Overnight capsule wardrobe

overnight wardrobe


As you know if you are a regular reader of this blog about twice a year we make the journey by car from London to the South of France. The overall driving time is approximately 12 hours. As my now slightly creaky bones get very stiff sitting a a car for this amount of time I insist on an overnight stopover, ideally in a nice Chateau hotel as depicted here.

This involves having a very small capsule travelling wardrobe. I insist on being comfortable for the journey so this involves having a pair of easy black trousers, layers and a warm wrap, I find classic coats a a bit bulky when sitting in a car for a length of time.

Above are the basics and I have done a couple of permutations. You can create your own versions; for example the sweater over the dress, the T shirt under the dress for warmth, the cape over the dress etc.


Travelling outfit


dinner in the evening


1.Grey sweater from a selection here //2. Black dress Jaeger here // 3. Bobble hat here // 4. Vintage Saint Laurent blanket coat here //  5. M Missoni red pashmina here // 6. Layering Tee here // 7. Black trousers here // 8. Black cabin suitcase here  // 9. Black ankle boots here // 10. Black court shoes here

Black bag in evening photo here // Gold necklace here // Gold earrings here

I found a good selection of cashmere sweaters at Yoox here. Many discounted. Alternatively at John Lewis  here



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  1. une femme
    30th January 2015 / 13:49

    That’s a great capsule, Josephine. I didn’t realize you could drive to southern France in that little time.

  2. Sandra Sallin
    30th January 2015 / 17:23

    Oh my goodness. You should see the way people travel in their cars on the highways in the US. You would be shocked. Always seem to start with flip flops, shorts and…

  3. Barbara Harris
    31st January 2015 / 02:39

    That is all lovely. Any chance of posting a photo of you wearing the Jaeger black dress ?
    It looks tres chic !

    • 31st January 2015 / 07:17

      Hi Barbara Photography is difficult at this time of year here in London because of the light. I do have some photos coming out next week that might be of interest.

  4. classic•casual•home
    31st January 2015 / 17:57

    Gorgeous! Love that it’s comfortable, too.

  5. Anna of the Mutton Years
    1st February 2015 / 15:29

    Love it, I just wish I went away for weekends enough to practice the capsule wardrobe.

  6. The Hipsterette
    5th February 2015 / 21:29

    I adore the travelling wardrobe and dinner ensemble – tres chic!

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