How to create a practical outfit for the winter

How to create a practical outfit for the winter

How to create a practical outfit for winter. As I write this post the snowflakes are softly falling outside my window. It is still very much winter here in London and it does not look as if we are going to be putting our winter coats and woolies away any time soon, so I have resurrected one of my old favourites. My cosy puffer jacket. It is by Gerard Darrell and I bought it about eight years ago in their shop in St.Tropez. It was pricey but has worn well and was definitely worth the investment.

How to dress for a cold Winter

I have teamed my puffer with a pair of wider leg trousers as I felt that it worked with the shorter length jacket. The trousers I am wearing are from Hopefashionuk (a few seasons ago). Hope offer trouser styles that work well for petites. I am definitely wearing a pair of thermal leggings and a thermal vest under my outfit. More ideas on how to keep warm here.

Navy puffer jacket and pink scarf

The pink accessories add a pop of colour. Apparently, we lose a lot of heat from our heads so wearing a warm hat when the weather is very cold is important. I know that bobble hats flatten our hair but in my opinion it is worth it to keep warm. Pink scarf similar

I have had several requests from my readers for Petite ranges so I have done some research and below are some brands I have found that offer a specialist range.

Hobbs at JohnLewis&Partners.

M&S still do a petite range M&S Petite range

Lands End also do a Petite range. (UK link)

Talbots do a Petite range. I have put a link to their new season collection.

Boden also do a Petite range

If you know of any others do feel free to add them in the comments box.

Photos by Mr.P


  1. Eleni
    12th February 2021 / 15:27

    The temperature this morning is -16 ! cloudy and snow a possibility. I have two winter hats with fur pompoms – I do not like wearing woolen hats. However I sure will today., forget the flat hair. And I doubt I’ll be as happy looking as you ! I like the black wider leg pants but not sure if they would look good with my short legs.

    • 12th February 2021 / 16:40

      Hello Eleni
      I think it would depend on the cut of the trouser. I have seen shorter women in wide trousers looking great.

  2. margieusa
    12th February 2021 / 15:31

    Love the pink accessories brightening the dark jacket; I have a pink “winter” scarf from years ago and have started wearing it again and getting many compliments. Looking at you wearing pink/blue made me remember that scarf. Thanks, Josephine!

  3. Arden
    12th February 2021 / 15:36

    I have short hair. I’ve learned that wearing a knit headband to cover my ears makes my Pom Pom knit hat look way better!

  4. Julia
    12th February 2021 / 15:37

    That’s a nice outfit Josephine!
    You mention petites….I would never have taken you for a petite, you look quite tall on the photos. Or maybe you just mentioned petites because a reader asked you.
    As for the woolly hats, they are a disaster for hair: why not try a fleece or a fur bandeau and fluff out your fringe over the top of it? Just a suggestion.

    • 12th February 2021 / 16:42

      Hello Julia
      No I am not petite I am about 5’7′ but I had lots of requests from readers for petite ranges. Luckily I have quite bouncy hair so a wooly hat does not seem to affect it that much.

  5. 12th February 2021 / 15:52

    Thank you for your suggestions for Petite ranges. They are very lacking in the UK. Mark’s and Spencer’s is very poor with the exception of their trousers/ jeans many of which come in short lengths. Talbots do have an excellent range but ordering from the UK is tricky as dukes and taxes have to be paid here and it’s not clear on ordering how much these will be.
    I have ordered Eileen Fisher Petite from the US , the range is expensive but excellent quality and very ethically produced. I have had some of the pieces for many years and they still look good. The taxes and duty are added at the point of purchase and although this adds considerably to the cost you know exactly what you’re paying. The goods are shipped promptly through Borderfree and returns are refunded promptly ( minus shipping cost and a modest handling fee.
    I have Petite Tilda coat from Hobbs bought from John Lewis , which I love. Excellent quality and a perfect fit. Boden’s range is very good but somehow I don’t seem to find anything that I’m completely happy with.

    Mint Velvet do trousers and jeans in short lengths and I find tops and jackets from Kettlewell Colours fit well in XS, they have a wonderful range of colours and their customer service is excellent.

