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We are two women with years of life experience behind us writing with “real women” in mind. Through our work in fashion, image consultancy, coaching and personal development we have helped thousands of women feel and look confident in both their personal and professional lives.

This blog was born out of our growing awareness that often when we or our friends mentioned our ages in some say way we either became invisible or as consumers we where somehow categorised. We felt like birds trapped in a cage. We wanted to shout “we still want to wear fashionable shoes.” To look and feel sexy and glamorous. To approach life with a sense of excitement and anticipation. To throw off the shackles that we felt society imposed upon us due to our age with the implication that “when you reach a certain age you should dress more classically, more conservatively etc. etc.


We found that we were not alone. We went out and talked to other women and this is what some of them said:-
“when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s I thought appropriate business dress was dowdy, serious suits, skirt suits, blouses and court shoes. Now I feel my style is more fun.” I have much more confidence now”

” How about more articles and advice aimed the 50s, 60s and beyond. We are still breathing”

“I am now in my seventies, although I don’t broadcast the fact, and I find myself still wanting to look trendy and sometimes daring. Why not? I still need to have fun and buy lots of shoes” Jacqui

Joy, pleasure and creativity. This blog is about enjoying and celebrating being a woman at whatever age. It is about taking a journey of exploration into the transformation that takes place as you move into your more mature years.

We will be having fun and in a lighthearted way looking at how to present yourself to the outside world through the clothes you wear. We will be sharing with you how we adapt the seasons looks to suit our individual whims and lifestyles. Hints and tips that you might like to copy. Little gems and bargains that we discover, where to buy them and how to wear them.
This blog is for women who live in the “real world”, women who lead busy lives and who want to look good and feel good whatever their age, without spending a fortune. Women of the “baby boomer” years are now reaching their 50s and 60s and still want to look and feel glamorous and stylish.
We intend to make this a forum for women to share what works for them, to contribute to helping others have fun and enjoy fashion at whatever age.

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