How to dress comfortably and still look chic.

How to dress comfortably and still look chic.

Firstly I would like to thank you all so much for contributing to my survey and for all your kind words of encouragement. I have listed eighteen topics that you would like me to cover on this blog. The top two were “shop your wardrobe” and “casual dressing ideas”. At the moment I could probably combine these two topics. On a day-to-day basis I tend to mix and match my casual items to create my everyday outfits. So today I have put together a couple of collages on how to dress comfortably and still look chic.

Some of you like to see what is new in the shops so that you can begin to plan your wardrobes. For today’s post I have done some research and put together two collages with ideas of how to dress comfortably and still look chic.

Details of above:

Abstract patterned tote Boden | Bobble hat Nordstrom |Green cardigan People tree |Grey socks JL&P |Khaki joggers People Tree | Soft grey wrap Cos | sheepskin slippers JL&P | Light grey loafers Filflop.

Casual comfortable clothes in warm colour tones

I have focused on the warmer colour tones as I am aware that the colours that suit me and that I wear most often are from the cool bright spectrum.

I have my eye on another pink top from MeandEm. Very tempting!

Details of above:

Bronze earrings JL&P |Bobble hat Nordstrom|Brown top Baukjen |Ochra tasseled poncho M&S |Wide beige trousers M&S |Tan leather gloves Boden | Tan suede loafers Fitflop|Leopard slippers Anthropologie.

Having read all of your comments these are some of the other topics you are interested in me covering in this space:

1. Books and film/TV reviews – I will definitely get round to these subjects and have got a couple of friends who will be happy to contribute.
2. Home and garden ideas. If I can manage to take some photos of our house I would be happy to share them. Not so much on the garden front. We are lucky that we look out onto stunning communal gardens which are very well maintained. We do have a couple of patios where we grow herbs and annuals but I would not say that I am a very knowledgeable gardener.
3. I will be covering some basic pilates and stretching exercises using videos from my pilates teacher.
4. Quite a few of you wanted to continue with the recipes and nutrition so I will schedule these about every four to six weeks
5. Sustainable fashion. My philosophy on this is generally to buy well, buy better, look after your clothes and keep them as long as possible. As you know I have items dating back to the mid-90s. I don’t do fast fashion and check the credentials of all the brands I feature. I check the fabric and generally speaking avoid polyester and synthetic fabrics. A couple of sustainable brands have caught my eye recently.
6. Role models – My thoughts on the subjects are that there is so much on social media already especially with regard to celebrities. I do think that we can get inspiration from role models but ultimately we need to create our own unique styles. I often look at women in the street and think “maybe I could try that.”

How to dress comfortably and still look chic


  1. 5th February 2021 / 15:28

    Sent to me from Luisa
    Thank goodness you are showing some really nice outfits and not the pyjama tight cause wear that is being advertised mainly for the young set and as always forgetting about the older set


  2. 5th February 2021 / 16:22

    This is a very selfish “suggestion”. So many shops that sold Petite fashion have fallen by the wayside lately that I wonder whether, in future blogs, you could source out possible retailers that still include clothes for the Petite.Or am I the only one who is 5 foot here? My THANKS anyway.

    • 5th February 2021 / 17:19


      Not quite sure what you are revering to in your comment. I am well aware that many of the petit and concessions have closed. I have a friend who is about 5’1” I will consult her and see if she can find some suitable outlets. She always manages to look very chic.

      M&S still do a petite range M&S petite range

      • 5th February 2021 / 19:23

        I think she meant SHE was making a selfish suggestion, not that you were.

        • 5th February 2021 / 19:40

          Thanks that clears things up. I will get on the petite case


          • Sharon
            5th February 2021 / 23:52

            Thanks for the Petite suggestion – very limited lately – although Landsend seems to have most of their items in petite, regular, tall etc. as well as Talbots.

  3. Eleni
    5th February 2021 / 19:00

    Nice selections, lots of ideas and suggestions. I am still mixing and matching items in my closets and have another pile to donate. I actually don’t know why I kept some of the stuff in the first place. Your blog sure keeps me up to date. I like the expanding blog.

  4. DeeDee
    5th February 2021 / 19:40

    Your list of future topics is just right. Looking forward to your future blogs…as usual! I love these outfits that incorporate color in a soft, pleasing manner. BTW, I too am a shortie…5’ 1 1/2” give or take. Because the selection of petites is so limited I pay attention to inseams and rise on pants etc. For instance I buy cropped jeans which are full length for me. I also have hems on pants and tees regularly shortened and find the cost worth it as then the piece fits me perfectly and I wear it more. I would be interested to hear what your petite friend has to say.

    • 6th February 2021 / 13:00

      Hello DeeDee
      Some excellent ideas for Petites. Thank you for sharing them I am sure my readers will find them helpful.

  5. Eileen
    5th February 2021 / 21:06

    I would love to learn more about colors for “summers”, I don’t wear black well, or most dark colors for that matter. It seems my neutrals ( Grey’s, pinky brown, soft white, etc..) aren’t as popular/ available, in the US. Maybe the UK has more? Or a website? Any information would be useful, thanks.

    • 6th February 2021 / 13:00

      Hello Eileen

      Thank your for your comment.

      I used to wear more of the cool muted Summer colours however since my hair has gone grey I have gone back to the cool brights. I try to offer examples of a variety of colours but it does depend what is available in the shops in that particular season. I will make a note to find some more muted tones.

  6. Francesca.B
    5th February 2021 / 23:45

    Love those earrings thank you Josephine for finding them. i can see them going with lots of fabrics.
    I really enjoy your posts:) Thank you!

  7. 6th February 2021 / 02:03

    Hello again, Josephine. Since finding you on January 29th, I continue to enjoy each new post and treat myself to your past posts. Today’s post is fun and helpful. I have a huge (OCD) wardrobe. (You only live once and more is more.). Reminds me to employ different color combinations, combine different cuts and styles, cue my footwear and bag to different elements of my outfit, etc. I miss seeing your charming self modeling those collections but still enjoy the inspiration. I don’t need any of your posts tailored to my style, my size, my budget or my shopping venues. I can do that on my own and love doing so. Cwolor me happy with whatever you post!

  8. 6th February 2021 / 14:14

    Hello Kathleen
    Welcome to my blog and glad that you like it and have been inspired to try out different colour combinations. I am trying to do as much modelling and photography as I can but the weather in London has been very bad lately and for obvious reasons I don’t have my photographer so need to rely on my husband to take the photos.

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