How to use accessories to dress up an outfit

How to use accessories to dress up an outfit

This is definitely a “shop your wardrobe” post as I have had all the clothes that I am wearing for many years. In the image above I have deliberately worn my pink roll-neck sweater, trousers and navy knitted jacket without any accessories because I wanted to demonstrate how to use accessories to dress up an outfit.

The navy knitted sleeveless jacket was from Winser London. Sadly they don’t offer anything similar. In fact, I did a lot of research and none of the brands I normally favour had anything along these lines, which is a shame. I find my navy sleeveless jacket very useful. I use it as an extra layer in the winter and wear it over white cotton trousers and a white tee in the summer.

Winser London’s clothes wear very well. I have acquired many pieces over the years. They have a small selection of their clothes at JohnLewis&Partners (some items on sale).

How to use accessories to jazz up an outfit

I have added a pair of pink earrings that pick up the light pink in my statement necklace. The burgundy belt gives shape to the outfit and co-ordinates well with my burgundy crossbody bag. My pink loafers from FitFlp add the final touch of colour. Fitflop offer excellent loafers in various other styles and colours.

Winter layers with a black leather jacket

My black leather coat was originally from Mango. They still have a similar one. Pink loafers Fitflop.

Fashion for women over 60

I have worn my black leather jacket multiple. You can see how I layered it up as part of my travel wardrobe back in 2017!

Woolovers do some excellent Coatigans with sleeves.

Some ideas of how to use accessories to dress up an outfit.


  1. Elizabeth
    19th February 2021 / 13:26

    Hi Josephine

    I’ve just come across your blog on my Google Feed so I’ve signed up. It’s great to see your outfits in the cool tones that I also wear.

    You’ve got some great ideas for ‘shopping your wardrobe’. I also have some ‘statement necklaces’ which I could give a new lease of life with a grey coatigan that I rescued from clothes my daughter was getting rid of. It will have to get a bit warmer though before I ditch my winter coats!

    I’m also in southern England and I hate to think what the shopping centres in my nearest big towns are going to look like when the shops finally reopen. They have lost so many key chain stores in the past year.

    Sadly, going online, is just to look at a catalogue of a distribution warehouse housing thousands of items. Even after filtering, you are still left with hundreds to look through page by page.

    It might be logistically cheaper for companies to operate direct distribution through warehouses but there is no attempt to create a virtual shopping experience or even to simply suggest outfits. I feel that these companies are missing a trick. Many of my favourite purchases are ones I saw ‘across the shop’ when I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.

    So thank you for providing a curated selection of items which provide ideas that we can replicate reusing items in our own wardrobes or filling gaps through local boutiques and charity shops.

    • 20th February 2021 / 12:43

      Hello Elizabeth

      Welcome to my blog and glad that you like it.
      In our small village many of our shops have already closed. Who knows where the retail market will go.
      Best wishes

  2. 19th February 2021 / 15:20

    Great ideas, Josephine, thanks, and I love your outfits here.

  3. Julia
    19th February 2021 / 15:39

    These outfits are really great Josephine and you look very chic. I particularly like the leather jacket, it’s hard to find long leather jackets and yours looks supple, so many leather jackets are stiff and uncomfortable.

  4. 19th February 2021 / 18:49

    The jewelry, belt and purse turn your basic 3 pieces into an eye-catching outfit. Love the colors. But what really strikes me in this post is the sleeveless jacket/cardigan. This piece perfectly completes almost any outfit, be it top and bottom or dress, without adding unwanted warmth and bulk, and while showing off your chosen top. Yet it is very hard to find here in the U.S. too. WHY??? I have a decent collection that I’ve acquired over the years, but am always looking for more. I’ve had great luck finding randomly at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and some luck at Chico’s. For me, this piece is just as much of a staple as a cardigan or jacket. I bought several patterned ones on Amazon in Urban Coco brand and they were a nice polyester-spandex fabric. The solids, however, were a different fabric – cheesy and shoddy.

  5. Susan lee
    22nd February 2021 / 12:48

    Hello Josephine, I really like shopping at Brora. Expensive I know but really stylish and excellent quality. Some of my cashmere knitwear I have been wearing for over 10 years and still looks very good. It suits all ages. I especially like the Liberty prints they offer.
    I love your blog especially the nutrition and recipes.

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