Wear cosy comfortable clothes and watch a good movie.

Our cold February seems to be dragging on interminably. It is definitely time to curl up on the sofa wear cosy comfortable clothes and watch a good movie. I have chosen a few items above that would fit the bill. Easy joggers, a slouchy cardigan, warm slippers and a wrap to put around your shoulders.

Details of above:

Eco-conscious slouchy cardigan Baukjen |Fleece turn up black joggers The White Company |Winter candle The white company | Wool Boucle throw JL&P |Suede faux fur slippers JL&P|White organic top Baukjen |

More Ideas on how to dress comfortably and stay warm here.

Netflix movies

Wear cosy comfortable clothes and watch a good movie.

In my recent survey many of you requested a list of movies that I have watched and enjoyed recently. I enlisted the help of a friend who is a real expert on movies. Together we have put together the following list. I will be running our “movie series” every month featuring about five movies on each post. We have started with Netflix as we reckon that most of you will have access to Netflix. We will also be choosing titles from Amazon Prime, Sky and BBC and ITV player in the upcoming months.

Lupin – Netflix.
French film with subtitles set in Paris. A fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise. Took a while to get into as the story is a bit complicated but well worth persevering as some really interesting characters and a good plot. Some violence.

The Dig – Netflix
An interesting true story about buried treasure. It is set in the pre-second world era. I really loved this film.

The Queens Gambit – Netflix
Based on a fictional character but very believable and keeps you watching. Very well acted. Don’t worry if you are not interested in chess it is a fascinating story.

Emily in Paris – Netflix
Frivolous, fun and easy to watch and captures great glimpses of Paris and its inhabitants

Call my agent – Netflix
French film with English subtitles. Set in Paris. Great for ideas on how French women really dress. They wear hardly any make-up and definitely favour a casual dress code. Many of the characters have a uniform and wear their outfits on repeat. I really loved the first three series and the fourth series has just been released.

Many of you may have watched some or many of the above titles. Do comment in the box below and let us know what you thought of them.

Also feel free to add your recommendations to share with our community.

See you all in the front row next month.


  1. Barbara Cottrell
    15th February 2021 / 15:35

    Hello Josephine, I like the way you wear your pink beret. Could you perhaps, show how you do it please? Last time I wore a beret I was at school and it didn’t suit me at all, but your picture looks lovely and I want to try again.

    • 15th February 2021 / 18:42

      Hello Barbara
      Interesting question. I wear berets so often that I don’t think about how I put them on. I normally wear mine straight but you can wear them to one side as well. I will see what I can do next time I take a photo

  2. Julia
    15th February 2021 / 16:40

    I agree with your choice of watching on Netflix, they’re all great. However, it might be rather misleading to call them movies or films, at least for your followers who haven’t seen them. Apart from the Dig, they are in fact series with several episodes and in the case of Call My Agent, several seasons.

  3. 15th February 2021 / 17:35

    I love this palette – charcoal, grey, white. Easy to add a pop of color and my first choice would be burgundy/wine too, though most any color would look good. I have similar Tahari cardigan, charcoal leggings, many white blouses and tees and lovely burgundy pashmina (one of many purchased in the 90s). Thank you for the inspiration. We just finished The Queen’s Gambit and loved it. The Dig is in our queue. Had my eye on Lupin and the other 2 suggestions look fun. We recently watched all 3 seasons of Mr. Mercedes. Stunningly good and scary. Based on Stephen King stories. Not for the faint of heart. In the U.S., we could not stream on Netflix – but we still have a DVD plan too.

  4. Karen Patten
    15th February 2021 / 18:24

    I really enjoyed The Dig. Call My Agent is a Netflix series I need to watch. I love subtitles. Also Josephine I really find yur casual wear inspiring. We are all at home. We need to be comfy and cozy and still feel great about our appearance.

  5. Joy Neal
    15th February 2021 / 18:27

    Have already seen The Dig , Queens Gambit and Emily in Paris and loved them so thoroughly endorse your recommendations. Am interested to see the French film and series. Personally I have become addicted to Suits during lockdown and recommend.

  6. 15th February 2021 / 18:43

    We watched The Dig last night and really enjoyed it. Not only was the story engaging, but the costuming was great and we learned a bit of history that we knew nothing about. My only criticism was the use of such a young actress to depict a woman who was actually in her 50s. I’m sure there are older actresses who could have played the part just as well. In spite of that, I would definitely recommend it.

  7. Angela in NZ
    15th February 2021 / 19:16

    No subtitles for me as I find the acting nuances are often missed whilst reading. Historic dramas have been our go to genre in recent times. As a sub tropical low is currently covering the top half of NZ bringing high winds, lashings of much needed rain and warm, humid temperatures it was a movie afternoon watching The Dig and we thought Carey Mulligan was first rate. Took a while to watch it though as we had both a power cut halfway through and with 15 mins to go, a ‘must watch’ press conference from our PM as we are having a 3-day lockdown!

  8. Rebecca Saffer
    15th February 2021 / 19:34

    You made some wonderful Netflix recommendations. I have seen but The Dig and will try that.

  9. 15th February 2021 / 19:44

    I love your choice of comfy clothes-they look attractive rather than just throwing any old thing on while staying at home. Yesterday I styled my hair and put on some lipstick and it really made a difference in how I carried myself! Your movie recommendations are all great-we have seen all you mentioned. One older series we are riveted to is “Without Motive” a British police procedural made in 2000-2 seasons. In Canada, where I live, it is on Prime.

  10. Sue Gewanter
    16th February 2021 / 09:23

    Re The Queen’s Gambit series, I heard the actress was able to keep all her beautiful clothes from the series- just gorgeous!

  11. 16th February 2021 / 15:15

    Have watched “The Queen’s Gambit” and “Emily in Paris”, two very different films, but both enjoyable. I have been watching foreign series thanks to subtitles. I am slightly deaf so it is great not to miss anything an actor says. Lots of the old films don’t have these and I often have to give up on them. (Good job I saw quite a few first time round!)

    Got rid of all my Winter long coats when I downsized (Swapped homes with Younger Son) and now wish I hadn’t. Finding replacements I like isn’t that easy. I want wool ,or a combination of wool and cashmere. My down jackets are really warm and so light but a coat is smarter-looking!

    I also wear a wrap when I watch TV or Netflix. Have quite a nice black woolly one with faux trim that also serves as a cover for my legs. The trouble is my little cat has taken a fancy to it and I have to fight for possession!

    Like your colour scheme. Josephine.

  12. Kari
    17th February 2021 / 04:01

    A cute new release produced by Netflix is Enola Holmes.

  13. Susan lee
    18th February 2021 / 20:39

    I am currently watching “Ann with an E”. It is based on “Ann of Green Gables”. It’s a series on Netflix and is set in the 1870’s. we are really enjoying it.

  14. Kim watt
    22nd February 2021 / 14:11

    I really enjoyed watching the Dig, it was sad, but uplifting too…and being based on a true story made it all the more interesting. Thank you!

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