choice!

  3. hillydown
    13th September 2019 / 16:21

    The top and trousers are a lovely combo – and I love your hair!

  4. marifach
    13th September 2019 / 16:55

    So pretty. I do wish I could wear that style of collar. Looks great on you.

  5. Heather M. Canada
    13th September 2019 / 17:43

    Love your blouse. That is so me. Shame its sold out. Enjoy. It looks great on you:-)

    • 13th September 2019 / 18:30

      I agree with you, Heather. It must have sold out very quickly I only bought it recently.

  6. Lesley Day
    13th September 2019 / 17:50

    Love the top, must check out NRBY when I’m next in John Lewis!

  7. Lynn Brogden
    13th September 2019 / 21:04

    Your blouse is lovely, it suit you. Pink is not a colour I can wear, it does nothing for me, but you look great Josephine.

    • 14th September 2019 / 08:13

      Hi Lynn
      Yes, I did and I was very tempted but chose the printed silk as I thought it would transition better into Autumn. I will keep an eye on this brand for next summer.

  8. Angela in NZ
    13th September 2019 / 22:18

    Just lovely. Did you also see the pink linen shirt with no buttons? Maybe another purchase?

  9. 14th September 2019 / 01:06

    There is a brand here: that has very similar kinds of tops! I have a blue one I wear all the time (with white pants!) Yours looks just wonderful!

    • Margie
      14th September 2019 / 02:28

      I just went onto the rockflowerpaper website…what pretty items! And, luckily there are a few locations nearby where I can shop!

    • 14th September 2019 / 08:12

      Thanks for this Libby I took a look and it is a very nice site.

  10. 14th September 2019 / 01:32

    This top is very pretty and looks fantastic with the white pants.

    • 14th September 2019 / 08:11

      Hi Melanie

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

      I do love your fantastic videos.

  11. Margie
    14th September 2019 / 02:25


    I LOVE your pearl necklace. Any info on that?

    • 14th September 2019 / 08:06

      My pearl necklace is from my favourite stall in St.Tropez. I might be able to get you one when I am in France in October. I will be selling some necklaces in the shop shortly. However, they will be larger statement styles.

  12. Karen
    14th September 2019 / 15:32

    I also love your pearl necklace Josephine. Very pretty.

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