New colours and styles that caught my eye.

Midi dresses and tops

New seasons colours and styles

I spent another day last week pounding the pavements around Chelsea. My purpose was to check out more of the new seasons colours and styles currenty arriving in the shops.

I wanted to see how the stores displayed the new seasons collections. This gives me ideas of how we can create new looks and combine colours in different ways. This inspiration can help us refresh our wardrobes and get more milleage from what we already own,

Details of above:

Floral print waisted mid dress MarksandSpencer // Teal print blouse MarksandSpencer // Floral print top Boden // Hush vintage floral print top JohnLewis&Partners // Dark green print midi dress Hush at JohnLewis&Partners.

I was also on the look out for one or two items that I can wear now and that will also transfer well into the new season. I was particularly interested in the new greens and turquoses. These colours are called “Bluestone” and “Forest Biome” in the Pantone palette. They are called universal tones as they can sometimes suit women with either cool or warm toned colouring.

This does not mean that we need to buy lots of new pieces it is just as important to re-invent what we already have in our wardrobes and to get some ideas of how we can combine our existing pieces in different ways.

For those of us who are not that enthusiastic with the new warm tones on offer I did manage to find a few cool tones particularly some very pretty lilacs.

Details of above:

Lilac cord jacket JohnLewis&partners (also available in a warm red) // Pale lilac top JohnLewis&Partners // Light pink print blouse MarksandSpencer // Pink cashmere sweater JCrew // Lilac sweater Pure collection JohnLewis&Partners // Blush pink cardigan MeandEm.

There were some evidence of silver greys and soft lilacs at JohnLewis&Partners. I popped into the Eileen Fischer shop. They had some lovely colours. Sadly I find that their collection is very expensive in the UK. Good selection available at Nordstrom.

Navies still in evidence. Many with a slightly soft lilac tinge. Photo taken at JohnLewis&Partners.

Your might also be interest in previous post on the new Autumn colours here and here.


  1. Sharon
    20th August 2019 / 17:13

    I used to be neutral but am now cool, so the greys and navies appeal to me. Living in Canada we don’t have a John Lewis store and ordering from Britain and the USA can get quite expensive with duty, exchange and shipping.

    • 21st August 2019 / 18:57

      Hi Sharon
      I know how you feel. I see things in the US that I like but it is tricky with the duty etc.

  2. Francie Newcomb
    20th August 2019 / 17:15

    Josephine, I love the Exotic Fish scarf you sent me. It looks great with the coral dress. Thank you so much!

    • 21st August 2019 / 18:58

      Hi Francie
      So glad you like the scarf and that it works well with your dress.

  3. Sandra Lawrence
    20th August 2019 / 20:17

    I love Eileen Fisher clothes – but only ever buy them on sale in the UK (nearly £300 for cropped navy wool trousers -whilst beautiful – is just ridiculous).

    • 21st August 2019 / 18:58

      Hi Sandra
      I agree I do sometimes try the sales but they have normally sold out of my size.

  4. Kari
    21st August 2019 / 02:39

    Your reconnaissance on the upcoming season is appreciated! Thank you so much for hitting the streets of London and sharing your photos!!!!

  5. 21st August 2019 / 08:25

    Looks like the sea of voluminous pattern with waists will continue into the autumn, lovely fabric but they make me look like a gargantuan extra from little house on the prairie. I finally found a great red linen shift dress in Next (not somewhere I usually shop) that was perfect for the likes of me but there wasn’t much else around. However I did see some interesting dresses on Etsy which is worth checking out when mainstream fashion doesn’t suit your shape.
    Totally agree about Eileen Fisher daft prices in the UK.

    • 21st August 2019 / 19:00

      Hi Maureen
      I used to love next when it first opened. Their fabrics and styling was great. Not sure about the fabrics these days maybe I should check it out.

      • MaureenC
        22nd August 2019 / 07:52

        I’m not sure I would buy a great deal there as I rarely buy synthetic fabrics but the plain red linen dress has been great

  6. Mezzoid Voice Studio
    22nd August 2019 / 01:54

    I love these colors!! I’m a cool color person (but no greys, please – it washes me out).

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