Autumn colour palette collage

Autumn 2019 colour palette

Autumn colour palette collage

Thank you so much for joining in the conversation on my previous post A preview of the new season’s colour palette. It was really interesting to read what you had to say about the new Autumn colours that are beginning to arrive in the shops. Some of you loved the colours and some did not. I think you will find that as the season progresses there will be something for everybody. It certainly makes my life easier to know what you want as I am doing my research.

As promised I have put together two collages; one predominantly warm and the other cool. This is to help you become accustomed to the new shades and the various combinations that are possible.

Details of above:

Fire cracker wool blazer Boden // Round neck cashmere jumper Marks&Spencer // Multi coloured scarf Shop at Chicatanyage // Entwined flower necklace Marks&Spencer // Cotton rich ankle grazer trousers Marks&Spencer // Long sleeve pleat detail top JohnLewis&Partners // The Oxford cross body bag DeMellier // Square buckle square toed loafer Marks&Spencer.

Autumn 2019 cool colour palette

The above is my preferred collage as my best colours are cool and bright. I have always loved lilac and find it especially flattering as my hair has gone grey. Here I have chosen to combine it with a dark forest green cardigan/blazer. Dark green used to be one of my best colours as I have greenish eyes. I used to wear it a lot when I was younger but have not worn it for ages. It will be interesting to see if it still suits me.

Details of above:

Dark green cardigan/jacket J.Crew // Lilac V neck sweater Marks&Spencer // Lilac and pink print scarf Shop at Chicatanyage // Necklace Marks&Spencer // Navy trousers Marks&Spencer // lilac bow blouse JohnLewis&Partners // Navy mock Croc bag Boden // Navy shoe/boot JohnLewis&Partners.

This is just the beginning. Do keep your comments coming so that I can continue to help you plan your wardrobes, whether that is by combining different items already in your wardrobe or adding a few new well chosen pieces to fill any gaps.


  1. Marianne
    16th August 2019 / 14:58

    The warm colour palette all the way for me please. Just looking at the cool coloured one, makes me shiver. I’m about to look up those lovely M & S ginger ankle grazers you’ve featured, Josephine.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Bron
    16th August 2019 / 22:31

    I am definitely on the cool palette preference side, I really dislike browns, tans, beige and oranges as I feel that they make me disappear now I’m getting older, whereas clear and contrasting colours don’t. There’s something about blue (or red or pink) that makes me glad to be alive when I put them on. I like all your cool palette suggestions!

  3. Ruxi Granger
    17th August 2019 / 16:13

    I love the new colors of fall but I have grey hair so the cool palette suits me better. But sometimes, when I’m in the mood,I also wear warm colors. And I love my warm beige trenchcoat.

  4. Pam
    17th August 2019 / 16:28

    Love, love, love that orange blazer. My face comes alive wearing that color, and boiled wool, a match made in heaven!

  5. Eleni
    17th August 2019 / 17:15

    Love the warm colours, I feel so comfortable wearing them. I am looking for a pair of ankle pants to pair with a faux suede sleeveless tunic, open front with optional belt. So far no luck – then you featured the ankle pants from M & S. they look perfect. Loved this blog with the many options.

  6. Gillian Iszard
    17th August 2019 / 17:35

    I cant wear the autumn colours and am definitely a “summer” colour. We need something bright and cheery during out log winters (Canada).

  7. Maura
    17th August 2019 / 17:43

    I’m a cool color palate type of girl. Based on recommendations, I bought the J Crew blazer in green. It’s timeless…looks great on a “sixtyish” type of girl!

  8. Linda McCormick
    17th August 2019 / 20:54

    I also feel better in the cool colors. Love the forest green sweater blazer and just recently ordered it. Would never have thought to pair it with lilac! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Cathie
    18th August 2019 / 13:50

    I love these autumn colors… on the trees ! Due to my pinky light complexion and green eyes, I am definitely a “spring” woman. Only dark brown can suit me… I like the small bag.

  10. Susan Thompson
    18th August 2019 / 16:45

    Hello, many years ago i was classed as a soft autumn, more recently I’ve been told I am an autumn leaf and also told I am a bright. Most of the autumn colours I hate and also the style of the clothes which seem to go with an autumn – country girl, frilly. Not a classic style. I tend to look for a style first and then look at the colour. Love coral and some greens.

  11. 18th August 2019 / 18:45

    Hello Susan
    Never heard of “autumn leaf”. I would go with what the colours that you like there are plenty of greens and corals around this season. Colour category is not necessarily connected to style. You can be any combinaion ie. warm toned and classic or warm toned and feminine. I agree with you choose the style first. If that does not work you will never feel comfortable.

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