How to style a maxi skirt

Thank you for all the lovely comments that you took the trouble to write recently. I really do appreciate them. You particularly liked my pleated maxi skirt. Wearing a skirt really did make a difference to the way I felt, so I thought that I would write another post featuring a skirt. This time on how to style a maxi skirt. The one I have chosen is the Flat Fronted Bias cut Ponte maxi skirt by MeandEm. It is a viscose mix so I will be able to wear it now and in the Spring and Summer teamed with a simple white tee and sandals. The high waist panel flares out into an A-line shape. It was very easy to pull on and comfortable to wear.

How to style a maxi skirt

Once again I have layered up as it was very cold the day we took these photos. I am wearing my Cos cashmere polo neck under my padded gilet (many years old). I have put some similar examples below. My Arket belt adds definition to my waist.

I found that adding a touch of red really lifted my outfit. The headband was from St.Tropez market. You can find similar at Etsy. My large shawl was also from the market. Shawls and blankets have become very popular as they are ideal for wrapping around your shoulders if you are lounging on your sofa reading a book or watching Netflix. You could even use a small blanket. JohnLewis&Partners have some good ones in their bedding department. HopeFashionuk also has an excellent one.

More red in my long fringed cashmere scarf (I bought it on a trip to India many years ago). Similar at Etsy.

Your thoughts:

It is becoming difficult to put posts together at the moment as there is very little stock in the shops and none of us are going out at the moment. I thought that I would add a short survey below, (who can be bothered to fill those long survey monkey ones), to see which subjects you would like to feature more of. It would be great to make this space more inclusive. I felt that we all benefited from sharing our ideas on my recent post on “How to look after grey hair”. We are women of a certain age with lots of wisdom so feel free to ask questions on any subject including how you are feeling at the moment as well as how you want to look.

Suggested subjects:

  1. Shop your wardrobe. Photographing combinations from my wardrobe in order to inspire you to be more creative with your existing clothes.
  2. Collages. Putting together possible outfits from current and new seasons stock.
  3. Posts on beauty and make-up products.
  4. Nutrition – Healthy recipes from Emma Marshall Nutrition.
  5. Simple Pilates exercises to do at home from my teacher Murielle at The Garage Studio.
  6. Any other ideas that you might have.

photos by Mr. P in our communal gardens.


  1. Jane Belfield
    2nd February 2021 / 15:21

    The skirt looks fantastic but I’m 5ft tall so would have to find an alternative. I do wear skirts but knee length. I love the nutritional posts and have cooked the chocolate cake and pasta sauce lots of times. Make up tips are helpful. Tips on colouring and finding clothes to suit are very useful. I personally don’t buy clothes on line so have bought really nothing since last March except essentials

  2. Angela Ronicle
    2nd February 2021 / 15:43

    I really like these outfits. I am a fan of me&em but have steered clear of their skirts as I worry that they would overwhelm me as I’m only 5’ 2”.

    Could we start a conversation around sustainable fashion on your posts and second hand shopping sites such as Thrift+.

  3. Heather Tomlins
    2nd February 2021 / 16:02

    I’m always so happy to see a new blog has arrived! Thank you so much for continuing these during Covid!

    I’d love to see some stretching or Pilates ideas. Love your casual dressing ideas as do many of us are home and trying to look pulled together!

    Cheers Heather (Cowichan Bay BC Canada)

  4. Lisa Abend (Northampton, MA, USA)
    2nd February 2021 / 16:37

    Yes to the suggestions made so far, plus more of the kind of healthful recipes you’ve shared previously. Exercising at home and eating better help us to look better in our clothes, and help us feel well enough to keep a lively interest in fashion & beauty. Your posts are quite cheering, Josephine; thank you for all your efforts!

  5. Dagnar Kravitz
    2nd February 2021 / 16:38

    Thank you for such a lovely post and wonderful photos! I am curious about where you purchased your boots? I really like them!

