Summer dresses to wear now

Summer dresses to wear now

Wow, what a weekend! What a wedding! The sun shone and oh those gorgeous dresses. The colours, the prints so elegant. The jewellery twinkled and everybody looked so happy. We were all mesmerised. I was not able to watch the wedding live as we went to the London Photo exhibition at Somerset House. However, I spent Saturday evening catching up on BBC iplayer, which actually worked very well as I was able to pause and replay to check out all the details of what the guests were wearing.

Yellow won the day. The stunning dress by Stella McCartney worn by Amal Clooney was, in my opinion, the front-runner. Pink and navy were also very popular colours. There were a few lovely lilac dresses, a colour I think can be especially flattering if you have grey hair. You can see what some of the guests wore over at WhoWhatWear.

There was less formality in the outfits than I predicted in my previous post which was good to see as it added to the more relaxed and fun atmosphere of the occasion. Although hats were definitely de rigour.

Details of above: Palace collection yellow print dress Hobbs // Red wrap print dress Hobbs // Yellow V neck dress The Modist //  Pink dress with frill hem The Modist

Summer dresses to wear now

Let us hope that the sun continues to shine. I have finally got round to sorting out my summer wardrobe. I do have a couple of summer dresses from last year in working order however it is time I replenished my stock as several are looking a little tired. To this end, I have just bought the navy linen handkerchief dress (top left-hand corner) from John Lewis. It looks much better on than it does in the photo. I plan to get a photo shoot organised soon so that you can see me wearing it.

Details of above: Navy handkerchief dress John Lewis // Lilac print dress Hobbs // Yellow print dress Hobbs // Navy wrap dress with white stitching MeandEm

I have spent time trawling the internet searching for dresses that I hope you will like. Maxi and Midi styles are the most popular this season. I have included a few knee-length versions as well. Most of us like a sleeve so I have only chosen either long or short sleeve dresses. I have not included sleeveless ones. Although personally I am ok with sleeveless when the temperatures are very high.

Long Sleeve dresses:

Short sleeve dresses:


  1. 22nd May 2018 / 15:10

    I have been on the hunt for a dress or two for months now. Nothing quite as “dressy” as you are showing,…a little more casual, but still, it has been difficult! I don’t do sleeveless any more so that is very limiting, especially with our heat. So cap sleeves or maybe 3/4 will do. And finding something that doesn’t have a deep V, or really finding anything with a slightly higher front neckline, is also difficult! I love linen best, but so many are now clingy knits…Persistence pays off. I’ve ordered and returned a few, but now have three new dresses!! I often find things (clothes, jewelry, scarves etc) when on vacation; something about the smaller, independent boutiques that appeals to me I guess. I’ve always loved dresses!

    • 22nd May 2018 / 16:19

      Hi Libby
      I agree persistence pays off. I tried lots of dresses recently till I decided on the John Lewis navy linen one. It is just the right length and has generous short sleeves.

  2. Lynda Banister
    22nd May 2018 / 15:34

    I’ve just bought a magazine to see the details of the wedding outfits- some quite grim from people who have the best designers to call on, but mostly lovely. You do notice the prevalence of very high heels though! the trouble is that dressing up and flats just don’t go together unless you wear trousers. I really don’t like trousers and mostly wear dresses all year round unless it’s very cold.. being petite I have to be careful not to wear fuller dresses because from behind I’ll look young but when they see the face…!!
    I prefer knee covering shifts or panel dresses with sleeves but as my legs get worse I’ll have to go to a longer length. I don’t worry if I look more dressed up than most people – as I said to someone recently, I’m a bit like John Lewis, never knowingly underdressed!

    • 22nd May 2018 / 16:17

      Hi Lynda
      Yes, I did notice the very high heels even on older women. I agree with you I don’t know how they do it. I guess practice and the very expensive shoes are supposed to be more comfortable, not that I have tried any Louboutins or Manolo Belanhiks. I definitely go for the longer length dresses to cover my legs. I would rather compromise on the sleeves than show my knees but that is a personal preference.

  3. Marie Jackson
    22nd May 2018 / 17:44

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I am thinking of buying some Superga white ‘trainers’ to wear with summer dresses and trousers. Yours always look pristine when you wear them in photos on your blog. How do you clean them??

    • 23rd May 2018 / 09:45

      Hi Marie
      No question is silly. I used to wear Superga a lot in the past and I kept them clean by stuffing them with paper so that they kept their shape and with a cloth and a soft nail brush and some mild soap or washing powder I gave them a wash. Do not dry near heat or direct sunlight or they might go yellow. To be on the safe side you can buy special canvas shoe shampoo at most shoe repair shops. Best not wear them in very wet or muddy conditions.
      As I now need more support for my feet I tend to favour Stan Smith trainers or similar which are leather.

  4. Lynne Savage
    22nd May 2018 / 21:57

    With staff advice, I purchased a size larger silky summer dress for our 50th wedding anniversary family photo shoot. It was then taken in at armpit level, allowing the rest to fall beautifully over a small apple belly without clinging but still not being too bulky. Love it and the bright red floral suited my grey hair beautifully in the photos.

  5. 23rd May 2018 / 09:36

    Sounds great Lynne I often have alterations to the armpit area as I have a small bust.and Brands seem to be cutting more generously these days.

  6. Gill Escott
    24th May 2018 / 08:32

    I love the dresses you’ve featured but at 5′ 4” would find most of the brands too long.While I love to shop in John Lewis their recently added new labels eg: Modern Rarity, are fabulous but floor length on me and it’s an additional cost to an already expensive item to have it shortened.I welcome your advice!

    • 24th May 2018 / 10:01

      Hi Gill
      I agree Modern Rarity does cut generously and would not be the best choice for petites. Their Kin range might work better. MarksandSpencer also have a good range of Petite dresses. I have written a few posts on advice for Petite women, with the help of my colleague who is about your height. If you type “Petite” into the search box on the right side of my blog they should appear.

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