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If you had asked me about six months ago whether I would wear a jumpsuit I would have definitely said “No”.  However never say never and here I am comfortably lounging on our sofa in a black jumpsuit courtesy of BlueMarmalade.

There’s a certain type of woman who simply would never be seen in an all-in-one. This  Marmalade jumpsuit is however quite a different thing. Sophisticated and stylish, the fabric is very soft and fluid and drapes flatteringly with no clinging in the wrong places.  It is tailored to flatter with a crossover front and bracelet length sleeves. Feminine, classic and definitely not a “onesie”.

Here I have styled the jumpsuit both casually and more formally with a necklace and silver ballet flats. It is definitely ideal for relaxing at home and in my opinion can be dressed up for an informal evening. I would happily substitute it for the black dress I featured in my previous post “an overnight capsule wardrobe” as it would pack like a dream.


















  1. Accidental Icon
    3rd February 2015 / 17:05

    Jumpsuits are so comfortable and you look amazing in this one. It looks great both ways you styled it. Here’s to taking a risk and trying something new!
    Accidental Icon

  2. Pam@over50feeling40
    3rd February 2015 / 17:12

    The picture with the blue wrap is beautiful!

  3. une femme
    3rd February 2015 / 19:31

    You are rocking that jumpsuit! Great styling both ways!

  4. Tamera Beardsley
    3rd February 2015 / 19:59

    How Fabulous you look in your jumpsuit my dear! Well Done!

  5. That's Not My Age
    3rd February 2015 / 20:50

    Your jumpsuit looks super-comfy, I must check out the website.

  6. Rita
    3rd February 2015 / 21:27

    Jumpsuits are very flattering for most of us. But – if you’re going on a road rip that will mean stops at public restrooms that may not be clean, DO NOT wear a jumpsuit! Keeping the pants bottoms off the floor is a nightmare.

    • 4th February 2015 / 07:32

      Rita I so agree I would not dream of it. Certainly when travelling on the french motorways I wear my oldest trousers although their facilities have improved from about 20 years ago. I shall wear it lounging at home or maybe for an evening with friends.

  7. Laurie
    3rd February 2015 / 23:24

    Looks great, stylish and super cosy
    Laurie x

  8. Caroline
    3rd February 2015 / 23:36

    Lovely photos of you! You look great….

    • 4th February 2015 / 07:27

      Hi Caroline Not surprised you took them. You are a very good photographer. If you have the time I would love you to come and take some more.

  9. caroline
    4th February 2015 / 15:08

    my pleasure!!
    though i think the pilates, yoga, good diet, good genes, happiness… all helps!!

  10. Anna Barrow
    4th February 2015 / 17:01

    I’ve just discovered your fabulous blog. Well done and thank you – Ill definitely be a dedicated reader from now.

    • 4th February 2015 / 17:13

      Welcome Anna and thank you for your kind words.

  11. The Hipsterette
    5th February 2015 / 21:32

    I don’t think I have ever worn a jumpsuit – might be time to try!

  12. Catherine
    6th February 2015 / 08:35

    You look great, Josephine…I love the first photo of you…gentle, sophisticated glamour…perfect!

  13. The Style Crone
    10th February 2015 / 02:41

    I love the jumpsuit! Very chic and versatile!

  14. Maggie
    16th May 2015 / 23:49

    Thought I was too old (70+) for a jumpsuit but my daughter and granddaughter assure me that I’m not.
    Took the risk today and bought one in the sale. It is lovely and so comfortable. Not sure that I will be brave enough to wear it in public but great for relaxing at home. And I could always wear it for bed!

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