  6. Sally
    2nd February 2021 / 16:39

    I really look forward to reading your blog. You have given me some great ideas. So don’t lose heart. I really liked your how to jazz up your joggers blog as I had just bought some very similar items from Baukjen so you gave me some great ideas as to how to pull the look together. All I need now is a pink hat. I like all the suggestions you mention. Or how about books, hobbies, yoga or tai chi, or on-line classes to pass the time.

  7. Judy
    2nd February 2021 / 16:40

    I love to see your blogs too. Over the last 2 years I have discovered some great hair products and some new fashion creators as well, thanks to you! Not particularly interested in cooking/nutrition as I think I’ve reached that stage in life when I know enough – same goes for more exercising ideas too! BUT I do adore your fashion/hair/beauty ideas. I think a blog about genuinely sustainable fashion would be great, and certainly more of your ideas about “shopping the wardrobe”. For example, we could be slowly coming out of Lockdown by the middle of March, by which time the weather might be improving, and after the long haul of winter, what are we all going to wear outside once again? Will we find “stuff” in our winter wardrobes we can reinvent?

  8. Ann Beacht
    2nd February 2021 / 16:47

    You are a ray of sunshine! How about something inspiring on lounge wear? I end up wearing the same things over and over. Thanks!

  9. 2nd February 2021 / 17:00

    I look forward to your posts and would enjoy all your suggestions as well as those from Sally, particularly books that you and others have enjoyed.

    • ann
      3rd February 2021 / 14:47

      I enjoy your posts very much —so thanks for keeping on during this time! I agree with previous posters on Shop your Closet, nutritional postings, and sustainable fashion. I would also be interested in some on dressing for your body type, height etc. and some on your daily life in London, gardening etc. Thanks again!

  10. DeeDee
    2nd February 2021 / 17:15

    I have noticed a couple of bloggers commenting on how hard it is to come up with new content right now. I really hope you can hang in there. I always love outfit ideas whether new pieces or how to shop my closet. I love cooking and reading so those would be good topics. On another note, I am looking at some Sole Bliss ankle boots. I think you were the one to first mention that brand. Has anyone tried on the combat boots or the ankle boots? I have “difficult” feet that Sole Bliss may address well. I really like the look of the ankle boots with skirts and that may tip me over into wearing skirts even in the colder weather.

  11. Christine
    2nd February 2021 / 17:18

    In these constrained times it must be a challenge so appreciate all you do and always look forward to your posts. I would enjoy all your suggestions and agree with Jenny about books that you and others have enjoyed being added to your list.

  12. Eleni
    2nd February 2021 / 17:45

    Just finished listening to your Podcast once again. Excellent content. Loved the pleated skirt, bought my first one at age 15. It trumps the long A line skirts, they completely overwhelm me. long body short legs! Josephine, your Blogs are always fresh, happy and strike the right note. I occasionally fall into the “Age Appropriate” mentality, being 80 + years. Please keep going with all your fresh ideas.

  13. Susan Harper
    2nd February 2021 / 17:59

    Great ideas for a maxi skirt! I could see wearing these to a museum or dinner party.

  14. Gretta De Ferry
    2nd February 2021 / 18:34

    I completely agree with all everyone has written – we need the posts now more than ever! Recipes, Pilates, shop your wardrobe all sound great. Maybe book or tv reviews too? I loved the pleated skirt too – like Eleni, bought my first one as a teenager from Wembley Market and have loved them ever since!

  15. Cheryl Simms
    2nd February 2021 / 18:59

    Over the last 10 days or so I have gone back to the beginning of your blog and read right up to the present day. It is interesting to see the technological advances and that some topics come up regularly but infrequently. These are an indication of topics which are always of interest to readers. It is possible that other topics such as colours or books would be a welcome addition, as would various exercises and perhaps the occasional health topic. Congratulations on producing content at all in these difficult times!