    I’m 70 5 ft 2 and 7st 7 lbs just for information. Thank you for your blog Josephine, I enjoy reading it.

    • 12th February 2021 / 20:25

      Maggie: I love the Tilda coat and have been dithering about getting it as I don’t know when I will get round to wearing it these days! The coat is smart, a real classic. I am just under 5 foot, weigh 7 stone 4 and am older than you. Long for the day I can go shopping again. (Boden Dress size 10P is a PERFECT fit for me. I could wear an 8 but think Boden is on the tight side.)

      Josephine: Thank you for the petite range. I was one of the people who requested the info..

  6. 12th February 2021 / 16:44

    Thanks Maggie
    I will check out the Mint Velvet trousers. My friend is about 5 ft 2 and she wears mostly normal ranges and takes the hem of her trousers up as necessary

  7. Francie
    12th February 2021 / 17:12

    That’s a cute winter outfit! I like it because it looks so realistic for the weather we are actually having. The colors are jolly. I like the wider leg trousers with the shorter jacket, and am making a mental note. Thank you for brightening my morning!

  8. Amanda Towe
    12th February 2021 / 19:51

    Hi Josephine, you look both lovely and cosy. I am trying to wean myself off polyester as much as possible, as a way of caring for the environment, and I notice that most of the jackets and pants are synthetics. Any thoughts?

    • 13th February 2021 / 12:43

      Hello Amanda

      A good question. It is a tricky one I too am trying not to buy garments containing polyester that is why I don’t use many of the cheaper brands as their fabrics are not always good. Both my jackets are very old. The short one is polyester my longer black one is polyester outer and down/feather padding. When they are eventually worn out I hope they can be recycled. The best brands on sustainability are Arket their puffers are made with recycled polyamide and upcycled down/feathers. Cos uses recycled and planet-friendly down. However, they are more expensive and I realize not everybody can afford them. I do think that things are improving so I think that it will be easier to buy consciously in the future.

  9. honrad60
    12th February 2021 / 20:09

    Love the pink scarf it really lifts your outfit and makes me long for warmer days. I am 5ft 3 and it has taken me a few decades to realise that I need to shop petite as it is not just the length but that proportions matter especially with dresses. I love clothes shopping which is probably my main hobby so the following are my personal observations and recommendations. Boden have a very good petite range with lots of choice. Otherwise Gap and Seasalt Cornwall are good for casual clothes. Fenn Wright Manson are good for work or more formal outfits and offer a petite range which can be found on line or in John Lewis stores. I have found Uniqlo quite good for me and they offer free jeans/trousers length alterations in store ( outside of lockdown). When we can travel again, US brand Ann Taylor do a petite range as do on line Banana Republic. Finally for the younger petite ( I am sixty), there is a UK company website who target those who needs formal dresses, trousers, suits which are suitable for a working/corporate environment.

  10. 13th February 2021 / 04:27

    Such a pretty jacket – love the fit, the off-center front closure and the dreamy color. Looks so lovely with the pinks and cream. The wide leg pants are such a nice combination with the fitted puffer. Thank you for that idea – I will copy. Born in 1953, I grew up loving hats and I wish that women and men would wear them more often. They add such a crowning touch to an outfit.

  11. Bren
    14th February 2021 / 19:49

    I’m rather late to the discussion but I thought maybe I could help the ‘flat haired’ among us. If you have a side part, you can ‘flip’ your hair the other way before putting on your hat. So if your part is on the left, make a rough part on the right so the hair goes opposite to what it normally does. Then when you take your hat off, switch it back to the way you usually wear it. This seems to help retain some volume. I’m afraid it’s not so helpful if your hair is combed forward from the crown. If it’s short, you can try combing it back, but you might not like the way it looks when your hat is on. Anyway, someone told me this years ago and I found it helpful.
    Thanks Josephine, for brightening up these cold winter days with your colorful style!

    • 15th February 2021 / 09:53

      Hello Bren
      Thank you for your comment and contribution to the flat hair problem. very useful.

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