  16. Jan Clapson
    2nd February 2021 / 19:21

    Thank you Josephine, I always enjoy seeing your blogs pop up in my In box . I haven’t
    commented before but as you’re doing a survey feel I should respond.
    I love your Shop Your Wardrobe blogs and love to see a new way of styling by changing things round or maybe adding one new item to the mix.
    In normal times I love going round the stores and picking up on new season colour combinations. Then considering what I already have and what I need to purchase to update my look for the new season. Having said that, it’s all out of the window these days! So your fashion updates are crucial for me, please do continue your good work.
    I also enjoy Pilates on line so would appreciate stretching/Pilates exercises too.
    Many thanks again xx

  17. Angela in NZ
    2nd February 2021 / 19:30

    To spice up my existing wardrobe I’ve been experimenting much more with accessories, particularly coloured necklaces and bracelets, so would love to see your take on them.

  18. Dee
    2nd February 2021 / 19:31

    I look forward to your blog arriving and I love how positive you are. Shopping your wardrobe is a good idea and showing us how you mix and match. I’m in Australia but still enjoy your winter posts. Thank you for doing such a good job. Keep it up!!!

  19. Francie
    2nd February 2021 / 19:41

    I love your posts too, Josephine. Would be interested in continuing your casual dressing ideas. Also I would like to report on the WOW Color Raise the Roots spray– it’s fantastic! It has really helped me. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  20. 2nd February 2021 / 20:20

    1. Shop your wardrobe
    2. Capsule wardrobe
    3. Using accessories.
    4. Adding colour to an outfit.
    5. Specialist websites. Shoes for small/large/awkward feet; petite clothes; clothes for tall people/ larger ladies.
    6. Finding bargains
    7. Dressing up for Zoom
    8.Hairstyles that suit one’s face shape.
    9. Finding one’s mentor : Kate Moss, Joan Collins, Helen Mirren etc.
    10. Kaftans for casual wear but not one size fits all!

    Thank you for all your help, Josephine. Keep safe and Everyone that reads this.

  21. Kim watt
    2nd February 2021 / 20:38

    I always look forward to your posts, Josephine! I’ve bought some items you showed in them…my rain jacket, jeans, a blue blouse you wore…and trainers!
    I like how you put outfits together and find your collages useful.
    I am building my wardrobe to have outfits for specific types of days. An outfit for a very hot day, a dog walking outfit, coffee with a friend, for spring and autumn changes…a good winter coat…
    Your posts help me do that!
    Keep going, the end is in sight!
    Kim x

  22. Georgia
    2nd February 2021 / 21:03

    Hi Josephine!
    I would like how to shop your closet. I have been “stumbling” onto new combinations accidentally by using a scarf to pull the outfits together. I would like to see ideas like that.

  23. 2nd February 2021 / 22:10

    Your posts make my day! Even though I have honey brown eyes and auburn hair, and don’t wear pinks and blues, I love the way you put things together, simply and elegantly! I also love checking out the different sites that you highlight-love Cos, Hope, John Lewis. Even though the most exciting place I go is the grocery store at the moment the day will come when I want to dress up once more and your blog helps me to do that.
    From the west coast of Canada.

  24. 2nd February 2021 / 23:53

    Like you, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to come up with new content for my blog. I call Following Augustine a “lifestyle, travel, and fashion” blog, but life is mostly stay-at-home right now, travel has been non-existent for almost a year, and I’ve only shopped for absolute essentials. I’ve been depending on my own closet for my weekly fashion feature, coming up with new ways to wear old pieces, but I’m quickly running out of ideas. I enjoy seeing the combinations that you show us. If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to know more about your day to day life, your home, and the lovely places that appear in your photos. More about how to accessorize would interest me as well as tips on how to organize and store accessories, particularly jewelry.

  25. Ann Townes
    3rd February 2021 / 05:58

    I love your fashion, but would love to see your
    Home and garden ideas.

  26. Nan Braes
    3rd February 2021 / 07:32

    Like everyone else, I really enjoy receiving your blogs and appreciate how difficult it must be with all the current restrictions.

    I moved to Gold Coast, Australia from UK nearly 2 years ago so mine is a summer wardrobe all year round, in fact since I’m retired, it’s pretty much a beach wear wardrobe for about 8-9 months of the year, with a cardigan added in our winter! I enjoy seeing what’s current and keeping up to date with UK fashions and retailers though, as I will be returning at some point.

    Others have already listed the things I’d be interested in:

    Creativity with existing wardrobe (in summer time – happy to wait for that!)
    Accessories – to flatter face / body shape as well as creativity with
    Something on clothing styles to flatter body shape?
    Someone else suggested this, but looking at style icons of our age to see what we can learn from them – Joanna Lumley (perhaps not in her Patsy Ab Fab character……although, why not?!), Helen Mirren, Brigitte Macron…….

    Tomorrow will be a good day ❤️

  27. 3rd February 2021 / 09:39

    Wow I am overwhelmed. Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to my small survey. I won’t have the time to respond to you all individually as I need to get on with doing some research into the subjects that you have requested. I have made a list and will be on the case.
    I am glad you like the “shop your wardrobe” series as I feel that this is one way that we can a slow fashion ethic and be as sustainable as possible. I do my best to check the credentials of the brands that I use. If you have some that you would like me to look into do let me know.

  28. 3rd February 2021 / 14:16

    Kettlewell…………….for colours to match your “season”.

    Peruvian Connection…………..for lovely garments

  29. 3rd February 2021 / 14:51

    Josephine, since discovering you last week, you instantly became my favorite fashion blog. Immediately sent a link to my friend of 50+ years.
    I’m happy to see ANY outfit you put together because you are a pro. Your attention to fit and proportion, the way you combine wardrobe pieces in different ways, your use of color, pattern, texture and shine (Stacy & Clinton, WNTW), your charming and creative accessorizing, your combination of trendier pieces with classic pieces. You delight and inspire. I LOVE seeing women my age dressed with style – that’s all I need. Keep styling your own wardrobe – the possibilities are endless and it is so very enlightening and joyful. I shall assemble an outfit today to venture out in the 18” of snow we received here in NJ! I shall imagine what you would wear!

  30. Deborah Garretty
    3rd February 2021 / 23:05

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast a few days ago and found it very informative. I’d love to see “shop your wardrobe “ as I have so many clothes that I’ve fallen out of love with, I just need some inspiration. I’d welcome more posts on accessorising too. Best wished

  31. 4th February 2021 / 07:48

    I would enjoy the ‘shop your wardrobe’ type of post. Getting very, very bored with mine at the moment. I realised that so many of my looks are jacket based and that I tend to wear them going out. So my more limited number of jumpers and cardigans are doing overtime!

  32. Susan D
    4th February 2021 / 20:02

    Yours is the very first blog I ever read following the article about you many years ago in Woman and Home, and from your blog I now have a wonderful list of blogs which I follow. Thank you for continuing to keep our spirits up this last 12 months. I agree with everything said above about what they would like to see in future blogs.
    Wishing you well and I look forward to when we can all go away and you can bring us more about the South of France.
    Best wishes
    Susan D

  33. 5th February 2021 / 15:15

    Hello Susan

    Wow you are a faithful follower. Thank you for letting me know.

    I definitely would like to be in the South of France at the moment. There is so much rain here!

    best wishes


  34. Nancy Karpen
    5th February 2021 / 20:15

    I made a matching charcoal wool double knit maxi skirt and top that I wore for Thanksgiving in November and I have yet to style it more casually for every day wear. This is great and makes me want to go downstairs and put it on! Of course the top is in the wash. I have wool tights and similar short boots but no vest. but I can certainly layer a red scarf that I also bought in India years ago and a heavy cardigan. Thanks for the inspiration.

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